SpeakOut Ontario – Nikki Horton; Chatham-Kent Wind Turbines

“Nikki and her husband reside in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Their rural home is surrounded by IWTs. Her family, including two young boys, have suffered health, environmental, and economic problems associated with living near turbines.

Nikki’s property taxes have doubled since the renovations mentioned in this video, despite real estate agents saying her house is “unsellable” – she is currently taking action to resolve this property tax issue.

Nikki started a blog which has resulted in international conversations between victims suffering the same health problems. http://mywinddiary.blogspot.ca/

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  2. It is bluntly torture to the highest degree.
    Can you tell me is this what they call CANADA? And does CANADA have a good reputation as a just respectful place to live?
    OH maybe in the golden horseshoe it is safe to live as far as good ol voters that plug in to the pimps that are suppose to regulate safe and peaceful communities The more the better as far as voters that help push the agendas for your babysitters. But smaller communities are just pushed aside and mayors are just to much of wimps to push them out,in fear of legal law suites.
    Just a bunch of pathetic puppets running your show. And thats what it is a fraud. Jail time would be a good start to get the ball going.

  3. Thanks Nikki. Here’s a few questions, the answers to which might help some of us be able to better put the pieces together. Excerpts were transcribed from the above video.

    ‘[excerpt] 9:55 they hired an external company to come out and do some noise testing but when the testing came back we were told that the loud noise that was being monitored was coming from the inside of our house, but they couldn’t tell us what could possibly be causing it. We were told that the spikes that possibly were coming from the turbines had been corrected and fixed: ‘it was a mechanical thing, a motor was turning funny and they went and fixed it and it would be fine now.’ ‘

    1. Who was the external company that did the noise testing referred to here, and when did they do it?

    ‘[excerpt] 10:27 and as a matter of fact, last week, the Ministry of the Environment representative called me to see if they could come out. Apparently they have a new sound machine that they would like to come out and try to monitor the sound at our home. And I think that’s great, except I’m a little bit leery because I’ve heard they’ve done that in other places and then the same thing happens: the noise level was high, but ‘oh, there was a tractor going by,’ or ‘oh, there must have been a plane going overhead all those times and during all those windy days,’ so I’m a little leery to trust them now after what they’ve done to us.. ‘

    2. When did the MOE representative call to see if they could come out?

    3. Where and when was the situation that an airplane was accused of tainting the wind turbine sound monitoring results?

    • The external co was aerocoustics..hired by Kruger wind energy in spring 2009…the report provided omitted key pieces of information. The last call from the MOE prior to this video was just before it was filmed over 1 yr ago…closer to 2yrs and they never did get back to me to come with their measuring tools because I insisted they come when the wind was blowing and not when thevturbines were spinning slowly ( they felt that was too much to ask I guess so they didnt come at all or return my calls)..it was during our review of report with kruger energy reps that one of them suggested that avplane or tractor must have been going by.

  4. When the MOE first got involved responding to noise complaints about IWT’s, the MOE local office workers were in sympathetic agreement with the homeowners and relayed their shared concerns to the ministry. However, once the issue came to the attention of the politicians, the word came down to adhere to the party line. From then on, Queens Park has told the local MOE offices what to think, breath and say. Green Energy proponents, the Wind Turbine Industry and Queens Park are locked together in a goose-step to screw anyone in their way. I strongly suggest you don’t waste your resources dealing with the current government and their lackeys.

  5. Yes, so much hurt initiated by our own government and they don’t care. To add salt, the conservatives have been told time and again that Hudak is NOT the man. If he was, the polls would show it. How stupid can those people be? Having said that, his party is the only one saying that this turbine disaster will end. I’m still wondering why the Feds (Charter of Right and Freedom) have allowed the Provees (Green Energy Act) to step all over our rights to a healthy
    peaceful life.

  6. Having uncovered a link from an IWT developer to the federal PCs is it any wonder that people would ask questions?

  7. MaRS Discovery District, Toronto, founded 2000
    John Manley, also Pres. & CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and on the Hill Times list of the 100 most important people in Ottawa.

  8. Nikki is complaining about an IWT project owned by a billionaire. Good enough reason for people to shut up and things that get lost?

  9. This video was actually filmed about a year ago. Not a lot has changed, although I really did take “a step back” from speaking out and from entering in my blog…I had to take a break – it’s tough fighting a losing battle and being reminded every day…I thought stepping away would help a bit, but when you live next door to your problem, you can not help but be reminded every day. I just try to be grateful for what we do have and hope for some resolve at some point. We are hoping to try selling again this summer and hopefully we get a buyer that I can live with (I am thinking our local Mayor Randy Hope would be a great candidate since he supports these things so publicly) I am happy to answer questions but ask that you send them via my blog and I will do my best to answer rather than through this page as I may not see everything. My blog site although neglected is still active and will notify me if you message me that way. http://www.mywinddiary.blogspot.com There is currently an error and I need to fix access but will post as soon as I am able and add this video as well as a more current update of our situation. The good news, this winter although cold and snowy, the turbines ran less than usual and were muffled often by the weather outside. It was a better winter for us and we are grateful. We currently do not have internet at home so be patient with me, may take some time to reply. Good Luck to all the communities fighting to keep the turbines out; a lot has changed since 2009 and I see more and more people realizing that turbines are inefficient, costly and a hazard to both humans and wildlife…once again we are behind other countries in learning our lessons, but we are getting there….there is hope. Nikki

