University of Waterloo professor gives testimony at Armow Wind hearing

philip bigelowSaugeen Times
Dr. Philip Bigelow, a professor at the University of Waterloo, offered testimony about a study being done that connects sleep disturbance with wind turbines, at the Environmental Review Tribunal hearing in Kincardine. Speaking Friday afternoon (Jan. 10), Bigelow was led through his witness statement by Asha James, counsel for the appellants, Ken and Sharon Kroeplin, who launched an appeal against the Armow Wind industrial wind development, Oct. 23.

Bigelow is a professor with the university’s School of Public Health and Health Systems, and teaches risk assessment and public health epidemiology. Currently, he is working with the Ontario Research Chair in Renewable Energy Technologies and Health, set up by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE). Among the research being done, said Bigelow, is a study on the potential health risks of wind turbines.

A pilot study was conducted in July, 2012, in Thamesville, Ontario, said Bigelow, and from that study, the research chair developed some scales, looking at the potential health effects of wind turbines. Further research is being done and the findings will come out with an internal review, he said, noting that one of the major hypotheses was that stress is an important thing to consider.

The pilot study is to be defended Jan. 28 and peer-reviewed, he said. Another ongoing study is registering biomarks – the cortisone levels in saliva and hair of people who live near wind turbines, said Bigelow. Other graduate students are researching the “lived experience” of those who reside near wind turbines, Bigelow said. “It’s all very complex stuff and quite challenging,” he added. Read article

6 thoughts on “University of Waterloo professor gives testimony at Armow Wind hearing

  1. “With the research you’ve been doing, there is no physical pathway between noise from wind turbines and adverse health effects,” said Bunting.

    “We’re trying hard, but no, you’re right,” said Bigelow.

    ….meanwhile there’s all the peer reviewed papers worldwide that connect environmental noise to health effects that the WHO base their recommendations on. … just Bigelow couldn’t make that connection in Canada.

    The guinea pigs were justified not to support a study commissioned by this fascist corporatocracy.

    Has Senator Runciman had a talk with the NR CAN minister and the Health Canada minister of his party??? cuzz NR Can and Health Canada have also been in denial while the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Has been rubber stamping the approvals.

  2. “To tell you the truth– I think these clothes make me look reasonable.
    But actually, I was going for the grim reaper look.”

    Phil Bigelow leaned back in his chair.

    “My friend, Simon Chapman, and his “Train Wreck Voyeurs” were pervin’ the other day and asked if I wanted to do drugs with them. I said, meh, maybe later.”

    During cross-examination, Jim Bunting, counsel for the approval holder, Samsung Pattern Armow Wind Ontario GP asked Professor Bigelow if he knew when he was speaking to a reporter, that the information would be published.

    “Well, I’m just now getting up to speed. I’m up for tenure at the University of Waterloo this year — can you believe it???”

  3. So they (the Lying Liberals) set up this study, c/w unqualified scientist types to oversee it, then horrendously underfund it, (as Bigelow mentioned), so that if it showed/proved a connection between IWTs and health problems which it did, their own lawyers could easily nullify its findings & if it didn’t they’d have been praising it’s findings as the final word!?!? Is it any wonder that Ontario is now the laughing stock of the Canadian provinces. All thanks to the Lying Liberals and the fools who continually re-elect them. Time for the rest of Ontarios’ intelligent folk to join our colleagues in Alberta, who saw it coming & left years ago. If only we could sell our properties for their true (before IWTs) value.
    Only other option is to stay and help elect the PCs a.s.a.p. to save our provinces sorry ass.

      • “Unqualified scientist types” was the expression used.

        If students were part of the research team, then “types” is the appropriate word.

        Students usually tell the prof what he wants to hear.

        What did the prof want to hear?

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