MOE district supervisor testifies at Armow Wind hearing

heather pollardSaugeen Times
Heather Pollard, district supervisor of the Owen Sound office of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), gave testimony at the Environmental Review Tribunal Thursday afternoon in Kincardine. Appearing by way of a summons, Pollard said she has been the supervisor of the Owen Sound office since 2004, and was a junior environmental officer and senior environmental officer prior to that.

She said there are currently seven wind projects in the Owen Sound district, and all were constructed prior to the Green Energy Act and the Renewable Energy Approvals (REA) process. Pollard said her office has received complaints about six of the seven wind projects, mostly related to wind turbine noise and health effects.

“People have indicated they are having sleep disturbance, headaches, nausea, vertigo, tinnitus – symptoms they attribute to the wind farm,” she said. “We can follow up on the noise complaints but we have no expertise with health effects.” Asha James, counsel for the appellants, Ken and Sharon Kroeplin, asked Pollard if any complaints came from post-turbine residents suffering from health effects at the Enbridge Ontario Wind Farm.

“Yes,” said Pollard.

“Do you know the number?” asked James.

“350 complaints,” said Pollard. Read article

17 thoughts on “MOE district supervisor testifies at Armow Wind hearing

  1. “If that is required, can you shut down the turbines?” asked James.

    “We have not done so,” said Pollard, “and it’s unlikely we could do that.”

    What do we have here? They can approve them but they cannot shut them down.
    I guess they have no authority,if so then they do not have authority to approve them!
    We do,and community after community we said no The spelling is.NO!
    Do you UNDER STAND! M.O.E dick heads?

  2. Methinks MOE Minister Jim Bradley will be spending his next few weeks trying to spin Heather Pollard’s testimony into “there were no reported complaints regarding industrial wind turbines”.

    Pollard best watch her back … the long knives will soon be unsheathed.

    Now, if we could just summon FF Arlene King to testify …

  3. The number of complaints Pollard cited from the individual projects dosen’t add up to 350?

  4. ‘I see a government completely out of control, and money is number one. Integrity isn’t even on the map.’
    – Neil Young
    Gee do we know that. And we just keep voting like there is always a hope for a saviour amongst all this dead fictions that we became. There is none until it gets finished.

  5. I feel it’s important to keep in mind that rendering rural areas uninhabitable for humans is the whole idea of Agenda 21. Cessation is the only viable course of action now. Really.

    • We need a thorough understanding of Agenda 21 and we need rural residents to realize exactly how the mess we’re in relates to it, so we can figure out how to proceed.

  6. Right about now it appears the only solution for Amherst Islandes is to take a vote and declare their independence.

    • You mean independence of us being a corporate fictional,dead by consent citizen for the corporation of Canada?
      If so then, yes we have the power as we would be considered Gods to the authorities as they have been taking our energy and lapping it all up into their wallets
      Planning there dream vacations and purchasing beautiful homes,while they sip exotics drinks and spell out there next acts and there agenda 21 onto us,
      Threw our voted public servants we continue to beg and plea for help,i haven’t seen any promise or help for over 5 years and counting…
      Continue being fictions there is no hope in there legal nightmare,you have no rights.It only gets worse from here on.
      There is remedy if you really want it,I’ve spelled it out a few times

  7. The summons – short and sweet

    ‘[excerpt] Heather Pollard, district supervisor of the Owen Sound office of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE), gave testimony at the Environmental Review Tribunal Thursday afternoon in Kincardine. Appearing by way of a summons,…….’

    Welcome to Liberal Ontario


    “At some locations, the sound readings are above the MOE limits?” asked James.
    “Yes,” said Pollard.
    “You have received complaints from these turbines?” asked James.
    “Yes,” said Pollard.

    Ashley Smith
    DECEMBER 2013
    ‘[excerpt] Homocide’

    Evidence of Sherri Fairchild (Correctional Officer)
    ( R. v. Phibbs et al., Preliminary Inquiry, November 26, 2008 at p.67 l.8 – p.68 l.2)

    Q: Okay, you’ve also been given direction that you’ve told us about; don’t go in if she’s breathing?
    A: Correct.
    Q: What did you – let’s start with this. What did you take that direction to mean; don’t go in if
    she’s breathing?
    A: Exactly what it was. Don’t go in as long as she was breathing.
    Q: Well, if somebody’s not breathing, what does that mean?
    A: Pardon me?
    Q: If somebody’s not breathing, what does that mean?
    A: It probably means that they’re not breathing.
    Q: Okay. In your mind, does that mean that perhaps they’re dead?
    A: No.
    Q: So you can be not breathing and still alive? Clearly the, the don’t go in if she’s breathing can’t
    mean go – wait until she’s dead, correct? Would you agree with me?
    A: You know what? The direction at GVI was absolutely disgusting. What was going on there was
    disgusting. I didn’t agree with any of it from the very beginning and nobody did. Everybody
    screamed. Everybody did everything they could. Nobody agreed with this.

    Ashley Smith
    DECEMBER 2013


    47. That if frontline staff determine that immediate intervention is required to preserve life, there is no requirement that they seek authorization prior to intervening, or prior to calling 911.


    80. That an enhanced Code of Ethics be created that explicitly applies to all Correctional Service of Canada employees, from the Commissioner down to frontline staff, and that this enhanced Code will:
    a) address preservation of life;
    b) include provisions with the following language: “staff should be allowed to refuse to follow orders or directions without fear of discipline or reprisal whether they are right or wrong as long as there was an air of reality to the ethical/legal objection”;
    c) include a provision that affirms the right of all CSC staff members to report an order they believe to be illegal without fear of reprisal;
    d) include a provision that addresses the individual accountability of all CSC staff and management, for example:
    i. “Prison staff at all levels shall be personally responsible for, and assume the consequences of, their own actions, omissions or orders to subordinates”;
    e) include a provision that addresses the obligation of all CSC staff to respect and protect everyone’s right to life, the obligation to ensure the full protection of the health of persons in their custody and the obligation to secure immediate medical attention whenever required.