    • Hi Nikki, I lived with them for many years and finally got out and sold for just about what the land was worth and basically nothing for the home.
      It becomes a choice of health or bare with it. I had it
      But as most on this site seems to think there is remedy in this system.there is none.
      We are a named product and bottom on there pyramid system. I am not claiming joiner with the the name my parents named me but registered it to the system and it is their copyright name now and we do not have authorization to use it. This is were we run in problems as we are in dishonour using copyright material.
      Yes, nobody will really grasp this as it is just way out in the ball park. And most on this site do think I am someone to ignore a nutter. But for me I see others just fighting a system that is organized and govern to appeal and help bigger corporations for the $ signs.
      I chose to wear my own crown and others can let them wear the crown for them on there behalf. There behalf does not work for voters anymore,period.
      I appreciate your help and your time in doing this video. But I am not a fan of this system anymore it is so fraudulent.

  10. Nikki, the company you mention was looked at and can do this again if anyone is interested?
    Also this information should be in the OWR archives.

  11. Maybe the time has come to question the judgement of at least some of the members of the OLA about this whole “green” agenda?

  12. Environmental Health, 2014

    “Measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) around wind turbines in Canada: is there a human helath concern?”

    Partial funding for this study was provided by Capital Power, Samsung and Pattern.

    In the reference section NOTE names/authors used as reference sources.

  13. Four of the five authors of the above Environmental Health Journal article are from Intinsik Environmental Services Inc., Mississauga,ON.

    “Intrinsik Health Sciences is a specialized group of toxicology and regulatory professionals with backgrounds from large and emerging pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consulting firms.”

    Measuring electromagnetic fields?

  14. Paper: “Measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) around wind turbines”
    # 1, CanWea, has interests in promoting IWTs
    # 5,6,7, ERTs and not scientific studies
    # 12, “Pattern of complaints” paper
    # 13, “Wind turbines make waves”
    #14-18, Noise annoyance papers?
    # 21, Self-serving paper?
    # 24, Self-induced symptoms from wind turbines?
    # 29, Zephyr North Ltd., wind measurements company,checks for enough wind for IWTs

  15. CPC, Samsung and Pattern all have a vested financial interest in getting IWTs installed in Ontario. This “research” was partly funded by these companies.

  16. Environmental Health Journal
    “Measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) around wind turbines in Canada: Is there a human health concern?”

    Pre-publication versions of this article and reviewer’s reports.

    Original submission-version 1, Oct.7,2013
    Reviewer’s report, Ray Copes, Nov.15,2013

    There were other reviewers for this paper which was published Feb.15,2014.

    • http://www.ehjournal.net/content/13/1/9/prepub

      Pre-publication history

      Measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF) around wind turbines in Canada: is there a human health concern?
      Lindsay C McCallum, Melissa L Whitfield Aslund, Loren D Knopper, Glenn M Ferguson and Christopher A Ollson*
      * Corresponding author: Christopher A Ollson collson@intrinsik.com
      Environmental Health 2014, 13:9

      Original Submission – Version 1 Manuscript 07 Oct 2013
      Reviewer’s Report sukru ozen 10 Nov 2013
      Reviewer’s Report Wendy Heiger-Bernays 12 Nov 2013
      Reviewer’s Report Ray Copes 15 Nov 2013
      Resubmission – Version 2 Manuscript Author’s comment 31 Dec 2013
      Reviewer’s Report Wendy Heiger-Bernays 26 Jan 2014
      Editorial acceptance 07 Feb 2014
      Published 15 Feb 2014

    • Reviewer’s Report Wendy Heiger-Bernays 26 Jan 2014

      Title: An investigation of wind energy and health: quantifying electromagnetic
      fields around wind turbines in Canada
      Version: 2
      Date: 26 January 2014
      Reviewer: Wendy Heiger-Bernays
      Reviewer’s report:

      7. Is the writing acceptable? Yes

      – Major Compulsory Revisions (which the author must respond to before a
      decision on publication can be reached). None
      – Minor Essential Revisions (such as missing labels on figures, or the wrong use
      of a term, which the author can be trusted to correct)
      The measurements taken here are important and add to the science regarding
      emissions from turbines. However, the tone remains condescending, particularly
      in the abstract and this fuels the fire of the opposition to wind turbines when data
      DO exist to refute claims. For example, this text: “These fears have not been
      based on any actual measurements of EMF exposure surrounding existing
      projects but appear to follow from worries from internet sources and
      misunderstanding of the science.” This reviewer suggests that either these
      statements are eliminated, or are further revised to eliminate the condescending
      tone. These statements are not necessary to either frame or justify this work –
      other than to say that EMF concerns have been raised by the public.

      – Discretionary Revisions (which are recommendations for improvement but
      which the author can choose to ignore). None

  17. As far as I can determine Wendy is a toxicologist.
    Since when do toxicologists do electromagnetic field (EMF) studies and get away with this?
    Then there are the references used for this paper that could use some expaining as well?
    Now people can see how peer review is done/works. Don’t know how this paper ever got published?

  18. Werner Richarz has already, according to the ERT Notes, decided what his position is on IWT “noise” issues.
    And he is on the Health Canada committee that is yet to render a decision.What decision if he has already stated his position at an ERT?

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