Atwood backs Amherst Island wind turbine opponents

atwoodBy Elliot Ferguson, Kingston Whig-Standard
KINGSTON – Opponents of a proposed wind energy development on Amherst Island have a new ally in their fight. Canadian author and environmental activist Margaret Atwood voiced her opposition to the proposal in a letter to the Premier Kathleen Wynne, the leaders of both Opposition parties, senior MPPs and Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller.

“I was horrified to hear of the proposal to blanket Amherst Island with wind turbines,” Atwood wrote, who also tweeted her opposition to her 472,000 followers on Twitter. “Amherst is very well known as a hugely important natural site. If it is destroyed, Ontario will attract world-wide negative attention. Is this what Ontario wants to be known for?”

Windlectric Inc. is proposing to build a 36-turbine, 75-megawatt wind energy project on Amherst Island. Last month, Windlectric’s Amherst Island Renewable Energy Approval application was deemed complete by the provincial environment ministry, despite opposition from community and environmental groups that say the project is not complete. Read article

19 thoughts on “Atwood backs Amherst Island wind turbine opponents

      • As noted below, Atwood has a place on Pelee Island that was at one time threatened by off-shore IWTs.

        Apparently she has been a visitor to Amherst Island, liked what she saw and has some friends associated with the area.

        WillR will be glad to know that I’m a tad less cynical than I was eight hours ago..

  1. You can add Anne Murray to the NIMBY list.

    The cabal of lefty celebrities will never criticize wind turbines in general by citing all of their negative impacts. No, it’s always about them being put in the wrong place, and the wrong place is always near their home, cottage or childhood neighbourhood.

    Murray, as I recall, was so distraught at the thought of turbines coming to her own backyard, that she was actually exchanging emails with one or two people on the OWR site.

    However, when someone asked her if she could help out with the cause here in Ontario, she mumbled something about being too busy and was never heard from again.

    Having celebs on your side is probably, in the long run, detrimental to the anti-wind fight.
    Guys like Vic “Rubber Stamp” Schroter and Bob Chiarelli probably derive great pleasure from knocking authors and entertainers down a notch or two. Why give them the added incentive?

  2. Say what you like, but the voice of recognizable celebrities can help any cause. Margaret should be educated to grasp and understand that wind Power in Ontario has provided, and will provide, essentially no benefit to the environment.
    To encourage and persuade her to say that loud and clear could only help.

    • Again, maybe so.

      If Margaret really wants to get educated on IWT matters and ream out her Liberal political friends for the hell they have wrought on rural Ontario citizens, then I would be the first to thank her for her help.

      However, many people object to being lectured by celebrities, whatever the reason, witness the reactions to the recent proclamations from Neil Young about the oil sands.

  3. Hooray for Margaret Atwood!
    for knowing how to read and write!

    Hey Marg – wudjya think of the Ostrander Point decision???
    Didja read it?

    Just think – if we didn’t have to read documents like these,
    we could spend more time buying and reading your books!

  4. cracker!
    Sadly I cannot afford light now,let alone puchasing books by a long looking bystander,offering what?

  5. She has a place on Pelee Island and spoke out against the off-shore IWTs that were going to be installed in Lake Erie.

  6. Any help whatever, from anybody should be welcomed in my view. Still Atwood’s opposition would have far more impact were she to rally against wind development period in Ont.
    In other words Kingsbridge Armow Amherst Island North Gower everywhere.

  7. Atwood appears to care more about birds than she does about people. Both she and Suzuki wrote letters to the Ostrander Point Tribunal, asking that it not proceed. A very “quiet” protest. Otherwise both of them appear to think Turbines are just fine.

    • I agree. *Any* help against turbines is appreciated. The main thing is that people who oppose turbines, for whatever reason, should be doing it *publicly*.

      What I found frustrating was David Suzuki writes a “private” Email to Ostrander Point tribunal opposing turbines (based on birds), but has a very public *pro turbine* view.

      I don’t know enough about Atwood. Hopefully she takes a public stand. We need all the help we can get…

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