Municipality leaves coalition twisting in the wind

Wind turbines near Ripley, Ontario, northeast of Kincardine2Saugeen Times
Kincardine council has left a proposed municipal coalition on noise regulation, twisting in the wind. Warren Howard made a presentation to committee- of-the-whole Thursday night (Jan. 9), outlining the possibility of forming a coalition of municipalities, to draw up a noise bylaw to regulate the industrial wind turbine industry.

A member of North Perth council, Howard said he came to Kincardine council on behalf of the coalition committee. “Kincardine has a noise problem, and it’s going to get more serious if the Armow Wind project is approved,” he said. “Municipal noise bylaws need to be updated to reflect changes in the rural noise environment.”

He said the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) allows audible noise of 40-51 dBA (decibels) for wind projects. However, the ambient rural night-time noise is in the range of 20-25 dBA. Howard said a community group in the Kincardine area, HALT (Huron-Kinloss Against Lakeshore Turbines),has funded research into legal options for municipalities to regulate noise. Read article

1 thought on “Municipality leaves coalition twisting in the wind

  1. first heard of this proposal for a nuisance noise by-law three years ago in Saugeen Shores. The inter-municipal wind turbine working group consisting of “NONE WILLING HOST” municipalities has kicked this can around since then and here we are…proposing more can kicking. Meanwhile they are pocketing the blood money from harm being inflicted on other people to pay for their pet municipal and county projects vs paying for legal defense of the victims.

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