Rural Ontario, secede or bust

democracy liberty freedomRural Ontario must secede from the Province of “Toronto.” If thousands of us had signs that said. ” Rural Ontario, Secede from Toronto or Bust” that might alert the sleeping masses and hoodwinked bureaucrats. Rural Ontario is being raped, pillaged and plundered.

Will we lie down and take it or will we rise up and fight for democracy? This is no longer about my farm or your farm. This is no longer about my town or your town. This is about democracy itself.

Franklin D Roosevelt, while addressing Congress on curbing monopolies on Sept 29,1038 said:

“The Liberty of a Democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of a private power to a point where it becomes stronger that their democratic state itself. That in it’s essence is fascism. Ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling power” (End quote.)

The corporate powers of the wind industry has become stronger than our provincial government.

I believe our government realizes the mess it has created with it’s energy policy and wants out but is afraid of the lawsuits that would arise from broken contracts. Kathleen Wynne told me in person in the lobby of the Weston Convention Centre at AMO this past August that ” we can not cancel contracts because Ontario would be sued by the wind industry.” However, the wind industry mislead the people of Ontario and the government of Ontario about wind energy output. They mislead us about the true cost. They mislead us about property devaluation and they mislead us about the health issues reported all over the world due to sound, vibration and shadow flicker.

I believe that our government could very well cancel all existing projects and future projects and simply tell them to ” get in line” to sue us. Ontario is broke and we all know that. Simply, you can not get blood out of a stone.

Rural Ontario must demand that we secede from our Provincial Government. The people of Rural Ontario must be the last stronghold of democracy as there has never before in the history of Ontario been such an urgent call to action to save democracy. I urge you to join forces province wide and stand up for democracy against this fascism and tyranny.

Melodie Burkett
Creemore, Ontario

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  1. There are already groups across Ontario promoting secession. One in Eastern Ontario is called VOLT — Vote Out Liberal Toronto. This is the only way our way and quality of life can survive, is if we cut ourselves off from the tyrants who hold us hostage to the whims of the GTA.

    The government should have no problem getting out of these wind contracts. They were entered into with misleading and false information provided by the wind industry. Any other contract that was negotiated on fraud would be nullified on that basis alone.

    What we need is a political party that has the cajones to take the stand necessary to save this province from lobbyists and multi-national corporations.

    • Correct Donna. That party is the Conservative party, led by Tim Hudak. They are a long way from perfect and will need our continual guidance and pressure to not only stop all future IWT projects as they’ve promised and therefore will, because they aren’t lying Liberals, but also to shut down and remove existing IWTs, which are harming people and their environment. Nothing less will do!
      The other parties have all promised to do precisely the opposite, so the Conservatives are not only the best choice but the only choice. Those are the cold hard facts, period.
      So get out and support your local PC candidate in the hopefully soon to be called election.

  2. Perhaps about 1/6 of the population of Canada lives in the golden horseshoe. This makes it almost impossible for rural Ontario to be heard at all.Any governing party does not have to listen to rural Ontarians as they don’t have enough votes to have very much political power.

    • I never looked at it that way —- wow 1/6 of Canada’s population so close, yet so far and worse yet, very misinformed. They have no idea what they are voting in or voting on.

  3. Exactly Barbara, that is why we need to secede and call our province, the Province of Rural. Then we alone will have the voting power in Rural to protect the Province of Rural.

  4. ‘[excerpt] Will we lie down and take it or will we rise up and fight for democracy?’

    Wait – let’s examine the quote first.

    ‘[excerpt] Franklin D Roosevelt, while addressing Congress on curbing monopolies on Sept 29,1038 said:

    “The Liberty of a Democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of a private power to a point where it becomes stronger that their democratic state itself. That in it’s essence is fascism. Ownership of government by an individual, by a group or any controlling power” (End quote.)’

    So – what is he saying?

  5. He is saying that when we allow a power such as the wind industry to become more powerful than our province then we lose democracy. Right at this time in our political history we have allowed corporations to control our government Our freedoms and democracy itself have been eroded particularly in Rural Ontario when the government removed our planning authority from our municipalities. Please read it again until it makes sense to you. Monopolies such as the wind industry should never be allowed to control our government.

