Court favours wind turbines over endangered Blanding’s turtle

alvar destructionJohn Spears, Toronto Star
Blanding’s turtle is in trouble again: An Ontario court has cleared the way for a wind farm that an environmental tribunal says will threaten the turtle’s habitat. The modest reptile had stood in the way of a wind farm at Ostrander Point in Prince Edward County.

But a divisional court panel ruled Thursday that theenvironmental tribunal made six errors of law in reaching its conclusion that the wind farm would cause “serious and irreversible harm” to the turtle.

The court restored the decision by provincial officials, allowing Gilead Power to proceed with the project, which would erect nine big wind turbines on the site.

It was a bitter blow to local nature and conservation groups. They had argued the wind farm – and the increased traffic associated with it – would harm not just the turtles, but also birds, bats and the rare “alvar” ecosystem at Ostrander Point. Read article

10 thoughts on “Court favours wind turbines over endangered Blanding’s turtle

    • Not true — some animals are more equal than others. Liberal Pigs come to mind. NDP weasels are a close second. Timid scaredy Cat PC’s get little or no protections… We ship and cattle get the slaughter house… slow patient Dobbin gets the glue factory.

      Work hard Dobbin! Your tax dollars are needed.

  1. It was to be expected…

    Most of the turbine deals are “done deals”. Like them, otr lump them — in all their useless glory the game is over.

    The NDP will speed approval installation of the remainder of the IWT’s before they bring down the Liberals.

    Anyone want to bet against me?

  2. I don’t understand the legal issues. In particular, did the Appeal court not rule on the health issue? Can the health issue alone be taken to a higher court? I understand the the Turtles could be overruled, but the health question (probable harm vs. causal link) needs to be addressed.

    • The tribunal issued a fairly narrow ruling.

      You need to find a link to the ruling — maybe somebody here has it. It takes time and patience to read the ruling.

      As I recall they did have much to say on the health issues. But they all blur now as gobbledy-gook and hocus-pocus rulings in many ways. So my memory will not work that well on these rulings…

  3. The judicial system is very poorly equiped to handle scientific issues.
    Maybe 85% of the time judges don’t even understand the scientific information that is presented to them.
    There was a recent discussion about this subject at WUWT.
    Don’t expect this situation to change anytime soon.

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