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Yet another meeting is being held by the Oxford Community Energy Co-operative to promote funding for the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm and yet again it is being held nowhere near the actual site of the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm, which is located in Norwich Township. Oxford Community Energy Co-operative’s first meeting was held in October 2013 in downtown Woodstock and the second meeting was held November 2013 in Tillsonburg.

Invitations for a third meeting have been sent out to a select few to attend the Co-operative’s meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Ingersoll Public Library. Oxford Community Energy Co-operative is looking for investors to provide their financial support for the Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm. There are a number of factors that people outside of Norwich Township may not be aware of in regards to this development.

The Township of Norwich has declared itself an unwilling host for industrial wind projects and their infrastructure. More specifically the Township of Norwich has asked Prowind to not proceed with construction of wind turbines until further health studies have been completed. These facts are only compounded by the recent $28 million draft lawsuit filed over the proposed Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm citing declining property values which has been put forth by numerous neighbouring properties.

Karen Wesseling
On behalf of East Oxford Community Alliance Inc.

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