Farmers object to wind turbines, survey says

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LONDON — The debate over wind turbines in Western Ontario is generating some lively opinions among farmers with a clear majority strongly opposed, a Farmers Forum survey suggests. A random survey of 50 farmers at the London Farm Show on March 5, found that 58 % disapproved of wind turbines.

Just 20 % of survey respondents approved and 22 % were neutral on the issue. Among those who had an opinion, farmers opposed to turbines outnumbered those who approved by almost three-to-one. Almost 80 % of those who disapprove believe the wind turbines are too costly and are an inefficient source of electricity.

“The capital cost of erecting the wind turbine in the first place is far in excess of what I would think a reasonable return on the investment would be in terms of the energy that is generated by one of those,” said Harold Jackson, a cash crop farmer from Middlesex County. “I don’t believe the economics are there; this is a money grab,” said a Brant County cash crop farmer who noted that he has worked near wind turbines. “I believe there are health issues. I don’t care what the experts say. Read article

1 thought on “Farmers object to wind turbines, survey says

  1. “I believe there are health issues. I don’t care what the experts say”
    Well, Brant county cash crop farmer, you’ll no doubt be happy to know that in fact, all true experts agree with you that there are indeed “health issues” with IWTs. Very serious ones, even fatal in some cases. The only ones who disagree are paid by the industry to do so. It’s nothing but a scam!
    Everyone with a brain knows that!

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