One year anniversary of CAW/UNIFOR turbine

CAWThe Shoreline Beacon, by Wayne McGrath
We are approaching a dark anniversary of what I believe to a very bad and hurtful declaration pushed into our community by the combined forces of UNIFOR (CAW) and our own provincial government.

8,760 hours (one year) of suffering by members of this community should be considered a serious crime. The evidence is clear and precise. Industrial wind turbines project two levels of noise that effect certain people in a most horrid way. Currently, about 1,800 turbines are built and another 4,900 are planned to eventually total 6,736 turbines ruining rural Ontario. Within two weeks of the CAW turbine starting, 16 complaints had been made and that number kept increasing throughout the summer. If you used just 16 complaints for one turbine and multiply by 6,736 projected turbines, 108,000 Ontario citizens are and will become sick. The reality of actual facts makes this estimate very low.

When you know that Ontario produces more power than needed and the government has no intention of altering future turbine developments, you have to wonder where common sense disappeared to. Cronyism is thriving. One of the first companies to reap the windfall from turbine subsidies is now the president of the Liberal Party of Canada. This may partially explain why the CAW turbine, with no setback distance, was allowed to proceed despite the government’s own 550 m setback rule. Read article

11 thoughts on “One year anniversary of CAW/UNIFOR turbine

  1. Were this a mining company erecting a tower next to a residential neighbourhood, Totonto media would have a feeding frenzy. Even a turbine in Don Valley West or Ottawa-South would never be tolerated. Yet in the countryside it raises only a yawn.

  2. A massive, province wide class action lawsuit is our only recourse. Collectively we will support all victims, including lease holders who had no idea how vulnerable they would be once adverse health effects and property loss became a reality for their neighbours.
    Those who are capable of compassion but not directly affected will help support this legal action financially.
    Our human rights will protect us.

  3. Check with Eric on the class action situation with these IWTs in Ontario. As I recall he said this is not possible to do in this situation or maybe one of the posters at OWR also has this information.

  4. In a class action lawsuit the manufacturer of the product that causes the harm gets sued and not the ownwer of the product?
    The IWT developers didn’t manufacture the IWTs
    In this situation where does this leave the public?

  5. Did anyone notice that comments are now missing from this article? I’ve got Email confirmations from my comments and others, they are just missing on the main page….

  6. Kathleen Wynne’s a dirty liar.

    ‘[excerpt] Wynne serves libel notice to Tory leader

    Premier Kathleen Wynne […] was behind an alleged plan to wipe computer hard drives in the premier’s office to hide documents related to the cancellation of two gas plants.

    A spokeswoman for Wynne says libel notices have also been served to the Ontario Progressive Conservative party and Tory MPP Lisa MacLeod, who responded, “Oh dear.” ‘

    ‘[excerpt] But Wynne says no members of McGuinty’s staff had access to the premier’s office after she took over.’

    Who does she think she is!

  7. ‘[excerpt] MPP Lisa Macleod described, “(Wynne) would have been premier at that time for close to two months. So we’re going to continue asking our questions, can’t apologize for that, and continue to do our job.”

    Peter Faist, whom the OPP alleges wiped computers before and perhaps after Dalton McGuinty left office, has said no to an invitation to testify Thursday before a legislative committee probing deleted documents in the gas plants scandal.

    “His lawyer has declined, citing a shortness of time,” New Democrat MPP Peter Tabuns said Friday, noting the lawyer, David Shiller, promised “a more substantive reply” next week.

    Shiller has said his client did nothing wrong. The OPP allegations have not been proven in court and Faist is not the subject of the police probe.

    New Democrats said they also want to call Faist’s girlfriend, Laura Miller, a former deputy chief of staff to McGuinty who is now executive director of the British Columbia Liberal Party. Faist moved to B.C. in the last week.

    Miller has not been officially contacted to appear but her lawyer, Brian Shiller, said in an email letter to the committee Friday that she is open to attending.

    “Laura remains ready, willing and able to assist the committee in its important work, at a mutually convenient time, and in an atmosphere that respects her above-mentioned constitutional rights,” he wrote, referring to an email he sent to an OPP detective last November.

    “My client was always willing to meet with you and provide a statement provided that it was agreed that nothing she says will be used against her in any proceeding. If that is agreeable, we can arrange a time to meet.” ‘

    Time for a sit-down?

    • Sounds like Laura Miller wants to blow
      the whistle?

      ‘[excerpt] provided that it was agreed that nothing she says will be used against her in any proceeding…’

      Keep dreaming, Laura!
      The handcuffs won’t hurt –
      just a little annoyance!

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