Protest NexTerror Wind Construction TODAY – Parkhill @ 11:30

IMG_0419Date: TODAY Jan 31
Time: 11:30am
Place: meet at Parkhill Tim Horton’s. MAP

Before I try to relax for the evening, let me just say this. I believe, and probably without justification, that I live in a democratic society; one where the freedom of speech, the right to peaceful assembly and the expectation that those who are elected into office are working with the good of all in mind. Well, that is far from the truth, and I am beginning to understand that my freedoms and the freedoms of my fellow Ontarians has hinged on following the word of our, shall I dare to say, criminal politicians.

Should you follow, with sheep like devotion, the decrees handed down to you, you can wear the badge of freedom; should you believe the lies, whether they wear the green label, or promises of a great economic future in the hands of Chinese owned companies, then you will be afforded the freedoms that democracy speaks of. But, should you question the actions and lies fed to the intubated masses, then you are targeted. Your rights and freedoms are no longer. Goose step in time with the Gestapo’s, or be labelled and condemned to be one of the black sheep, destined to be known as a trouble maker.

Keep in mind; however, that we are referring to hard working citizens; mothers, fathers, grand parents, community leaders, teachers and community volunteers. We are talking about people whose only shortcoming is that they care about how their communities look and feel. They care about what legacy there will be left for their children and grand children; and, they give a shit about their rights and freedoms. Their homes are not just boxes to live in, but are the world where children are raised and loved, life is lived and memories are made. To these residents who choose to speak out, their homes and their lives are autonomous with their communities.

And greed and corruption are taking that away—destroying the fabric of rural Ontario and reducing our province to a totalitarian state. Are my emails being monitored? Perhaps they are. Has fear gripped my heart? You bet ya; the possibility of that is very real. However, I cannot stand by and let injustice prevail. I need to speak out, and I need to move forward in my desire to protect my province from what is the economic downfall that will destroy all of our worlds.

I look constantly to people like Malala Yousufzai, Eve Ensler, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama, Esther Wrightman, Marcelle Brooks and everyone who puts themselves out there to expose the truth. It’s often not comfortable, but it’s their honesty and genuine belief that they can make a difference that inspires me.

The comfort zone is a very nice place, but nothing grows there; nothing at all. In fact, things rot in the comfort zone. Ontario is in that comfort zone right now.

I hope that everyone reading this finds their own Malala or Esther to inspire them to keep up the fight. This fight will not be won without casualties; Chatham Kent, Haldimand and now North Middlesex to name a few. But, let’s band together—we all know what is happening, and we all know that it is wrong. And as Marcelle has always said, “Your silence gives consent.” Nothing could be truer than that statement.

MLWAG may be loud, we may be obnoxious at times, but we’re honest and we’ve got nothing to hide. We are fortunate that we have fighters on board that are willing to stand up to what is wrong; and, they inspire the rest of us to move forward.

If the police are listening; fear not, we shall purchase a few dozen donuts tomorrow to ensure that you are all satiated, in the event that we do shut down Timmy’s.

I hope that everyone who can make it tomorrow comes out to help spread the truth.


15 thoughts on “Protest NexTerror Wind Construction TODAY – Parkhill @ 11:30

  1. Wish I could have joined you but am there in spirit! Next protest I will bring the doughnuts…. we are just getting started. No means NO.

  2. While you stand out there and protest remember this: some of the men helping in the construction of these windmills are Ontario veterans, men that put their lives on the line in Afghanistan to bring stability and hope to the country. When these men returned home from deployment, it was believed that government would take care of them and make sure there was work for them to return home to but that was the furthest from the truth. Instead, these men have struggled for years trying to find a steady job to provide for their families, to keep the houses they live in, to live. Everyday it seems a new factory shuts down and more and more people are left jobless. What are they supposed to do? These windmills provide JOBS in a time where jobs are far and few. Because of these windmills, these men (and women) constructing them have a new hope, bought time, a small sense of financial security. Because of these windmills maybe a few less veterans will feel that their only option is suicide. Sure, maybe there are some disadvantages of having them and maybe they’re not aesthetically pleasing to you but in the end they are making a positive difference for many many families. There are positives and negatives to every option so you need to stand back and see the bigger picture. Supporting our troops doesn’t end when they return home from deployment, it is ongoing and with the recent chain of military related suicides, they need support now more than ever. Stop protesting and support our troops.

    • I also agree that we have to careful not to fight with the workers. We are fighting the government and the companies hiring the workers. Please be respectful to those caught in the middle — both the workers and the people who have to live with the turbines.

      Unfortunately, the Unions (Unifor– the ones running the Turbine in Port Elgin) have brainwashed their members to think that turbines are good. They are neither environmentally nor economically viable. Industrial Scale wind energy does NOT work.

    • Reply to: Nevaeh Hope

      What a load of crap.

      The work is temporary. Financed by the very same loss of manufacturing jobs you speak about. Jobs lost due in large part to the escalating electricity rates to sustain renewable energy projects. Green Energy Act and the renewable energy scam fueling a global swindle.

      Big picture; ( I know it is difficult to see due to the all those turbines in your sight) but protecting our rights does not mean enabling a project that is parasitic and destructive to the community. A job is just a job (lasting just a few short months). The long term destruction of community unity, harm to the environment and harm to human health is too great a price to pay. Please read carefully the Auditor General’s report 2011 and other analysis by those with expertise in economics.

