Wind turbine activists not backing down

Strathroy Age Dispatch, Jacob Robinson
Even though construction has begun on a wind energy project in their own backyard, the Middlesex Lambton Wind Action Group is continuing to fight. With longtime activist Esther Wrightman of Adelaide-Metcalfe and Muriel Allingham of North Middlesex leading the way, the group staged a rally Jan. 31 that began in Parkhill. About 15 vehicles – many carrying signs and messages of their disapproval – convoyed through parts of the area that energy giant Nextera has earmarked for wind turbine construction as part of its Adelaide Project.

Wrightman and the group have battled proposed wind energy projects for years, and although it’s an uphill climb, they’re determined to stay the course. “There has been a lot of support – there’s also a lot of letdown because now that it’s here, it feels like an invasion,” Wrightman said minutes before the protest began. “People feel like they don’t have anything else they can do, so part of the reason we do protests is to get people together, rally and say, ‘we’re standing together on this, we still object, we still will object and these guys aren’t welcome.’”

Declining property values and the project’s affects on both Mother Nature and nearby residents are just a few issues the group has with the turbines – not to mention cost to the taxpayers. “Today, we want to let these (Nextera) people know that they’re not welcome in our community – this is our community and their presence in our community is destroying our property values, it’s destroying our neighbourhoods, it’s (pitting) neighbour against neighbour,” Allingham noted. “It’s creating a community that we don’t want to live in anymore.” Read article

15 thoughts on “Wind turbine activists not backing down

  1. I wish I could have been at the protest to support your efforts. We all need to stand up for our rights.
    This government is ruling over us like warlords in 3rd world countries.

  2. Excellent work. Slow down those cement trucks. Maybe we can’t stop the project, but we can slow things down. Time = money = less turbines being completed.

  3. Looks like more people than just Esther carrying signs and calling Nextera NEXTERROR! How many more people is Nextera gonna take to court? Maybe most residents of rural Ontario?? United Way Canada’s new fundraising scheme?? I’ve called ’em NEXTERROR too! Dare I say “Come and get me”?? Surely NEXTERROR wouldn’t be showing favouritism by just suing a select few would they?

  4. GRIST, Jan.30,2014
    “Waxman poetic: Climate hawk leaves an impressive ‘stache’ of green achievemnets”

    Henry Waxman,Rep.Calif.
    Co-authored Waxman-Markey Cap & Trade
    had hand in writing the 1990 ammendments to the Clean Air Act.
    Now the president on his own can order improvements in auto fuel efficiency.
    Noted by some as the House’s leading environmentalist.

    And Canada follows suit with U.S. energy policies.

    Now maybe CAW members will understand why so many auto jobs were lost in North America.

  5. Please go to this link and follow the instructions

    Take Action

    Send the message “The Ontario Government must take action now to stop the operation of wind turbine projects that have been placed too close to people’s homes and are causing injury through adverse sleep quality and other impairments to human health.”
    Please add a short message of your own to this.

    Sign your name and address.

    This requires large numbers of people’s action. And no one can do it for you.
    All of the information and contacts are in the link

  6. Arstechnica, Jan. 31, 2014
    “In fact,wind turbines seem to attract more than their fair-share of lightning damage as compared to buildings and towers of similar height.”

    Journal Of Geophysical Research at:
    Wiley Online Library
    Abstract of: “Lightning discharge produced by wind turbines”

    IWTs are indeed a safety issue.
    Rural Ontarians don’t make things up.

  7. What’s Lou’s thrill?
    ‘[excerpt]….rural riding associations with services……’;
    and, United Way support – for the ‘common good’ –
    should solve all problems!

    ‘[excerpt] Dear Friends,

    I am thrilled to be leading Rural Roots, an outreach campaign designed to engage you in discussions on how to reconnect with Rural Ontario.

    For the next year, we will be reaching out to communities across the province to get feedback on how we can better understand the issues you face and the feedback you are hearing.

    We want to know the issues that are unique to your community and the opportunities and challenges that you face so we can develop policies that address the needs and issues on the ground. We want to better support rural riding associations with services that are tailored to your unique needs.

    Our outreach will include in-person consultation sessions, telephone town halls, webinars and this website. This site is a tool to keep you connected to Rural Roots. Here you will find information on upcoming events and discussions. Most importantly, this site is a tool for you to participate in this important discussion.

    This important discussion can only happen with your help. Have a look around and leave us your feedback. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas for the future, so please take the time to drop us a line.

    Together, we will build a stronger rural Ontario. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Lou Rinaldi

    The Liberal Plan: on the move to….
    ‘Bankrupt Ontario’ – pass it on……………

    Rural food bank demand rises along with hydro, propane costs

    Do you know a love song?

    • Make sure he is flying a kite with some nicely conductive metal attached as well 🙂
      just for educational purposes of course to demonstrate how safe these machines are.

  8. Question,
    Wasn’t the lightning safety issues ruled out at one of the ERTs? And now this new information is available.

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