    • “control our government”.
      Government means control your minds
      I rather exit every government we’ve had and in the future. They’ve been all controlling and all damaging and corrupt.
      George Orwell portrayed in his book !984 this scene only getting worse. Freedom is doing away of all things legal. Of course nothing is for free. But Party on guys with losing your volts(currency) to who parties on your electrical body that our creator did warn us about. Not to be enslaved. And dam it we are. Gee isn’t that against the law? Are we not debt slaves? We cannot even stop Wind turbines in our communities because we lost control ? Our mayors deemed toothless and can only cry like little wimps we are not willing hosts. Is that not like little slaves getting whipped by our handlers? YEP! Were slaves

  6. Example – Samsung in Korea!

    Smaller Ontario cities would also benefit as they won’t need to go to QP to beg for funds.

  7. If rural Ontarians wait until ~ 6,700 IWTs are installed in Ontario they finished.
    Maybe citizens from smaller Ontario would like to join in this discussion along with rural citizens?
    Would hope that movement regarding this situation starts with the new year.

  8. We start by putting up signs that declare ” Rural Ontario-Secede or Bust ”

    Tell all who will listen that you want The new Province of Rural to Secede from the Province of Ontario. Then tell them why. Tell them that the province of Ontario has become a dictatorship and is destroying rural Ontario. Just as 75 municipalities have declared themselves to be ” unwilling hosts” to wind turbines , we need to have our municipalities declare that we are seceding from the Province of Ontario. Yes, all the best in the New Year, it is up to us to make it happen. Signs signs, everywhere signs. Let the Province know we have had enough of their fascism.

      • Here we are, 6 months since I posted the above comment, and circumstances have now presented themselves after this election only 4 days ago, we in rural Ontario have to form a strong buffer against Queen’s Park, the Liberals and the International Wind Power Companies that seek to destroy us.
        I for one am not going to allow this to happen.
        Now, if one becomes a hundred, and then a thousand, and then a hundred thousand, well, maybe then we have a chance.
        But we have to do it together.

  9. 1.I think secession is a great idea – trouble is with all the law enforcement agencies and the legal and judicial system bought and paid for with our tax dollars over time, by this corrupt Liberal government and its predecessors, it will not happen through any true democratic process.
    2.Not only should a provincial government be able to cancel all existing wind energy contracts in Ontario, they have enough evidence to sue every contract holder and host landowner for full reparation and recompense for all the harm they have all knowingly inflicted on not just rural Ontario, but the entire province, economically, environmentally and societally.
    3.Whilst it is most certainly the worst kind of corporate welfare it is too simplistic and untrue to claim only privater corporations are to blame. There is a huge,growing, permanent government bureaucracy who want to maintain the status quo and will never accept any move that may dilute their power and influence and a private and public sector union base who want the same.
    4.If our current elected crooks do call an election in 2014 it is a sad fact that they could be returned even if to another minority government. They would claim such a ‘success’ as a mandate that endorses their so called ‘green energy plan’.
    5.Should an NDP minority government be returned it would prove an even bigger economic disaster. Not only do they support this green energy scam entirely but they would also ramp up taxes to spend on any and all programs to appease their entitlement voters, pretty much like the Liberals but even more so.
    6.And even if a Conservative government be elected it would never be more than a minority government which would have support from neither Liberal nor NDP opposition. And quite frankly, apart from a very small number of PC MPs there is no real sign that a Conservative government, either minority or majority, would take any real action against the Ontario wind energy industry.

    Anyone who believes the Conservatives wouldn’t(or haven’t already) accept financial support and lobbying from ‘Big Wind’ or that both the Liberal and NDP parties are not already accepting such financial support from ‘Big Wind’ must have the most enormous rose coloured spectacles.

    The only truth in all the above comments is that government no longer cares about the ordinary citizen.

