NextEra taking West Grey to court over turbine delays

NextTerror lawyerThe Sun Times, Don Crosby
WEST GREY – NextEra Energy Canada is turning to the court for help getting its wind energy development east of Durham off the ground. Allen Wiley, vice-president of development for NextEra Canada, said during an interview from his office in Florida that the company is taking legal action after West Grey turned down requests for entrance permits and delayed a decision on the company’s request to bring oversized and overweight heavy equipment over municipal roads and bridges.

NextEra is planning to erect 14 industrial wind turbines near Priceville. “Given the delays we’ve been incurring over the past better part of six months trying to get some of these things through, we’ve opted to go to court,” said Wiley.

“This is NextEra negotiating,” said West Grey Mayor Kevin Eccles, who was not surprised with the company’s decision. He said it’s not the first time NextEra has sought a legal solution to a disagreement rather than negotiate a settlement.

West Grey council on Feb. 17 turned down a request by NextEra for several entrance permits that would allow the company access from municipal roads onto properties where some of the wind turbines are to sited. Council also voted March 3 to delay approving a request by NextEra to move heavy equipment on municipal roads until there is an road-use agreement. Read article

6 thoughts on “NextEra taking West Grey to court over turbine delays

  1. Running out of fingers & toes counting
    all the lawsuits these dickheads have
    launched against the citizens of Ontario.
    Nice way of doing business. Perhaps the
    government should rethink their process
    of awarding contracts.

  2. If ANY Municipality allows this “gang of litigators” through their township doors then they should “reap the whirlwind of pain” they bring with them!………’s called “due diligence” people!…….too many Municipalities take these “Industrial pariahs” for granted and don’t do the necessary research before allowing them entrance. You wouldn’t let an “armed bandit” enter Council chambers, but “dress them in a fancy suit” and……………..what do you get?…………….screwed!!!!!

  3. Good for West Grey.
    Hey Chiarelli, show West Grey where the willing community members are that want these turbines!!
    Show us all. We need to see your data.

    • Don’t cooperate. What are they gonna do, sue them each individually. It’d be a PR nightmare, and cheaper for them to just leave.

      Good for you West Grey council.

  4. Do you guys remember the look of horror on Kevin Eccles’ face,
    when his Liberal fundraiser in 2011 was crashed by an enthusiastic
    group of pro-health, pro-science, pro-community protesters?

    It was priceless………

    Three cheers for Kevin Eccles for demonstrating such remarkable evolution!

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