What NextEra’s wind turbines did to Adelaide township

These are pictures of only a fraction of the wind turbines up right now in the township of Adelaide-Metcalfe. NextEra is not even half way done installing 38 turbines, Suncor hasn’t even started digging for their 20, and neither has WPD for their 2.

15 thoughts on “What NextEra’s wind turbines did to Adelaide township

  1. It is disgusting what the Liberals, in league with the Windweasels, have done to so many once-beautiful communities, in rural Ontario! This has got to stop! People cannot live this way!

    • Right again 57! Timmy, Ontarios’ saviour Hudak, just said in answer to a question on whether he’ll order IWTs dismantled, said he’ll order an immediate moratorium on new installations, will cancel the fit contracts/all subsidies on alleged green energy, all projects not started.
      So those of us in areas where construction is about to begin, if we don’t want them, we’ll have to physically stop them from entering the lands they’re to be installed upon, until Tim wins his majority and places the moratorium. Otherwise we could be screwed forever and a day. Remember that even when ordered by the feds. to remove dangerous IWTs, the wind weasels have simply refused. So we must play on their terms and do what needs to be done to save our homes. Phuk them and their Wynnd Witch (Torontos’ premier) from Hell. The OPP won’t dare touch us, or there’ll be Hell to pay. All good cops will be on our side and I’m still naive enough to think most cops are good people.
      Those people upset that Tim won’t say he’ll rip the existing IWTs down if elected, should use your heads and think about it logically. If he says that, he won’t win. Simple as that.
      When he gets the results of the federal study back, he is going to increase setbacks at minimum. Also he is going to make sure they abide by noise regs., which virtually none do, so they’ll be shut down. The Cons have long ago said they’ll increase setbacks to 1 1/2 -2km min. I suspect that will be increased now that other countries have increased theirs.

      • Yep – Ole Tim gonna do right by us. Jericho project going ahead – 90+ turbines – gravel trucks past my door all day long. I guess NexTERROR doesn’t realize what Ole Tim is up to.
        If he were to actually get elected – a very long shot – and if he were to actually cancel the contracts, he’ll do it the hard way – pay them off, because, as he has said, “We’re Conservatives and we believe in the sanctity of the contract.”
        The ‘economy’ trumps the people every time. Trouble is the ‘economy’ is all about the 1%.

      • You put a lot of blame on the shoulders of Tim Hudak, a guy who hasn’t spent one millisecond as Premiere nor contributed one iota to the IWT plague.

        But that’s the way closet lefties behave. They get all conflicted and tormented at the thought of some big bad conservative doing right.

        May you find relief from whatever crawled up your butt.

        Why not at least give people a chance to prove themselves worthy … or not.

      • Yes but no party is saying they will stop what has already been approved….which is too mamy more….we need to pressure to stop all…rescind approval

      • First, you need to elect a government who BEST supports our side.

        Then, you follow up on all the other concerns.

  2. A massive, province wide class action lawsuit is the civil way to deal with this, if a change of government does not protect us. Document all negative effects.
    Who will be the target of a massive CA to compensate the victims of projects already approved…the wind companies…the Green Energy Act Alliance…the government?

  3. Take a look at the city of Chatham itself where local business have been hit hard with much increased energy bills and local customers with less money to spend in their stores due to much increased energy bills. City people not affected by IWTs but paying for them anyway.
    Chatham got $1-$2 million for the airport and some other small stuff but look what this has cost them and another 30% increase in the near future. They didn’t even get chicken feed out of these wind deals compared to what this is costing them. Not very smart people running C-K.

  4. The gravel trucks are going non-stop north of Goderich in the K2/ Capital Power/ Samsung project. A loaded gravel truck was going too fast and slid right through the intersection in the rain. The truck then backed up in the intersection without a backer. The school bus went past just minutes before! Wind weasels are doing everything they can to get them up ASAP. Disgusting what they are doing to our communities.

  5. Large retailers look at how much purchasing power there is in a community before locating there. If they see that the purchasing power of a community will go down or is already declining they won’t locate there.
    Ontario energy costs are rising for consumers which causes a decline in their purchasing power which means consumers will have less money to spend on local purchases.
    When companies won’t locate in an area there won’t be any new jobs for that area.

  6. A sensitivity to Lfn and infrasound is cumulative. People who become sick, lethargic, nauseated, develop tinnitus and vertigo will not be able to live there or even want to visit an area where iwts are located. There are people in Ontario who have become very limited as to where they can live because of their illness “Wind Turbine Syndtome”, vibroacoustic disease caused by exposure to harmful frequencies.
    Once populated prime agricultural land, lake front property will be abandoned. It is evident already. Who do you think is waiting in the shadows ready to go in for the kill and scoop these properties…

  7. If the news about requiring IWT owners to have $100 million in cash on hand to clean up and/or remove IWTs is true then there won’t be many interested in installing IWTs in Canada? $100 million in cash on hand is a lot of money for any company.

  8. Then how did WPD Canada get their FIT and proceed with applications and assessments when they just now told the news that they now have 2 German Banks willing to finance them while they pursue the opportunity to feed at the trough and thereby funnel Ontario’s money back to Germany?

  9. Sorry, but I can’t look upon Tim Hudak and his party as the saviours of Ontario. Even if they do everything he has allegedly committed to regarding stopping more wind turbines, all the other policies he has announced would bring Ontario back into the same problems that Mike Harris brought with him. Tim Hudak says he will reduce the number of public service employees across Ontario by 100,000. He has said it won’t be doctors, nurses or police, but he hasn’t said what these will be. Although he has indicated that the education assistants in schools will go, and that the class sizes will increase. If he reduces staff across the board in the Ontario Government, the education system, and the health sector, what will this do to the level of service we currently have?

    The fact of the matter is the existing Government has royally screwed us with Wind Turbines. Hudak’s party may alleviate partially what could happen in the future but will not change what is presently happening in Adelaide Township, at the Bornish site, etc. As for the NDP, who knows what they would really do.

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