$40M Buddhist temple project in jeopardy after Ontario government approves wind project next to it

buddhist-1National Post, Joseph Brean
The Cham Shan temple project on the Oak Ridges Moraine in rural eastern Ontario is a massive network of four proposed Buddhist temples linked by pilgrimage trails to symbolize the four sacred Chinese mountains, each representing a Bodhisattva, or enlightened one.

Only the first temple has started construction, but already the entire $40-million project has been cast into doubt, following the Ontario government’s approval in December of a windfarm right in the middle of the pilgrimage zone, close enough to spoil the meditative vibe.

The dispute, which pits Buddhists against Ontario Liberals, and green energy entrepreneurs against rural landowners, is to be fought in an environmental review tribunal that is to deal with motions Wednesday, in anticipation of hearing evidence next week. Read article

9 thoughts on “$40M Buddhist temple project in jeopardy after Ontario government approves wind project next to it

  1. The proponent of an environmental tribunal will never win.A two km set back is not enough. The GEA and the development of these “weapons of mass destruction” is a global moment; a part of a much larger agenda. It is brilliant. The development of iwts in Ontario is an invasion in the attempt to take over the province including the Great Lakes.
    This is a high profile contemporary invasion. We have been brainwashed and duped. Most people don’t even know this.
    We must bring down Quee’s Park.

  2. maybe this is why on valentines day the gov’t told the wind companies if your project is getting appealed we will move your finished date ahead because it looks bad that we let you build even though we all know you will get to finish
    “Suppliers must cease carrying out specified construction and site preparation activities until such time as the Tribunal renders its final decision in respect of the appeal.”


  3. Too bad for the buddists but would a Christian church get the same headlines if it were to happen to a church property?

    • Good question DS. In a society with decent standards and values, the same consideration should be given to any person regardless of gender, race or religion. It should not matter if this person lives in a shack or palace, ALL people should be treated the same and given the same consideration.
      Should it matter that the development is a $40M Buddhists retreat?

  4. In my opinion no, as there are many Christian church leaders who are on the side of climate change and the related issues that go with this.

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