      This isn’t about the veterans supporting the values of our Countries (you sound very American in your post). This is about power and control. Wind power brings with it the loss of the very same democratic rights and freedoms that have been sacrificed for by the loss of life of many men and women of both of our countries, in many wars.

      You talk about suicide? What about the phone calls of suicidal ideation and intent, from the impacted residents received by many of us on the front lines. Phone calls I have gotten and am receiving from people, who can no longer stand the intrusion brought by these machines. Harms denied or minimized by all levels of governance which are inflicted upon the people by the emissions of the wind turbines (eg light, vibration, electrical discharges, noise) destroying the peace and safety within their very homes.

      You are twisting the need to earn a living with constitutionally protected rights guaranteeing safety of the person. The Canadian Charters of Rights is what the veterans and soldiers fight for. Not corporate profit.

      No “Job” justifies the harm the wind projects are causing.

      Linda J Rogers
      Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner

    • OMG This person has lOOOOSSSSSTTTTT it completely. Because of windmills veterans do have a job, dumbest comment I have ever heard!~ If there were actually vets working at these projects, let me allow to come to this conclusion: vets have killed overseas and now they are killing at home!

    • How foolish you are, this Ontario Gov’t could not care less about our troops. The billions of dollars they are waisting on this farce of a GEA could be spent in far better ways to make good jobs that benefit the country now and in the future. They pretend it is making jobs but the real money is not getting down to the trenches, it is going to multinational corporations and out of the country.

    • So, the guy in the white 4×4 with the Texas plates on it – he’s a Canadian Army vet? Gosh, he sure was the spittin’ image of the American project engineer – right down to the moustache on his mug – I remember him from the ERT. He had some disparaging remarks about the competency of our County engineering department – I guess he didn’t like THEIR attitude.

      That link will take you to a picture from a movie – a cop beating a man – and the caption is”The Decline of Civilizatin will be carried out by Those Who Are Just Doing Their Jobs!

      The question of ‘workers’ is difficult. At any of these projects there are employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and sometimes a foreign ‘project supervisor’ from Texas or Kentucky. There are no NexTERROR executives. Everyone there is a ‘worker’.
      At a couple of protests some of us have engaged workers/contratctors entering or leaving a project and they have been uninformed as are most people, but also willing to listen to our objections and often sympathetic to what we say.
      By treating them as if they were responsible for what is happening, are we turning potential sympathizers into enemies?
      Is it possible that if we treated them more as people who just don’t realize what they are part of, that we might turn them into allies? Perhaps the bolts on the blades might not be quite as tight as they are supposed to be?
      Also, when jobs are few and far between – and most jobs are part-time, minimum wage, how many of us would give up a full-time, well-p[aying job on principle? It’s a hard choice to ask someone to make when they have a family and a mortgage.
      That link will take you to a picture from a movie – a cop beating a man – and the caption is”The Decline of Civilizatin will be carried out by Those Who Are Just Doing Their Jobs!
      As for the vets – A – it’s a federal issue and the Harper gov’t and that scumbag Fantino … we’ll leave that for now.
      B – I don’t consider them ‘my’/our troops. Do you seriously believe we are in Afghanistan to free them from the Taliban? We are there because the Americans need some other countries to seem to support the war – which is really about the mineral wealth of Afghanistan and continuing the pretend fight against foreign terrorists who have the nerve to fight back against the US, which is the world’s greatest terrorist supporting state. This fight also helps to justify the reduction of freedoms of Homeland Security in the US, and similar restrictive legislation in Canada.
      It’s never simple. It’s never clear-cut. Those who won’t take the time to think about these and other related issues aren’t much better than those whom we oppose.

  3. Fighting the same fight here people. We have enough enemies – save your fire for the politicians & wind companies. Negative comments about each other will be deleted.

    • I’m truly sorry, windaction, but I’m not sure we are fighting the same fight. There are people here who are fighting the Liberals and want a Conservative government. I hate them both, but if I thought Hudak was going to become premier, I’d vote Liberal or whatever party I thought might keep him out. I honestly think he’d be even worse.
      There are people here who think that because Suzuki endorsed wind, then the turbines are all the fault of the environmentalists – so they oppose environmentalists. Does this mean those who care about eagles are wrong? Or can you somehow care about eagles but not be considered an environmentalist.
      If you’re going to delete negative comments about each other, what about sarcastic comments and really stupid comments?
      I don’t envy you having to make those decisions.

      • If you find a personal attack/comment offensive, let me know. I’ll remove it. Otherwise, I’d rather not have to babysit the blog…

    • Windaction,
      Shut off the comments for a week or permanently. A week is not going to hurt anything and see what happens. It should be a few weeks at least.

  4. Hey Sylvan Bob,

    Re: ‘[excerpt] The question of ‘workers’ is difficult.’
    Very heroic – and, sympathetic – too; if you enjoy
    third world democracy.

    Ya – I’m still in my special pursuit stage;
    and, trying to figure out the language choice.

    I think I’ll do my nails first, it makes me feel romantic;
    and, helps – form thoughtful loving thoughts.

    In the meantime –
    Go Esther!……and, Muriel too!

    • Free Thinker, I understand your very last line. The rest of it – just riddles. Please be concise.

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