Dr. King’s legacy: serious health consequences of individuals impacted by turbines

[Comments on Watching the CBC Documentary Film: Wind Rush (Doc Zone)]

Any reasonable, intelligent person watching this film would show concern listening to these doctors’ statements on the negative health effects of large wind turbine.  People and animals are going to pay a big price for this madness of pushing ahead and ignoring the growing body of evidence of harmful effects these machines cause.

ArleneKingPinDr. Arlene King, Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Province of Ontario, may someday go down in history as an accomplice to big government and big corporate interests. They quote her as rational for denying any health concerns and pushing ahead with further massive wind turbine projects along Lake Huron.  Her legacy may be the serious health consequences of the individuals impacted by these turbines.

These machines are a foolish experiment and expensive investment at a time when the evidence of negative health impact is becoming irrefutable. Perhaps the mass of voters in the cities do not care about the few rural people who are and will be paying the price with their health. One would hope they would care even somewhat based upon the foolish rush to waste the taxpayers’ money. At this time other wind options or potential green energy options are available or are being researched without these potential harmful effects.

Harry Cieslar  MD, MPH (Department of Public Health, University of Michigan)

37 thoughts on “Dr. King’s legacy: serious health consequences of individuals impacted by turbines

  1. Arlene King should lose her licence. She tows the party line to keep her job! If she had even visited one home to see first hand what these people are talking about she would have some credibility. Not at 11 am but at 3:00 am in the winter when these industrial scale monsters are amplified and screaming in the walls of a home! . No one is checking compliance in Ontario. No one at the MOE spills centre forwarded complaints to the ministry. Sorry, Ms. King but as a doctor you are a fraud and a coward! Your grand children will watch documentaries about this travesty in the future and be so ashamed of you. Have you investigated the over 800 groups protesting in Europe? Have you visited an abandoned home in rural Ontario? I think not!

    • This scam is easy to figure out:

      The McGuinty / Wynne Liberals, when questioned, quote this Fat F**k Arlene King that there are no negative health effects associated with IWTs.

      When the proof of negative health effects is irrefutably proven, King will simply say that she wasn’t aware, that she went with the best available information at the time, which of course was wind industry literature.

      The wind weasels, creators of this wind turbine literature, will point out that they didn’t know IWTs caused any health issues because the McGuinty / Wynne government said so.

      There you go, nobody to blame here, except for maybe the usual suspect, Mike Harris.

      Happy New Year!

      • King limited her “cherry picked” review to “direct” effects only.
        Even ERT’s have called BS on limiting debate to “direct” effects only.
        But the MOE is supposed to assess environmental assessments for all probable “adverse effects” and mitigation. THEY DON”T and they don’t require developers to.

  2. What will be the status of her pending case after Gerretsen retires?

    Perhaps he sould retire to Holland where he can enjoy all the IWTs there for the rest of his life?

    • Holland is only a province. Maybe you meant Denmark where they make them and have the most.

      • Holland? As in the Netherlands! Over the pond in Europe…!!! 🙂
        You write an awful lot and often appear to share the viewpoints of many on this site but make it very difficult for us mere ‘peasants’ to understand your reasoning sometimes.
        Holland as a ‘province’ shows such a basic lack of knowledge that I’m not sure it makes much sense to even try and follow the logic of all your other arguments….???
        Incidentally and though I’m not sure what word describes the Dutch ‘provinces’ and/or ‘municipalities’ in at least one of them IWT projects have been banned by the local government. Perhaps even Gerretson may begin to see the light if he actually did retire there………… 🙂
        A peasant and retiree, with no flowery and indecipherable rationale for opposing IWTs and the Ontario Wind Energy industry.
        I just know that the entire concept and implementation of the Green Energy Act is wrong and can never benefit Ontario and its communities, rural, urban and city.
        Andrew Watts

      • Actually, nonvoter is right.


        “For a good understanding of the contents of Archimon, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the fact that Holland and the Netherlands are not two names for the same country, but rather that Holland is the former name for part of it. … Holland these days constitutes two out of a total of twelve provinces that make this country”

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  4. This is meant for most and meant mainly for the pricks that wheel there torture and authority with no regard to our communities.And countless more in this fraud against humanity. Happy new year!

    • Hey Barking, I take it your comment as sarcasim.Maybe it is more than you can chew and cannot handle freedom after being in their legal box for so long Most have this Stockholm syndrome get over it,I did. If not I apologize.

  5. peaceful non complianceIts pretty simple once you realize that there are 2 jurisdictions, One of fraud and one standing in truth. However this system was put together for one simple reason to keep us enslaved and once you know this we have a responsibility to inform others to this fraud.
    One man from AU. has got many years of experience in this history and if you can get past 19 minutes of our programmed minds you can learn a lot of how we got this way and how to get out.
    It took me over 3 years to get to know most of this stuff all thanks to Wind Turbine fraud http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLDqXEMwYsI

  6. A big isue here is who or what is still keeping her from testifying? This case is still open.

    • The answer to that important question will unleash hell on earth for whoever / whatever.

  7. Good News!
    Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford – is a conservative.

    Toronto voted for a conservative in Rob Ford;
    and, he’s taken a – never ending beating;
    and, Premier Social Justice hates ‘Subways’;
    but, Mayor Rob Ford said, ‘Subways’;
    and now, Premier Social Justice – loves Subways – too.
    Roll the tape – see?

    Point 1 – ‘[excerpt] Perhaps the mass of voters in the cities do not care about the few rural people who are and will be paying the price with their health.

    Point 2 – Farmers – gagged now – but, needed to be saved.
    ‘[excerpt] One would hope they would care even somewhat based upon the foolish rush to waste the taxpayers’ money.’

