Thousands protest Pylons & Wind Turbines in Ireland

6 thoughts on “Thousands protest Pylons & Wind Turbines in Ireland

    • Muriel,
      Most protests I’ve been to have been on cold, rainy, lonely days. There’s not a lot public present and we seem to be preaching to the choir. We need several huge summer protests in touristy areas on the main drag, during holiday weekends…Grand Bend or Goderich comes to mind. I’m inspired. Lets protest!

      • Speaking of holiday weekends, wind companies have a practise of deploying industrial wind turbines on the well travelled Talbot Trail along Ontario’s north shore of Lake Erie on holiday weekends. This gives tourists a false sense of the realities of living in a turbine zone. ….just saying.

  1. Why are they/you against wind power? Is it the noise? Is it the cost? Is it because they’re ugly? Mine is an honest question. I am neither for nor against wind power. I live in America and all I want is a rational energy policy. I am a licensed reactor operator at a nuclear plant (one that just shut down permanently) and I see nuclear as the best option though I am not necessarily against other forms of power generation except, perhaps coal.

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