    81. That this enhanced Code of Ethics be taught in CORE and management training. Additionally, refresher courses will be conducted at the institutional level for all CSC staff, contract and otherwise.

    82. That all management are responsible, and held accountable, for ensuring that this enhanced Code of Ethics is communicated to their staff.


    83. That inmates who have experienced mental health issues within correctional systems be involved in planning, research, training and policy development with respect to the provision of mental health care for female inmates.


    86. That, upon recognizing burnout in themselves, staff are responsible for raising their concerns to management, and further, that management is responsible for acting upon these concerns and facilitating support.

    87. That, to alleviate pressures and avoid staff burnout, the Institutional Head implements mandatory regularly scheduled respite intervals to frontline staff who primarily deal with complex high needs inmates.


    88. That CSC develop training to prepare staff to recognize and respond to the particular issues faced by a young adult housed in an adult penitentiary.

    89. That managers and frontline staff who are designated to support high needs female inmates with mental health and/or self-injurious behaviours be offered training in the following areas:
    a) fundamentals of mental health issues and self-injurious behaviours;
    b) First Aid/CPR (current certifications based on community standards);
    c) impacts of segregation on mental health, including that of young adults;
    d) trauma-informed care (e.g. post-hostage-taking); and
    e) medical distress and its intervention (delivered by an external clinician).

    92. That CSC provide all management and staff with essential refresher training to ensure they maintain the appropriate knowledge and skillsets to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.


    99. That CSC implement ongoing, internal communication structures between frontline, mental health and health care staff as well as senior management, to effectively disseminate information. Health care and mental health staff will allocate time to meet and discuss relevant literature, complex cases and effective therapeutic interventions with frontline staff and senior management.

  10. Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario
    Aid to Ontario Inquests

    ‘[excerpt] When is an Inquest called?
    ..Additionally, an inquest allows juries to make useful recommendations to prevent other deaths in similar circumstances. This preventative function is a very important aspect of inquests because it encourages changes that will result in a safer province.’

    • That is not alway’s the case,as my brother was killed at work and an inquest was preformed and they recommend a lot of changes and not seen any. Again this your government,proven over and over ineffective only when it serves them like taxes and projects that make money.
      Something or someone is out to cripple and kill off most of humanity. It’s as overt as it gets and continues to escalate. The quick list includes massive radiation, chemtrails, GMOs, EMFs, fluoride and other poisons in our water, fracking and other disastrous oil industry effects, tainted food, vaccines, the over drugging of society, and the imposition of limitations on personal liberties including farming our own food or collecting our own water.

      Never mind a complicit media of limiting propaganda and the continued Orwellian police clampdown on the activity of humanity including militarized police and surveillance of every sort out the frikking wazoo.’

      • Your conspiracy theories are just that, theories and they always will be. The only thing killing of humanity are ourselves. Don’t want cancer? dont smoke, don’t like chemicals or GMOs in food? eat organic or grow your own. Don’t like chemtrails? Got to an airport and collect an avgas fuel sample and have it analysed and submit them to your local newspaper., don’t like floride? buy bottled water.
        Statistically speaking, less people die prematurely from war or poisoning per capita than any other time in history. Maybe that’s why our population is going up not down.
        You just complain and don’t offer any real remedies or alternatives. That’s not what this site if for.

      • DS:

        Does this make more sense?

        con·jec·ture (kn-jkchr)
        1. Inference or judgment based on inconclusive or incomplete evidence; guesswork.
        2. A statement, opinion, or conclusion based on guesswork: The commentators made various conjectures about the outcome of the next election.
        v. con·jec·tured, con·jec·tur·ing, con·jec·tures

        Or perhaps a WAG (wild a$$ed guess!)

  11. Nonvoter, sorry but the things I offered are a choice that we as citizens in a free country have and take for granted sometimes. Telling people whats good for them or bad for them is not freedom. I for instance don’t MIND floridated water because I’ve been to countries where clean water is not a priority. I get sick there so by choice I don’t got to those countries anymore or if I have to, brush my teeth with bottled water.

    However,having a wind turbine project plunked down in ones neighbourhood without any real consultation is not what a free country like Canada should be proud of.

  12. Sorry your not in a free country your behind is own and bonded on the stock market
    And sorry your behind in the real news and your still in your diapers and need to grow up a little more,
    Besides your bought out news you listen to is like communist propaganda most of the time.
    As for water here it really is as bad as the poorer countries as this is a slow dumb kill there is a fast kill.
    i am sorry but I see it totally with new eyes and for your government I am not in their mind control anymore,I own it and I try and shut down my left brain as much as possible.
    This government has basically destroyed our family in many ways, my parents would now have stayed were they were. No Fluoride there and more than 90 percent in Europe do not have fluoride in water. For dumb asses they can swallow a fluoride pill and for the smart ones would abstain,just like not smoking cigarettes. That is freedom and not forced medication. See the difference ?
    Same as most communities do not want wind-turbines but they force us to take it. Along with many other dumb ass things they do to us. Don’t get me started with smart meters and chem trails as I see you are in diapers about most critical things that are important to our health. I will try to slow it down with my statements but I am sick of forced down our throat treatments from any governments .

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