    I would just expand the list to ‘… government, elected and unelected, corporations, particularly multi-national corporations( all of whom benefit from tax breaks and subsidies in one way or another), ‘Big Union'( not necessarily rank and file members, but the so called leaders who have overseen the worst job losses in recent decades and still seem to survive far better than their now unemployed former members) and a whole bunch of other folk who owe their survival to any government that will continue to fund their entitlements by stealing even more money from folk like us!

    We are stuck between a very big ‘rock’ and a very hard, ‘hard place’! And as long as we keep believing our governments of any colour remain the best option for taking care of our wants and needs and allow them to take more and more power it won’t get any better any time soon.

    If you really believe in secession then it will be a long and probably very bloody fight.
    It won’t just happen under the present so called democratic system because democracy no longer exists.
    Andrew Watts

    • What Andrew mentions is very true,but Andrew and 99 per cent of us do not know or have trouble accepting is this very basic truth and the keystone to take out of this rotten government they are running
      And it is a key like it or not but it would rid ourselves of the mess we have.
      Below is only a small bit of info.
      And someone from Wheatley I believe will be a test pilot very soon but only in a different situation but will apply for this also. When it goes down so will rats leave our communities. Lets give this support as we need it

  10. The most dangerous seed to plant is the planting of a thought and where it has worked against us for so long, now it finally works for us. How many CROWN oathed slaves do you think it will take to privately prosecute as a witness to their crimes for others of their ilk to finally awaken to the crimes they are fomenting at the behest of their unseen masters? How many cops, lawyers, judges, IRS/CRA agents will it take to jail for the others to perhaps wake up and start looking at themselves because the power of fear has been mirrored back? Fear has been the only component used against us and those fears are all imagined and thus
    It is high time for that fear to become good where we begin planting it back in the gardens of those that have raped and pillaged ours for so long. I am the witness motu proprio, toto genere which is to say that I am the one who knows, of my own impulse, in full character. Only the living can claim anything so may I suggest becoming your own witness, be a witness for your brothers and sisters and simply let the dead carry out the dead. After all, it was their choice, their wish and my intention now is to grant only wishes in full light of the golden rule. When you KNOW who you are, your white-ness cancels all black where creation finally becomes crystal clear. Here, as above, so below, it is ALL about contract and everything you think, say and do to agree with this system has you in full contract; caveat emptor (buyer beware) in deed

  11. It won’t matter if the IWTs come with FIT contracts as they can be taxed so no profit is made from them and/or IWT regulations can be eneacted so that it makesit very difficult to make a profit from them. No need to break the contracts.
    If and when the people of Ontario vote to divide the province it won’t make any difference what those not included in the division think or say. So don’t let yourselves be bluffed into things that are not true.
    This will be a grassroots movement so groups can begin anytime they want to begin. It’s utter folly to continue on the way things are going and will be going on the future.

  12. There are many people in smaller Ontario cities and towns who are fed up with shoveling money to QP and then have to go there and beg to get some of their money back. And in the meantime this money is used to buy political power in the golden horseshoe.

    • And now Premier Wynne is talking about compensating people of Toronto who lost electrical power due to the recent Ice Storm (Dec. 2013).

      When will we be compensated?

      • Just in case you think I am kidding…

        Ice storm compensation being studied: Kathleen Wynne

        Premier Kathleen Wynne says there are efforts being made to see if residents can be compensated for some financial losses they might have suffered because of ice storm.

        Premier Kathleen Wynne says there are efforts being made to see if residents can be compensated for some financial losses they might have suffered because of the ice storm.
        “We are looking into where there might the possibility to get some compensation . . . but obviously there are insurance claims that will be made after this whole thing is done,” Wynne told reporters Friday.
        Given that there are still 32,000 customers in Toronto and 5,000 in rural Ontario without power still one week after the storm, tempers are flaring and critics are pointing fingers at the province and Toronto city hall.
        Wynne went on the defensive against criticism that the government hasn’t done enough to reassure the public in the wake of the ice storm that cut a swath through southern Ontario.


