Wind project plans continue despite First Nation territory dispute

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Hearings begin this week on the environmental impact of a wind farm proposed for the shores of Lake Superior — but what won’t be discussed in those hearings is the dispute between two First Nations as to whose territory the wind is blowing through.

The turbines are to be built near Lake Superior, in between Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie. It’s also between the Michipicoten and Batchewana First Nations, but the energy company has only partnered with Batchewana. Joe Buckell, the chief of Michipicoten, said he thought the boundary between the two First Nations was clear until now. He said territories across the north are being exaggerated these days.

“It all started out when revenue sharing started. People started claiming these vast territories, because they were there at one time,” Bucknell said. Batchewana chief Dean Sayers said the proposed wind farm is in his First Nation’s territory. Read article

2 thoughts on “Wind project plans continue despite First Nation territory dispute

  1. Well who’s ever land it is supposed to be is still not acceptable . We are talking about what we all thought was Crown Land, but FNs seem to claim what ever suits them. On the phone conference however, the MNF claims that this land is theirs and they are opposed to this project. The BFN however put up cash,partnered with the wind developers and hope to cash out thus destroying this beautiful Heritage Coastline. All Hippocrates to me because they speak with forked tongues about their sacred this and that but make a complete 360 with their hand out. People in this area are feeling the pain because of anybody that could stopped this in the first place was the BFN but GREED… sold us out. Shame!

  2. In the above CBC article, I could swear I read that Chief Dean Sayers of BFN is offering Chief Joe Buckell of MFN what appears to be a Briberancy Fund:

    “Sayers said he’s unhappy that talks with Michipicoten have broken down, but he hopes talks will resume and that it will also become a partner in the proposed wind energy project”.

    “That table is still set.”

    It seems Sayers has learned well from Mighty Whitey the Wind Whore. As Brian Mulroney once said, “there’s no whore like an old whore”.

    Greed trumps Mother Nature, in the world of hypocrites like Dean Sayers.

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