Wind turbines, more proof of lack of Liberal R & D

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The West Lincoln Glambrook Wind Action Group has been fighting against wind turbines for years saying their interests are not being considered because the Liberal government has taken away powers at the local level leaving them unrepresented and vulnerable.

The result, many communities are unwilling hosts, but the turbines are built anyway. Lots has been said about the distance or set back these turbines must be from residential buildings and property lines.

The action group says the current guidelines say the turbines must be back from properties lines at least the height of the turbine at its hub. The Ministry of the Environment has measured, and three of the five turbines are in violation, against the wishes of the neighbouring properties. Read article

2 thoughts on “Wind turbines, more proof of lack of Liberal R & D

  1. Well what do we expect the Liberal government in this situation – shall say it is like the wild west without the sheriff!! – K. Wynne does not care about you or I! the only time they care is when it is voting time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How to power the USA on Renewables? Mostly WindPower by the way!

    Stanford U to the rescue:

    Scroll down — look at the map and click on a state to see how they will use 100% renewables to power that state and the hole USA.

    Even Josh Fox (Gasland) is one of the founders and supporters.

    Stupidity re-defined — and leading the US of A.

    Will Justin T. be far behind with his cadre of programmable progressives?

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