Wind project threatens serenity of Buddhist retreat development in Ontario

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Chinese Buddhist association in Bethany, Ontario, is expressing shock at the provincial government’s approval of a large-turbine wind farm adjacent to their property, on which construction is already under way for a $40 million meditation retreat and pilgrimage project. The local journal This Week
spoke with the Buddhist Association of Canada’s Diane Chen, who is also special projects manager for developing the Cham Shan temple: “She said the Buddhists’ concerns about wind turbines are the negative impact on people trying to meditate, along with possible health hazards.” She also claimed that while the government had assured the association of ongoing dialogue about possible relocation of the turbines, the actual decision was handed down at the end of the legislative session, when the relevant association members were out of the country. Concerned that the wind farm will dry up donations, they intend to file an appeal. Read article

5 thoughts on “Wind project threatens serenity of Buddhist retreat development in Ontario

  1. I am not for nor against this building but enough is enough with the windes’ calling the shots. How in the Hell can this happen? Why should we have to put up with this? We have become to complacent and run over and over. The Liberal Government is not accountable and the other parties in the wings will not take a strong stand and shoot down this fraud that will soon bankrupt Ontario. Ideas anybody other than the pen? I say it is time for action i mean reaction! Reaction like the IDM movement. Get throw in jail…so be it. All the jails can not hold us all. The court system will be taxed. Actions like this get noticed more so than what is happening now. Pay the piper now… before it is too late.If you know that eating S..T is bad for you, why keep doing it! If the Feds said take down the turbines that will affect equipment around an airport, why are they still up? If the price of energy is that great that business suffer and move out, why do we allow it? If our own MNR grants approval after approval that can and will destroy Nature, Wildlife and our Lives,well God help us because we can not stop them! Bitter! You bet and then some!!! Lets just say that we are too nice, bend over now ..Thanks.

  2. To jman

    Agreed, we are screwed but there is a flicker of light:
    1) google ‘’ and sign the Mothers Against Turbines petition
    2) a German high court found Enercon guilty of lying about noise. That legal decision has
    already been submitted in one Ontario tribunal
    3) rumours are that a para legal co op owned by Ontario citizens is being formed to fight on
    behalf of us…..membership will cost $? but it will be the first time Ontario citizens will be
    mass represented and that means power…..keep the hope
    4) Toronto is Liberal (unbelievable but true). We need to keep hammering those idiots with
    WHY electrical power is so expensive and who is responsible…..letters, emails, etc.
    5) If you are up to it, organize a group that will start to bug the hell out of whoever is your
    MPP……at some point, they will listen.
    6) Nightly Prayer……please God make sure that everyone of those criminal SOB Liberals gets
    prison time and pulled pensions.

  3. This is my area, this is my county. No one here wants it.People have turned on the greedy farmers who have solar and wind and thus are causing the ordinary people to pay them more. What a scam, what a sham. This hatred between former friends is evident in Europe and is now happening in Ontario. This green scam of hatred is being acted out between those who are making money and those who are not. It was and is a scam and I feel sorry for those who fell for it, their time will be up soon.

  4. I will reply to myself here, there is a woman who replys a lot, so all I can think is she is making big$$$$ on the subsidies. But the newspaper always prints her letters to to editor but not mine, I wonder why.

  5. I live in the area were they want to put there wind power, I was not asked if I cared about losing property value,nights sleep or any of the health issues that go with there choice of we’re to build them.This is wrong on so many different levels.The prices for our hydro is way to high now and only going to keep increasing until we are forced to use candles to move about our own homes.This needs to stop,the elected assholes that call these shots need to be held accountable.People need to stand together and protest what is being crammed down our throats,enough is enough!

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