Wynne’s message to Rural Ontario at the Farm Show yesterday


28 thoughts on “Wynne’s message to Rural Ontario at the Farm Show yesterday

  1. Our Kathleen was campaigning yesterday at the annual Western Fair Farm Show, but in reality she was on a farewell tour. I would highly recommend Shellie that you inform all your readers that all future public appearances of Premier Wynne be reported as ‘Farewell Tour Events’.

  2. Hey Ya, Piece of Crap!
    Question, Where the hell did you get jurisdiction over our communities? And do you have proof that you do have jurisdiction in these communities? Is it from the creator that states you have? or is it from some lazy fat rich arse in England with a crown that supposedly states you are given jurisdiction?
    Sorry I wear my own crown and it is not like that fancy old hag’s crown. I for one do not own anything as it is of the earth and I cannot take it with me (just on loan to take care of), a spirit in this human vessel experiencing this life on mother earth. You Kathleen are harming our way of life and damaging our creators homes and peace and harmony,ruining the land and wildlife all for a fraud called global warming and wrapping it up as the green revolution.
    Universal law will eventually take care of all of you partaking in this fraud. Shame on all of you shills

    • nonvoter…… Please don’t hesitate to tell us, and the Liberal Provincial government, how you REALLY feel! Don’t hold back!! Exercise your right to freedom of speech….. while we still have it!

    • Hey nonvoter,

      You asked a question,
      ‘Question, Where the hell did you get jurisdiction over our communities?’

      McGuinty-Wynne have fans @ the local level of government.
      Need more clarity?
      Just ask!

      • Local government? Local controlled minds? Voters who gave up on their own free will and gave it by consent to these freeloaders?? Guess I am not for sale or should I day owned by the corporation of Canada government,like the rest of the slaves packed in there pasture as a commodity. Gee I would rather be on the other side of that fence and be a man rather than sheep.

      • Hey nonvoter,

        The Supreme Court of Canada already slammed
        any/all – Climate Change – legislation;
        but, sorry to say
        @ the local level of government – you can ‘choose’
        to play with communists…….
        and, their ‘sustainable development’ aka Kyoto Protocol.

        Municipal Election Year 2014 –
        Get Rid of Local councils – that –
        support the communist plan.

      • I choose to grow up and t not to have baby sitters that are corrupted by money instead of the true interest of local communities. You see what large corporations have done to the Pacific waters,Gulf of Mexico, Fracking our earth,our skies polluted with chemicals by jets on purpose,water polluted with fluoride.GMO’s, vaccinations,hormones in our meat,radiating our fruits and vegetables.
        What the -uck is wrong with you if you think this is OK,and for me moving out of a farm because they think these wind turbines is our saviour and ram it down our throats. It is all legal fraud and you fall for it,because you want to separate ourselves with dumb ass party that you think is one’s duty to do so even though they all represent corruption. Liberals,conservative,NDP,green,comie,all fuked up.
        You support corruption,all flags are flags of war,separating the creators creation.I choose a white flag of peace
        Polarized? I think so

  3. Hi Observer! I think that is a brilliant idea. Kathleen Wynne- the fill-in premier, does her farewell tour of Ontario…..final chance to see the jack-ass, live, in person! Get your tickets now. No refunds!

  4. She represents the big money interests so she has a lot of nerve coming into rural Ontario.

  5. Wynne has a lot of nerve!

    Politicians, corporations and the media continue to refer to this massive industrialization as “wind farms” Shouldn’t they be called what they are – industrial wind complexes, zones etc.
    I can think of a lot more creative terms to describe “wind farms” and farm is not in the vocabulary.

    • Labels are the first casualty in any war games and so it is with a determined political campaign like green environmentalism. Wind “farm” has a fuzzy bucolic ring to it which resonates with the urban voter for whom it is intended. Similarly windmills rather than industrial turbine.
      The fact that farming has nothing whatever to do with the wind plants being hoisted upon rural communities is beside the point.
      George Orwell would understand.

  6. Now that is just plain rude!

    But I laughed so hard I wet my pants.

    Just glad I wasn’t sipping my morning coffee or I would need a new monitor, keyboard and mouse!

  7. Wynne has slapped every person who lives in Ontario (rural & city) in the FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! because she doesn’t care!!!!!!!!!!!! and what really gets to me – that she is soooooo opened about and in your face about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – send a clear message to her and the Liberals vote them OUT!! Ontario cannot afford another Liberal government!!!!!! Sink their ship before they all get off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. These two “clowns” should never show their faces in public let alone in Rural Ontario UNLESS someone is looking for two bodies to fill a horse costume for a clown parade. The only question should be is which one would qualify for the “arse” portion?

