Farmers face off over wind turbines

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PETERBOROUGH — As 10 new wind turbines were to start spinning at Brinston — about an hour south of urban Ottawa — the tide of public opinion about wind farms is changing, pitting farmers against one another. The Brinston wind farm has been controversial, so much so that South Dundas council has since passed a resolution that it will not support further turbines until it sees a need for it. Some wind power supporters have seen communities turn on them.

When M.K. Ince and Associates Ltd. decided to build five wind turbines in Cavan Monaghan Township near Peterborough, Don Winslow immediately jumped on board. In spring of 2013, he signed with the wind company to allow them to build a wind turbine on his 500-acre cash crop farm. Three months later, after immense public pressure and hostility, he told the company he couldn’t do it anymore.

“It relieved our stress tremendously (to cancel the contract),” said 70-year-old Winslow, who estimated that less than five per cent of the community is in favour of wind turbines. “We don’t have to sneak around the neighbours hoping to not run into them. Read article

4 thoughts on “Farmers face off over wind turbines

  1. Winslow and Schouten should go live near some wind turbines, before making up their minds. If they are just assuming they will be fine, they may be “rudely awakened”. Everything seems easy, when you’ve never had to do it. There are many host farmers that deeply regret their decision, because the noise, infrasound, and flicker, were far worse, than they had ever imagined.

  2. In Feb. 8/14 Toronto Star, this article titled: “Ottawa to tighten rules on cell towers.”
    “Ottawa says it is tightening laws governing construction and placement of new cellular antenna towers to require consultation with communities on all commercial installations, regardless of height. The changes update the government’s 2008 policy that mandated consultation only when companies planned a tower taller than 15 metres.

    “Industry Canada Minister James Moore in a statement Wednesday announcing the amendments said placement of the sometimes unsightly infrastructure is becoming ‘ever more divisive’ with rapidly increasing demand for wireless services.

    “It is essential residents be at the centre of the process to determine the location of a new tower.”

    • Like IWTs, cell tower installations have been rampant as developers run off in all directions, without any serious regulation and pretty much doing whatever they please.

      The reason there are so many unsightly cell towers is because the companies have not been ordered to cooperate and coordinate their infrastructure on fewer towers.

      In all areas of scenic value, developers should have been forced to erect less obtrusive “pine tree” towers, as they have in parts of Muskoka and on Hwy. 60 near Algonquin Park’s Whiskey Rapids hiking trail.

      Just as the wind industry controls the provincial government, the communications industry dictates to the federal government.

      Now that the federal Conservatives are bringing the hammer down, don’t hold your breath waiting for the Wynne Liberals to make any changes that would derail their gravy train.

      Has anyone noticed that at least 9 out of 10 wind industry investors, as outed by Barbara and others, are in some way connected to the federal and provincial Liberals and NDP?

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