MLWAG considering appealing MOE decision to approve 92-turbine project in Lambton & Middlesex

DSC_0812London Free Press, Tyler Kula
Energy company Nextera has been given the green light to start building a 92-turbine industrial wind farm in Lambton and Middlesex counties. Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment issued a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) earlier this week for the company’s proposal to build a 150-megawatt wind farm spanning Lambton Shores, Warwick Township and North Middlesex.

Some final details still need to be worked out, but construction of the Jericho Wind Energy Centre is expected to begin as soon as possible, said Ben Greenhouse, director of development with Nextera Energy Canada. The project has been in the works since 2008, he said, and was submitted for ministry approval 14 months ago. “We’re excited,” he said, noting a laydown yard — headquarters for construction — will soon be built on Thomson Line, north of Jericho Road and south of Northville Road.

But not everyone is enthused about the approval. Lambton Shores resident Marcelle Brooks, with the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group, has been a vocal opponent of the project. It was a sad day when she saw the approval, she said. “It was just devastating that our voices simply aren’t being heard.” Read article

4 thoughts on “MLWAG considering appealing MOE decision to approve 92-turbine project in Lambton & Middlesex

  1. “I think we can say categorically that we are of the view that we meet all of the requirements under the provincial legislation,” he said, adding the project will bring economic development to farming operations and the community

    I wonder how many times he practiced this line in front of his mirror? sounds just too scripted to me!

    Brings” Economic development to farming operations “?

    well, just to those farmers signed up. to hell with the rest of the towns people, in little hamlets and surrounding schools. its frustrating that this is only about money to some and have ruined it for all others.

    I happen to enjoy my home and now its plastered from township to township with towering useless beasts.

    bribes that are only lining the nests of the corrupt township council that will eventually fluff their salaries without any care nor will our taxes go down, but down will go our entire livelihoods and wealth of our homes.

    are we to really believe that suddenly we are going to have built YMCAs, Arenas, Community Centres? ya right out in the middle of the boonies they will come. The actual towns will be worth crap when the people start to leave and those homes wont be worth a dime, growth will not come to these townships. Anyone could predict that the future of these towns are dim.

    oh yes what an absolute joy to bring to a community, we are all just so damn excited !

  2. Joni Mitchell wrote about paving paradise to put up a parking lot, that is an appropriate summation of what is happening here. It is not so disappointing that people can be bribed, but that they can be bought so cheaply. Councils and organizations that accept a few dollars for swings and trees for school children to plant, should stop to think why wind companies do these things. Samsung, Nextera and other foreign based wind developers are among the most ruthless corporations anywhere, it is extremely foolish to pretend that they give a dam about the welfare of Ont communities. All they care about is the subsidies they plan to extract from the Ont government. once those end they will pack up and leave; the residents will be left to clean up their mess and repair their shattered communities.

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