Libs lose support due to wind turbines in 10-riding SW Ontario region

e_voteDeborah Van Brenk, London Free Press
If the minority Liberal government can’t pass its budget next month, Ontario will be plunged into a widely expected spring election. Deb Van Brenk tested the early voter mood in the 10-riding London region, driving its Hwy. 401 backbone. Once almost solidly Liberal, the region now has only one Grit left standing. High power bills, the gas plants scandal, wind turbines — voters are chafing at many issues.

Where: Hwy 401 at Kent Bridge Rd. (Chatham-Kent-Essex riding)
Who: Farmer Glen Ure

From just this overpass, between the West Lorne and Chatham exits, 76 wind turbines are visible in the near and far horizon. Some sprout just beyond the borders of Glen Ure’s farm, where he’s lived all his life and where his parents farmed before him.

Elsewhere in the region, others battle turbines out of health concerns but Ure rejected offers to be a wind landlord because he wasn’t satisfied with the wind companies’ answers to his many questions. Governments and energy companies control enough of his life and he’s not about to let them control his land, too. Read article

5 thoughts on “Libs lose support due to wind turbines in 10-riding SW Ontario region

  1. What matters is that the Liberals are voted out. This is the only way to begin to clean up from the disaster they have created, especially in rural Ontario. I live in Toronto where people all around me laud and worship “the left” , always voting either Liberal or NDP. And I have been far “left” in the past. But the proliferation of bird-killing wind turbines has me making a sharp turn to the right – because that is the only way to stop the insanity of the GEA. I will vote PC.

  2. Now only if people can see that to vote is the chains of slavery stays on,so gain your freedom and don’t vote . There is no help from those blood sucking parasites. They just want your vote and your energy to feed on in terms of currency ,like a parasite needs a host. And that is you.
    They do not work for you anymore,agenda 21 proves that, STOP VOTING! Stop thinking someone is going to save you,you are the one that is going to safe you and your communities.
    Yes, new retraining for your brain.
    Takes some getting use to but do this for your children’s future,they are throwing us into the lions den all politicians so far as I can see. any of them that do not follow agenda 21 does not play with the others and will be eliminated

  3. “An old farmer told me, when I was 10 years old, ‘politics is like pig farming. You get one person in, fatten him up and kick him out, get another one in, fatten them up and kick them out.’ You vote people in and think they’re going to do all right (but they don’t follow through).”

  4. Wynne is doomed whenever she is forced to go to the polls. Like the Bourbons, Liberals learned nothing from the last election. Wind turbine plants caused McGuinty to fall short of a majority, it will get Wynne out of government entirely. Rather than back off on construction, Liberals have ramped up the approval process to get as many projects as possible started. Just a shame by the arcane legislature rules, we have to wait for a money bill to see her regime defeated.

  5. Sadly it isn’t until people have turbines for neighbours that they start to realize what a disaster they are… see turbines are stated as issues for the two people from Chatham-Kent, but those in Woodstock are still oblivious…. let’s keep educating them.

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