50% of Dutton/Dunwich residents surveyed & 84% said they opposed wind turbines

We will NOT be sientJohn Miner, London Free Press
The anti-wind farm movement has notched up another win in its battle to stop industrial wind turbines from spreading across the province. After surveying its residents, Dutton-Dunwich council became the 80th municipality in Ontario to pass a resolution opposing wind turbine development on their turf.

“This is pretty amazing,” Jane Wilson, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, said Saturday. Wilson said there are about 90 municipalities in Ontario that are vulnerable to having big wind projects located within their boundaries. To have 80 come out officially opposed is an achievement that will carry weight.

“I remember back when we hit 30 and we thought, wow, this is going somewhere,” Wilson said. The impact of the campaign can be seen in recent statements by Ontario’s Energy Minister that in the future it will be virtually impossible for wind farms to be located in a municipality without an agreement with the local council, she said. Read article

4 thoughts on “50% of Dutton/Dunwich residents surveyed & 84% said they opposed wind turbines

  1. 80 of 90 municipalities against wind development kind of states the obvious doesn’t it? DEMOCRACY DIED IN ONTARIO on MAY 9/2009 with the enactment of Bill 150 the Green Energy Act!

  2. Yes Big Greenie, there is no democracy in Ontario. The opposition against wind development has been going on for almost ten years in Ontario. Mayor McWilliam you’re just getting on the band wagon! Now that you know your constituents are opposed to wind turbine development, what are you going to do about it?
    Claire, what’s this about Smitherman-Chow paying attention?! Toronto is much better off with Rob Ford than a marijuana toking Liberal. Chow doesn’t skirt around the issue because the ice has been broken!!
    Don’t worry Toronto, you can be assured there will be no turbines (at least the real ones) sited for Toronto. “It is the peasants of rural Ontario who must suffer the the benefit of others.”
    Speaking of dope smoking Liberals, have you seen the latest picture of Justin Trudeau? He is the center of attention, standing tall, puffing out his chest sporting a fancy designer suit. His pose portrays a sense of royalty, or a God while he holds baby Haiden, as a newborn baby Jesus in one arm to his left and behind-as if little baby were a football!!! The child is wrapped in a swaddle, exposed from the chest up, naked! Well Justin, you are not Prince William nor are you Jesus Christ.
    The portrait schmecks of a narcissistic dictator exploiting his newborn child. Lord help us should he be elected as our next Premier.
    Toronto, come to your senses before it is too late.
    Btw Justin, I liked you better with your glazed over look wearing your wife beater..just sayin’. I also have an interesting analysist of that snippet of a video….

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