    Point 3 – More……….[or,or,or] – huh?
    ‘[excerpt] At this time other wind options or potential green energy options are available or are being researched without these potential harmful effects.’

    ‘[excerpt] Harry Cieslar MD, MPH (Department of Public Health, University of Michigan)’

    Happy New Year!…………Farmers;
    and, Premier Social Justice has big plans for farmland – in Ontario;
    and, it’s all local.

    Go Rob Ford!!!!!!!

    It take a while – to digest.

  8. There are some who think they can cause all this harm to rural Ontario and continute to live in Ontario.
    I do write from a business perspective so perhaps many of you don’t have the training to follow the information that I provide.
    and who says it’s logic as this is business.
    If people don’t understand all the wheeling and dealing that has gone on then there isn’t much I can about this.

    • Hey S & D:

      I used to be Sceptical, but now you have me drowning in sewage.

      Freudian slip or wishful thinking?

  9. And I also have extensive scientific training as well so sometimes I comment from this perspective.

    • Hey Barbara,

      This is worth taking a second look at:

      Privateers are stealing the electricity grid –
      with the help of our own Energy Minister – Mr. Chiarelli.

      It’s not done yet!

      Force an election – boot the Liberals out of power!

      p.s. The biggest obstacle the wind proponents had –
      was securing land for their wind turbines; and,
      with farmers on board – mission accomplished.
      p.p.s. Now the privateers – want control of the electricity grid.
      p.p.p.s. Mr. Chiarelli – you suck!

      • The “SMART GRID” is the big deal now.
        Ask David Miller or David Petersen about it. They’re all hot for it.
        Wonder why? Why does the World Wildlife Federation give a crap about our electrical grid ….. “SMART GRID”.
        Hope you guys get everything you want!
        And I hope your families know what you’re up to 🙂

      • Mr. Energy Minister – Chiarelli,
        knows the system is designed to bankrupt local LCD’s;
        forcing them over to the [dark] side.
        He has asked for local input – ….as to what – serves them best.
        Imagine that…………..
        Putting it simply.

        And, I give former Energy Minister Bentley – credit for quitting.
        I can only assume – he couldn’t stomach it.
        It was something his wife said –
        when he was departing politics – that caught my attention.

        Chiarelli – should resign!

      • It’s raining – it’s pouring – the old man – is snoring
        Peter Pan Chiarelli – delivers in pj’s

        ‘[excerpt] Hydro One’s pension benefits are as good as those at OPG with similar contribution rates. The difference is that OPG is shrinking while Hydro One is growing!’

        ‘[excerpt] Hydro One: Ontario’s biggest and most expensive local distribution company

        As another year is almost at an end and many of Southern Ontario’s local distribution companies (LDCS) slowly bring their customers relief from being without electricity for several days due to outages caused by freezing rain damage to local grids, it is perhaps a good time to have a look at the largest LDC, Hydro One.

        A few weeks ago, the Auditor General released her report which said a lot about waste at Ontario Power Generation, or OPG. Time spent on Hydro One would have produced even more evidence of waste. Measuring value for dollars, the results from an audit of Hydro One would have disclosed their relative costs of distributing electricity have risen at an alarming rate compared to the cost of power generated by OPG.’

        About my hydro bill – it smells!

        ‘[excerpt] ©Parker Gallant
        December 30, 2013

        P.S. Stay tuned for more on Hydro One’s attempted acquisitions.’

        Thank you! – Parker Gallant

  10. it business.ca, Feb.18,2002
    New Horizons System Services
    Article on the Hydro One outsourcing deal which was lucrative.
    Transmission lines were not involved.

    Cap Gemini/CAP Paris, France est.1967
    Holding company with interests in the provision of IT services.
    Cap Gemini Ernst Young was formed by the merger of Cap Gemini Sogeti SA and the consulting arm of Ernst & Young.
    Subsidiary: Capgemini Canada Inc.

    • Introducing – entrepreneurship in Kingston

      ‘[excerpt] ….including son Mark, who continues his grandparents’ legacy as Kingston’s current Mayor.’

      I didn’t know the grandparents’ legacy – was the road to Agenda 21;
      and, boy am I surprised.

      I’ll just dance!

      • You wanna dance? I’ll dance ya.

        Dance these Gerretsens right out of the country, back to Holland, Netherlands, Denmark, Timbucktoo, who friggin cares?, just get them outta here, they can take their beloved IWTs with them.

      • You have to wonder what the Gerretson family
        talks about @ family gatherings.

        Maybe they should be reminded:
        May 1945: Holland is liberated by the Canadian Army.

        It’s a shame they have turned
        to the United Nations Agenda 21;
        and, we should all be horrified.

  11. The Smart Grid is a THEORY which may look good on paper but until it is installed and works it’s still a theory. If this works then and only then will it become a fact.

  12. “So you smuggled dirty diamonds from Belgium–who cares?”

    “And what does that have to do with wind turbines at Clear Creek-Cultus-Frogmore?”

    • She is no more an expert in wind turbines than an 8 year old child.
      Who’s the expert?
      A school age child who knows first hand how it hurts them and their family but doesn’t know how to compile a research paper,
      or a doctor who won’t talk to the people but can have their people compose a sneaky, smart looking document for industry and government to use at will?
      Who IS the expert? Get her up on the stand and let her tell the public everything she knows….”fess up or delete” Arlene
      The government is a farce and enjoys hurting people.

  13. Any lucrative deals done by Hydro One are paid for by their customers.
    and people wonder why their bills are so high and then they pay taxes on these kinds of deals.

  14. Arlene King.
    The political bus or worse, the commercial/industrail silencer.My God she must be going to the bathroom more than regulary!

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