Bluewater joins wind turbine noise coalition

BluewaterMac Christie, Times-Advocate
VARNA — Bluewater council has voted to officially join a municipal coalition focused on crafting a noise bylaw, ostensibly to protect the municipality’s residents from wind turbines. After a long debate at its regular meeting Feb. 3, council decided to formally participate in the Multi-Municipal Wind Turbine Working Group by officially naming Stanley East Coun. Dave Roy as Bluewater’s representative on the group and Hay West Coun. John Gillespie as his alternate.

The issue arose at council because Bluewater had attended two meetings as observers and were asked to join the group. As a result, Gillespie presented a report including recommendations to council. He told council the group is meant to mitigate the negative impacts, namely noise, wind turbines will have on the community.

“There are a group of municipalities . . . that are moving towards trying to determine if there can be a noise bylaw that would stand the test of a legal challenge and be effective in mitigating against, at least the noise concerns raised by this industry,” Gillespie said of the group. Read article

5 thoughts on “Bluewater joins wind turbine noise coalition

  1. Good for Bluewater and the other 20(?)municipalities who are initiating this move!
    There are comments in the story regarding asking the lawyers if it is legal to approve such a bylaw?

    Wainfleet were sued by Rankin Renewables regarding the 2km Set Back Bylaw they approved.
    I have never understood how Wainfleet were seen to ‘lose’ and had to pay part of Rankin’s costs, but it has only increased my distrust of relying on lawyers whether they act for or against IWTs!!!

    I elected my Council to work to protect my interests!
    As far as I know no one who works for our township lawyers gained a single vote…!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    We, the taxpayers pay them, just as we pay the unelected staff employed to advise councils.

    Back to the Wainfleet/Rankin ‘injustice’
    Heard in St.Catherine’s, the most influential municipality in Niagara Region, a municipality that supports the region’s green energy policies. Heard by a senior Ontario judge whose legal background was in St.Catherine’s. Human nature makes it likely that the hearing could have been biased rather than completely impartial?
    Regardless of the above, the Court ruled that Wainfleet Township Council acted entirely within their authority to approve the 2km Set Back Bylaw.
    They did nothing wrong and did not approve an ‘illegal’ Bylaw as Rankin claimed.

    Then, of course, he added the GEA to his ruling and said that because of the GEA the Bylaw would probably be ruled ‘invalid’ if Wainfleet attempted to enforce it.

    So, an elected Council does have the authority to make Bylaws and if they are approved by a majority they are legal.

    Trouble is, all too often, they continue to allow unelected staff to offer advice and comment that is in conflict with a Council’s wishes and, all too often, a council will back down rather than do what they know is right.
    Add to that their legal advisers, whom have little or no interest in what may be good for the community, and you have another powerful influence that advises actions not necessarily beneficial to the council or community and often based on negativity.

    When you have a truly appalling law on the books and the corrupt government that imposed it refuses to admit it is a bad law, then you inevitably end up with a corrupted legal and judicial system.

    If this coalition is to succeed, and although I know you will all still ask for legal advice, I think for it to succeed as it deserves to do, all those involved have to give themselves a good shake and take on the legal responsibilties you were elected to accept and also to use the full authority you have under the Municipal Act and not allow either to be watered down by advice from those who were never elected to serve our communities and the best interests of those communities.
    Andrew Watts

    • 20 Mayors?

      ‘[excerpt] The group, which is made up of about 20 municipalities, is focused on addressing issues arising from the installation of wind turbines in the represented municipalities.’

      I would argue –
      – it’s up to the mayors to form a – Coalition of Mayors;
      and, if that’s confusing – I suggest –
      call Mayor April Jeffs – for instructions.

      It’s an Election Year!

  2. It’s an Election Year – 2014
    Wake Up!

    Dump and Sack! – the whole council – has to go
    and, get a new council –
    to sack the wacko CAO.

  3. Time to “dump and sack” the entire Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Council as well.
    ACW, the only municipality within 100 km that did not declare itself a non-willing host.

  4. ACW council should be drawn and quartered and dumped in sacks with the dead pigs in the tow carts at the end of the factory farm driveways that infiltrated 10 years ago.
    When they were given the heads up about this SCAM in 2009 they plugged their ears and took the money,every single one of them.

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