  13. WeatherAction
    Piers Corbyn, UK
    USA + South Canada – 3 week ahead pre-Xmas warning forecast.
    Scroll down about half page:
    Dec. 20-25, 2013 Ice Storm
    The ice storm that hit Toronto was predicted by Piers Corbyn about three weeks before it occured.
    See maps and a photo of this ice storm.
    Dosen’t Hydro One and Toronto Hydro subscribe to this weather service? This service is used all over the world by businesses.
    Plenty of incompentent people running Ontario Hydro systems?

    • Thats weather modifications and a big thanks to the higher ups in the corporate world of fictions making money off misery. Thanks HAARP!. You fu cked us again and these people just do not get it that we are little irritant slaves for our handlers and need a pounding of rough weather now and then to spend more hard earn current see.How else can you forecast weather that far ahead.? Gee I do not know must be good crystal ball they have.

  14. For clarity:
    Do you believe in ‘climate change’?
    Check ‘yes’ – receive – money.
    ‘[excerpt] Ice storm compensation being studied: Kathleen Wynne

    Premier Kathleen Wynne says there are efforts being made to see if residents can be compensated for some financial losses they might have suffered because of ice storm.’

    ‘[excerpt] Report warned of increased risk of power outages due to climate change

    A Toronto Hydro vulnerability study published last year warned that climate change could result in more severe freezing rain storms, increasing the risk of major power outages.’

    Hands up!……for the money.
    Hahahahahahaha…….Ms. Wynne.

  15. Another way of buying urban votes.
    Of course the money will be furnished by rural Ontarians.
    most urban people have lost the ability to look after themselves when disaster strikes and they have failed to prepare themselves in the event that disaster strikes.

    • It is almost laughable to read anything that Wynne, our current Minister of Agriculture and Premier, has to say these days. Could anyone be more out of touch with the rural situation regarding energy, wind turbines etc? Compensation for loss of food, power, only to GTA residents along with her cries for “local food production” shows how urban dwellers have become incapable of surviving without their every need being catered to by government, up to and including having their sweet tus!ies wiped as well! Rural dwellers seem to be more prepared to take responsibility for their own survival on all levels. But we are punished by having our property values diminished and our lifestyles and communities lost through this same corrupt government’s foolish energy ambitions. Please, seccession is necessary to right all the wrongs, and wrong thinking on the part of our totally anti-democratic “leaders”. Rise up, folks!

  16. City people don’t even know how to take care of garbage during a garbage strike. Just put it in bags and throw the bags near the curb.

  17. City people don'[t know how to take care of garbage during a garbage strike any more than us rural folk know how to take responsibility for ourselves and our families.
    We all know what the right thing is to do but we are showing we are no better than city folk when it comes to actually getting rid of the granny and entitlement state we have all come to accept.
    Andrew Watts

    • Exactly Andrew! How do we motivate rural and Northern Ontarians to stand up and fight for our rights and freedoms? Everyone complains but then sits back and lets others do the fighting for them. There is a movement in Northern Ontario and there’s one in Eastern Ontario. Let’s seek them out and get everyone inspired to get off their duffs and go after this thing.

  18. I nominate Donna Quixote to run for Premier of the Province of Rural. Who will second the motion? Yes it is an outrageous notion to separate from “Toronto” but not as outrageous as what is happening to Rural. Obviously Outrageous works! When Quebec wanted to separate from Canada , they got attention! They had laws changed! We must believe that all things are possible. With thousands and thousands of us demanding to SECEDE we will get traction in the msm.
    If you agree that we would be better off going it alone then get those signs up: “Rural wants to secede from Ontario.” “Secede or bust.” Tell the Ontario government to keep their school buses, libraries and swimming pools. The people of Rural can fend for themselves. Our tax money is ours and we can hire our own folks. We might even charge a visitor fee to enjoy our lakes and forests so that visitors will respect our lands not trash it.

    • I nominate Donna Quixote to run for Premier of the Province of Rural. Who will second the motion?

      And here I had already thrown my hat in the ring…

    • Stand up to be nominated, Donna Quixote, please run for Premier of Rural. I will second your nomination! WillR, you can be Deputy Premier. A second for that nomination anyone?

