Another lawsuit for Wainfleet by wind evelopers

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WAINFLEET – The township is facing another lawsuit in its ongoing opposition of wind turbine projects planned for the community. And this time, Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. is hoping to nullify the township’s Dec. 10 decision to pay the $40,000 legal bill for Skydive Burnaby, the local business leading the fight against a nearby wind turbine project. Wainfleet Wind Energy represented law firm Aird & Berlis LLP, launched the lawsuit Dec. 31.

Besides being one of the developers who are working to build the wind turbine project, wind turbine developer Tom Rankin said he’s also a Wainfleet property-owner who’s concerned about how his tax contributions are being used. “We just think it’s wrong to start subsidizing a small sector of the economy. We just think it’s wrong,” he said. “I’d like to think I’m representing taxpayers that are pretty upset about that whole shenanigan of giving someone $40,000 to fight an appeal. That’s my take on it. I’m a taxpayer out there myself. I own property there, and some of our employees own property there and I’ve talked to a number of other people and they’re pretty upset.

“You don’t just start giving out grants to people in the community like that. That’s nonsense,” Rankin said. “Not a lot of thought went into it, I can tell you that much.” Rankin said the company’s lawyers are currently busy dealing with other matters, but the lawsuit will be before the courts “sooner rather than later.” A hearing is scheduled for March 6 at 10 a.m. in a St. Catharines courtroom. Read article

5 thoughts on “Another lawsuit for Wainfleet by wind evelopers

  1. Look at the way the wind projects are subsidized…with OUR money, and we don’t like it either! Rankin doesn’t care about the money, he just hates being told NO. If they harass the township, we will collect the money in other ways. One way or another, the turbines are going….There is a risk to human life involved. Wainfleet has a duty to protect the health and well being of their constituents!

  2. Wainfleet council rocks! (Unlike the dipstick, idiot, anti-Canadian Neil Young, but that’s a comment for another day). Tom Rankin doesn`t give a rats ass about anything but money. He’ll happily destroy his community as long as he makes money doing it.
    You’re absolutely right 57, council does have a responsibility to protect their constituents, in this case from the treasonous, corrupt, lying, thieving Liberal bastards at Queens park, who have declared war on rural Ontario having abdicated their responsibility to protect Ontarians, ALL Ontarians, not just urban Liberal voters.

  3. How about the subsidies Rankin will get with his turbines? But that’s ok as it will be “green” energy

  4. Thank you to Wainfleet’s Council for giving Skydive Burnaby the money. Their business has been a foothold in the community for years and brings many tourists to the area, helping the local economy. Wainfleet Council and all other municiple councils, have a duty to protect their citizens. Subsidies being paid to the “uber rich” folks like Rankin are ok, but help a local business that feeds the community, god forbide! As a tax payer in the community – Rankin owns a HUGE Lakefront Property and will not even be living near the turbines he is putting up! Shame on him for supporting the renewables industry when it is bankrupting our province. We need people like him with money to speak against the attrocities happening to our manufacturing sector and the energy poverty that is being created for regular Ontarians…shame on him

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