One more challenge

blandings_turtleWellington Times, Rick Conroy
A desperate race is afoot. On one side, Gilead Power Corporation vows it will begin the levelling of Ostrander Point as soon as conditions on the site permit. On the other side, the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists are headed back to court seeking to stop the developer. Who wins this race may well impact the vitality of a distinct and rare alvar habitat, thousands of migrating birds and animals, as well as the health and enjoyment of property for those who live near this rugged bit of Prince Edward County.

Armed with a court-reinstated Renewable Energy Approval (REA), Gilead Power is free to begin clearing land, carving new roadways and preparing for the construction of nine industrial wind turbines, the first of dozens planned to be erected in South Marysburgh. Only an abundant snowfall has deterred earthmoving equipment since a divisional court overturned, last month, an Environmental Review Tribunal (Tribunal) decision to stop the project.

The developer has signalled its eagerness to begin clearing the site of vegetation in preparation of the search for and removal of any unexploded weapons that may be lodged in the soil—potential remnants of the County’s south shore history as a gunnery range during WW2. Read article

6 thoughts on “One more challenge

  1. A note for Premiere Kathleen Wynne, and the
    Right Dishonourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada:

    When you and your fellow racketeers are finally prosecuted
    in a Nuremberg-like environment,

    we will tally the costs that Ministry lawyers spent ‘at Ostrander Point,’
    money that should have been spent relieving victims of industrial wind turbines.

    This will be used to demonstrate the aggravated nature of your offenses.

  2. I hope these fighters take lots of pics of the destruction from other projects to the ert. I think they need to see first hand these projects do nothing good for our lands and wildlife!

    Do they factor in that many species of critters are still hibernating in the mud, or do they think they just jet in from the tropics in spring?

    • The question is, do any of them care? ERT, MOE… take all the pictures you like- they don’t care. What’s a few turtles more or less when Queen’s Park is full of oinkers and turkeys all fighting for a place at the trough?
      A few of us blocking the stairs and swearing at Exeter and the OPP are investigating. Put up 1000s of turbines and they allow us to appeal at a Kangaroo court if we can afford it, and that’s it.
      In an extreme case like Ostrander Point coupled with two of the very few decent tribunal members and we win… but only stage one. Then it’s appealed to a ‘real’ court and…
      well, you know the drill… and as long as all we do is write letters and hold little protests they are happy to ignore us.
      Then Derek Dudek says that they don’t condone violence. They commit huge and ongoing violence against us, but they don’t ‘condone’ it… at least not from us.
      I was also at a previous Exeter council meeting when Dudek stood up and told them he was confident that there were no health risks.
      As if Derek’s opinion was worth sh1t As if Derek or his little sidekick Nicole were worth….

  3. The billionaries and multi-millionaries can buy any kind of studies and reports they need to support their activities.

  4. “250 metre [separations between industrial wind turbines and homes] is adequate to mitigate against the potential human health effects associated with noise emissions from the wind farm.”

    This is Mike Crawley’s “due diligence”…

    ‘[excerpt] May 14, 2005

    Mr. Ansar Gafur
    Vice President – External Relations
    AIM PowerGen Corporation
    200 Consumers Road, Suite 604
    Toronto, Ontario, M2J 4R4

    Subject: Federal Comments on the Revised Erie Shores Wind Farm Environmental
    Impact Statement, WPPI Registration No. 5902-A2-2

    Dear Mr. Gafur:’

    ‘[excerpt] The proponent has submitted a revised environmental noise analysis, and has stated that turbines are located at a minimum set-back of 250m in order to provide a base level of mitigation. However, it is unclear as to how the environmental noise analysis was revised, as the current version states that “receptors defined under the MOE guidelines were identified and consisted of non-leaseholder residential dwellings” and that “participating landowners upon whose lands a turbine is located were not included as receptors as defined by Ministry documents”. It is also unclear whether 250m is adequate to mitigate against the potential human health effects associated with noise emissions from the wind farm.’

    • ‘[excerpt] Regards,

      Curtis Lockett
      Environmental Assessment Officer
      Wind Power Production Incentive
      Natural Resources Canada

      c.c. Iannick Lamirande, Natural Resources Canada – via email
      Darla Cameron, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency – via email’

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