  19. Maybe if you are an astrophysist like Corbyn is you can forecast weather.
    Businesses have used the services of private weather forecasters for years. It’s only the public that relies on government weather forecasts.

  20. Northern Ontario has been dominated by Toronto business interests for years. Ad to this the swarm of environmentalists that have invaded the north and you have real problems for the northern citizens.

    This IWT situation has gone on for some seven years now with no resoultion in sight and there won’t be any resoultion.
    The government has decided that IWTs are going to be installed in rural Ontario and that’s that.
    Perhaps the people of eastern Ontario understand the situation better than people for other Ontario areas understand this situation.

  21. The Ontario IWT “industry” is also dominated by Toronto business interests along with a few oursiders. Of course there are the swarms of invironmentalsts involved in this situation as well.

  22. Hey WillR,,

    I am certain your hat in the ring would receive much applause! What is your platform? We already know that you are a real fighter for what is just and true. May I ask if you would let us keep our licence plate stickers for 5 years. Can you appoint someone to open a wood stove company where we can buy a good cook stove for a reasonable price? Can we take our own garbage to a local small dump and make Toronto come and pick up recyclables?
    Should we make it law that every 4 years a new Premier from a different municipality is elected so that all municipalities are represented equally? How about a class called “common sense” at the high school level? Would you promise to never ever tax well water?

    • This policy stuff is sooooo boring. How about we just steal all the money we can and move to Hahvard afterward… to teach Government Policy…


  23. There are some Toronto business interests that are involved in both mining and the renewable energy business.

    Separation needs be done bottom up and not top down which means this has to be grassroots.

  24. Anyone living in rural Ontario who thinks the provincial government will stop the installation of IWTs is living in some kind of dream world.
    Waiting for the next election won’t do any good.

    • While that may be true Barbara, re-electing these Lying Liberals, NDP or Greens, would be an incredibly stupid, treasonous, idiotic move.
      I disagree that electing the Conservatives would do no good toward fixing at least some of our problems as they’ve promised to immediately put a moratorium on more IWTs and if we look at their past record, Harris did what he said he would and Harper ditto.
      Liberals say anything to get elected, then break all their promises, its the Liberal way.
      There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. The only other choice we have to save Ontario is civil war. Me, I’ll be going back to Canada (Alberta)and taking as many relatives as possible with me, if the Conservatives loose again. Ontario won’t be salvageable for many generations to come. And I’m too old and crippled to go to war.
      Vote Conservative, dream and pray.

  25. We need to start a movement for Toronto’s secession from Ontario. Is there an exiting organization for that? If not, who’s with me to start the process?

    • I meant ‘existing organization’; sorry about that.

      I know the Ontario Wind Resistance site is trending towards secession, however I feel there are a multitude of rationales that exist to remove the Toronto area from the equation (other than turbines). There may be an organization out there that not only focusses on the Wind Turbine issue, but also the fiscal and social irresponsibility demonstrated by the newly elected majority government. If not, then we need one established. We need to have constitutional lawyers weigh in, economists weigh in, as well as those at the federal level weigh in. Legitimacy needs to be demonstrated on paper, in order to create credibility.

      • Wait Roberto Sales!

        Let’s move Queens Park!
        ……….to the United Nations building in New York –
        and, some say the U.N. – should move to China.

        I’ve got it………..
        The Liberals won’t touch this –
        Alcoholics Anonymous – uses it.

        The Serenity Prayer

        God grant me the serenity
        to accept the things I cannot change;
        courage to change the things I can;
        and wisdom to know the difference.

        Living one day at a time;
        Enjoying one moment at a time;
        Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
        Taking, as He did, this sinful world
        as it is, not as I would have it;
        Trusting that He will make all things right
        if I surrender to His Will;
        That I may be reasonably happy in this life
        and supremely happy with Him
        Forever in the next.

        –Reinhold Niebuhr

        Are you in Roberto!

  26. i am 21 years old and i believe that i can do a better job running not only my home city/province (Ontario) but the whole of Canada. Its time to stop leaving this planet to the middle aged they no nothing of peace and purity, only corruption and destruction.

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