4 Dead as Plane Crashes at South Dakota NextEra Wind Project

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A small airplane heading back to South Dakota after a Texas cattle sale crashed into a wind farm in foggy weather, killing the pilot and three passengers.

Elizabeth Cory, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration, said the Piper 32 was traveling from Hereford, Texas, to Gettysburg, South Dakota. The single-engine plane was registered to Donald J. “D.J.” Fischer of Gettysburg, according to the FAA.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating, but authorities have not released any details on the crash. Authorities have not released the names of the victims, but Luce Funeral Home confirmed that Fischer, the 30-year-old pilot, died. Lien Funeral Home confirmed the deaths of cattlemen Brent Beitelspacher, of Bowdle, and Logan Rau, of Java. Read article

17 thoughts on “4 Dead as Plane Crashes at South Dakota NextEra Wind Project

  1. How tragic….flying into fog and then being around 300 feet in the air….so sad.

    • Wow… this is so, so sad and it did not have to happen.

      People have been warning officials there would be tragedy and death.
      Even a child would understand the insanity of placing these towers near airports.

      This is government saying have at it windies….We DON”T care about our citizens. We DON”T CARE about LIFE. We simply DON”T give a $h!t about anything but precious
      *@%$ing MONEY!

  2. Will the same thing happen in Chatham, Ontario and Collingwood, Ontario where the useless turbines are located too close to those respective airports. The wind developer has been told by the Feds to move the ones in Chatham but so far they have ignored the order. Lawsuits will rain down on these wind developers should we have a similar crash.

  3. I see they in the last part blamed the pilot, I wonder do they train for avoidence of turbines in flight school.

    You know they paint them to blend in with the skyline….and let’s face it odds are it wasn’t turning…likely didn’t even notice them way up there out in open

    Next error will push this under their rug and make more useless excuses as always.

  4. Who is next on this turbine roulette wheel of danger? Ice thrown through a school bus window? A “failing” blade driven into your home? An uncontainable fire spreading to your barn or home? or a tower toppling onto your property…. Keep your kids in the basement folks and don’t send them to school in high winds or icy conditions.

    Government authorities do not understand what the term “safe setback” means even though the rest of the human race does.
    How these people made it to become elected officials confounds me.

  5. I wonder if the industry will continue to claim that no member of the public has ever been harmed by a wind turbine. That hasn’t been true for several years now, but still the industry continues the claim. The pilot will almost certainly be blamed for the accident and perhaps the industry will then say it wasn’t their fault. When the margins of safety are cut down and things get dicey (as they always will) people die. “Precaution” is apparently a word the industry isn’t familiar with.

  6. Didn’t one of the windy lawyers say at an ERT that the skydivers would run into the IWTs and not the the other way around? Spin this so that the pilot is at fault. The IWT didn’t hit the plane.

    On another topic, THE HILL, Apr.25, 2014
    “According to Philip Moeller,Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,’…the experience of the past winter indicates that the power grid is now already at the limit.’
    Internet information is that the U.S. power grid almost failed on Jan.7, 2014.
    So much for calling rural Ontarians, who have worked so long and so hard on energy issues, FEAR MONGERS!

  7. … and this crash in fog wasn’t even by an airport. I’m thinking of a similar tragedy being even more likely near Chatham-Kent Airport, or Collingwood or Kincardine.

  8. Student/pilots enrolled in the University of Western Ontario
    Commercial Aviation Management programs (BACS/BMOS) circa 2004-2008,
    were tested on their ability to navigate without instruments,
    by being blindfolded and then flown to an airspace and having
    to find their way back.

    At least one student was flown to Mr. Mike Crawley’s
    Erie Shores Wind Farm near Port Burwell, and then had his
    blindfold removed. He was “shocked” but, passed the test.

    Not sure whether these industrial wind turbines appeared on
    the maps available to the student pilots at that time.

  9. Oh yes, as the wind comanies preach
    “it’s highly localized” ( just you so no big deal right!)

    Scam on all levels.

  10. Sick…just sick!
    …Wynne has just put a 248% extra tax on plane fuel….is this an attempt to shut down community airports that are in the way of her turbines?…

    How in the hell are Northern communities going to cope with this?….they still rely on small air for food, police, medical and general transport.

  11. What the heck happened at that wind project….

    I just read the follow up new articles (on the industrial wind action website)…
    it says the plane crashed into the blade at 9:16 PM on Sunday. But the wreck was not found until 3:30 AM on Monday after family members voiced concern about the missing plane.

    So why are we always being told that the turbines are constantly monitored and controlled by computers… shouldn’t the company have been aware that one of their turbines had a missing blade and gone to investigate??????????

    • “… why are we always being told that the turbines are constantly monitored and controlled…” – because it’s all lies, lies, lies from people who will say anything to make us believe their story, at least for as long as it’ll last.

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