  9. OH look! She sure has the “whinny” needed for the horses ass that she is. What is her sidekick the Jackass saying? Sign up now, F**k your neieieieieieighbours ! Collect sign up fees, and ensure good bribes for your town.

  10. Wynne’s handlers must have advised “it’s time to visit the boondocks again, you being Agr. Minister and all. Been a while since the ploughing match. Maybe this time we can forgo the denim and red rubber boots, seems some of the peasants were put off by your dressing down”

    As hard it is to stomach a buffoon like her masquerading as premier, Agriculture Minister is even worse.

    • You got that right Paul!! I have no use for her or her party!! we have to vote them OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Spain has many investment opportunities. Soon we will see the same in Ontario.


    Entire Spanish villages on sale for as little as £50,000 – £200,000 less than the average UK home

    Buyers get a three-bedroom main house, five other buildings, a fresh-water spring, and 140,000sqft of farmland

    One village with six houses and 32,000sqft of land costs £75,000, the same as a Battersea parking space

    According to an estate agent there are around 2,900 deserted villages in rural Spain

    Clusters of houses were left abandoned after families fled the countryside during Spain’s recession

    We will call them Wynne-Villas!

  12. Wikipedia
    Consolidated Revenue Fund of Canada
    Payments to and from the Consolidaed Revenue Fund of Canada are made by the Receiver General. Currently the Hon. Diane Finley.

    This information relates to Muskrat Falls and Emera Inc.
    The Gov. of Canada guaranteed a $5 billion financing deal thru the Consolidated Revenue Fund for this project.


    More background information.

  13. Latest – hope you are following

    The trial of Awan v. Levant has been rescheduled — it begins TODAY, Monday, March 3rd at 10 a.m. in Room 708 of the Court House on 393 University Avenue in Toronto. It’s expected to run all week.

    If you’re in the Toronto area, feel free to attend court to show your moral support for Ezra and freedom of speech. If you can’t attend in person, we expect to post any news reports and commentary on this website.

    Thanks again for standing with Ezra!

  14. Wikipedia, Public-Private Partnership
    Scroll down to:
    “a common problem with PPP projects is that private investors obtain a rate of return that is higher than the government’s bond rate, even though most or all of the income risk associated with the project was borne by the public sector.

    Means the taxpayers bear the risk and the investors make money.

    Wikipedia, Hon. Diane Finley
    “and has been active in the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships.”


    Maybe this will help to explain the Muskrat Falls-Emera Inc. situation.

  15. You should note – no word yet –
    on where the ‘pajama party’ will be;
    but, Ontario families will be allowed –
    to listen – to background music.

    ‘[excerpt] “Ms. Pupatello and Mr. Lord will provide advice and guidance to help deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to Ontario’s families and businesses,” a government statement says. “They will lead efforts to find efficiencies and address human resource issues, executive compensation as well as potential pension reform.”

    Progressive Conservative energy critic Lisa MacLeod described the appointments as a “half measure,” and argued the government should also replace the CEOs of OPG and Hydro One.

    MacLeod criticized the government’s choice of Lord, arguing he does not have the background and experience to lead OPG.

    Pupatello was a senior cabinet minister in the government of Dalton McGuinty when many of Hydro One’s problems first developed, she said.

    “An utterly bizarre appointment and one I don’t believe was made in the best interest of Hydro One customers,” MacLeod said.

    Welcome to Ontario – the bankrupt province!

    • ‘[excerpt] Ms. Pupatello has been a Director of our company since November 20, 2013.’
      And, a loyal Liberal – too!

      ‘[excerpt] Sandra Pupatello is the Director of Business Development and Global Markets at PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada, a position she has held since 2012. In May 2013, she was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation. Ms. Pupatello was first elected into the Ontario Legislature in 1995, appointed to Cabinet in 2003 and was a candidate in the 2013 Ontario Liberal leadership election. Between 2003 and 2011, she held several portfolios, including Minister of Community and Social Services, Minister of Education, Minister of Economic Development and Trade and Minister of International Trade and Development. Ms. Pupatello’s past positions include Executive Director of the Essex County Kidney Foundation of Canada, General Manager of the Rotary Club of Windsor and Board Member of the Windsor Regional Hospital and Windsor Regional Children’s Centre. She holds a Bachelor of Arts and honourary Doctor of Law degree from the University of Windsor. Ms. Pupatello has been a Director of our company since November 20, 2013.’

      Ontario is bankrupt – that’s all you need to know.

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