More testimony from Armow Wind appeal hearing

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Presenters offered their concerns about the proposed Armow Wind development during the initial two days of testimony, Dec. 19-20, at the Environmental Review Tribunal appeal hearing in Kincardine. The majority said they are against the industrial wind turbines, while one offered a viewpoint in favour.

DAN NORMAN – Speaking at the second day of testimony, Dec. 20, Dan Norman said he lives with his wife and two children on the east-half of Lot 5, Concession 9, Kincardine Township, within the Armow Wind project area, and is concerned about the possible health effects and safety because of that proximity. “There is room for alternative energy if it’s built responsibly and not in residential areas,” he said. “I think Kincardine has done its part, providing clean, reliable energy in the province. We have Bruce Power – the largest nuclear generating plant in the world – and possibly a DGR (Deep Geologic Repository for low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste),and we have 115 industrial wind turbines.” Read article

1 thought on “More testimony from Armow Wind appeal hearing

  1. I’ve been disgusted directly by Jutta Slotsmesser on too many occasions.

    But is this true?

    ‘[excerpt] She lives near the 115 Enbridge turbines..

    Asha James, counsel for the appellants, Ken and Sharon Kroeplin, asked how far Splettstoesser’s property is from the Ripley and Enbridge wind projects.

    “We are 10 kilometres from the Ripley project,” said Splettstoesser, “and 20 kilometres from the Enbridge project.”‘

    So when she says she lives “near wind turbines”, in fact she’s 10-20 km away?

    That’s not the impression I got…

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