Gas plant woes won’t go away

Ezra Levant


5 thoughts on “Gas plant woes won’t go away

  1. Until we get rid of the damned Liberals, we won’t get rid of our problems. They obviously hate the citizens of this province, except the Liberal ones, of course!

    • The bottom line is this. You have been duped into worshipping a false “god” via literal interpretations of the “bible” which fully explains the chaos of this world. You have been duped by your own greed/ego program by a system that feeds on your willingness to “sell out” your fellow beings here to satiate that greed/ego and makes cannibals of you via FIAT paper (pay-per) currency that is created off the BOND OBLIGATIONS called BIRTH CERTIFICATES and is the literal “skin” off our/your backs. You are a BANK ACCOUNT number in the CITY OF LONDON, STATE (see CUSIP/BOND numbers). You are SURETY for a BOND/DEBT OBLIGATION where YOUR consent to be such is MANDATORY for this ruse to continue. Please note that this information is given for your benefit and for the benefit of the countless media, law firms, courts, churches, politicians etc. et al that are receiving this little gem of truth.

      • This is not intended for u personally but all of us and me included. This is y we are in this mess. As we all fall for all things legal and fraud that this system has established for us as a slave

  2. BEWARE: (I don’t get paid to hold Ezra Levant accountable.)

    ‘[excerpt]… and it’s a “coincidence” that the former president of the Ontario Liberal party is a big wind company president and now the federal Liberal party, same guy, wind turbine company..’

    that is–not to say–MIKE CRAWLEY,

    the name Ezra Levant chose not to provide.
    You’d think he’d encourage viewers to learn more by naming him?

    R U Suspicious?

  3. Those who live in the GTA don’t care about the gas plant scandal. All they care about is how much the government will give them in the next election.

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