Southgate Considers Solar-Wind Project

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Southgate councillors are looking over a proposal for a mega solar-wind energy farm. It’s a partnership of Samsung Renewable Energy and Pattern Energy. The development will involve some 40 wind turbines in the east half of Southgate.

The partnership has also secured 700 acres of leased land in the northwest part of Southgate for its ground-mounted solar farm. Southgate farmer Don Lewis, a former township Mayor, likes the proposal for a large solar energy development.
He’s pleased that the proposal would make use of Class 4 agricultural land to contribute to green energy. Read article

14 thoughts on “Southgate Considers Solar-Wind Project

  1. 700 acres of agricultural land and all Class 4?
    Oh! Of course, if it any of it was Class 3 it would be classed as prime agricultural land…!!!!
    What have the Southgate farmers been doing with their Class 4 land? Subsistence farming…???
    Hmmmm! Former mayor and Southgate farmer….??? Wonder if there is any financial interest there in the 700 acres?
    Solar is no less a part of the green energy tax subsidized scam as wind. It will take even more of Ontario’s diminishing farmland than wind machines and is even more inefficient, unreliable and far more costly than wind.
    Smitherman and McGuinty’s Samsung deal. It appears that Samsung now ‘rules’!
    Andrew Watts

    • Please refer to the Not a Willing Host map.

      Guess what township, undeclared as NAWH, sits in the middle of a sea of declared municipalities?

      Do you think there was any method to the madness of Southgate’s council?

      Do you think there’s any kind of agenda in play here?

      • Southgate is soooo like Adelaide-Metcalfe…. “sister townships” probably.

  2. Why would this man even consider doing business with these two companies? Can’t he read?
    Maybe gather up the information that the people of Ocotillo, Calif. have on Pattern Energy and present this to council.

    • Yes, he must a real simpleton to have accumulated several thousand acres, operated a large diversified farming entreprise, while being the mayor of his municipality.

  3. Washington Post, Dec.9, 2012
    “In South korea, the Republic of Samsung”
    “Critics say Samsung elbows into new industries, knocing out smaller business, limiting choices for Korean consumers and sometimes colluding with fellow giants to fix pries while bullying those who investigate.”

    Welcome to the world of Samsung and Pattern Energy.

  4. By not reading I meant he didn’t look up any information on these companies. Always look into companies reputations befor dealing with them.
    Now this town will have quite a problem to deal with.

  5. he could have looked these companies up at Wikipedia and followed their links as a starting point.

  6. First thought that comes to mind in regard to Southgate considering welcoming “Green” Energy installations into their home is…… “Are you NUTS”??? Look around!!

  7. This likely was done in secret as developers don’t like publicity.
    Lewis is a VIP in the area.
    In any event the rest of the residents of southgate are now saddled with a serious situation.

  8. When was the land in question classified?
    There has been pressure in some areas to “reclassify” land.
    I’d question land that has been classified in just the last couple of years.

  9. I heard from a local land owner in the Dundalk area of Southgate Twp. that Mennonites were buying up surrounding farms like crazy. The word was that they were paying huge, unheard of sums of money for these properties.

    Whether this has anything to do with this story remains to be seen. It may be a red herring.

    However, you can never rule out the old wolf in sheep’s clothing routine. Could this have been a major land grab made under false pretenses?

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