Leaseholder speaks out against NextEra

OPEN LETTER TO: Premier Kathleen Wynne, Mr. Tim Hudak, Ms. Andrea Horvath, REA

Being landowners who were fraudulently scammed into signing an option/lease for wind development in 2011, the terms and conditions of which we remained unaware until October 2013 when we were first given the document, then officially threatened with legal proceedings and financial ruin coercing us into signing the NextEra lease in February 2014, we would like to outline our experience of meetings with Company contacts (CanAcre for NextEra) in the last three weeks.

Nexterror Bullies Canada IncAs yet, we have not received a copy of the lease complete with a NextEra signatory as we should have by now. May 6th a representative arranged to meet to discuss the location of a collection line . .. part of NextEra’s design for our property for which we were offered no opportunity to give input. The point of this meeting was unclear as no concerns of ours were taken into consideration, the placement of the intended line would most surely harm and possibly kill a mature windbreak of spruce and cedar and at the meeting conclusion, we were informed that in the next few days a “survey” and the planting of stakes would take place.

The lease states that the Lessee (that’s NextEra) shall consult with Lessor with respect to siting the Works and to act fairly and reasonably in so consulting. We had never been consulted. Ever.

In response to our written objection, the CanAcre representative scheduled “another look”. This meeting on May 12th lasted another 2 hours. Our concerns were discussed with construction personnel although the location of the collection line as related to the windbreak remained unresolved. We learned that no documents are provided to landowners without a specific request and from experience we can state they are often not provided after being requested. Another meeting was scheduled for May 21st to which they promised to bring documents as requested.

Again at this 3rd meeting the requested complete Lease was not produced. However a map we had not seen before indicated archaeological finds had been made, new information to us, finds made without our authorization to enter the land in the summer of 2011, a flint point credited with the qualities of those used 10,000 years ago. Now we could see that the electrical conduit placement was intended to avoid a large area around where the flint had been found and as a result endangered our trees. We finally understood that the NextEra layout designed in Florida was nonnegotiable and actual locations unknown by anyone until GPS points were staked. .. what CanAcre had been calling “surveyed”. Stakes would be a huge inconvenience during planting and a major problem for managing these organic fields needing scuffling through the season. Since the Goshen Project has not received REA approval and construction cannot begin until it does, we would not agree to the completion of the survey at this time. It had been repeatedly stressed that planting be allowed without the impediment of these stakes.

The next day the CanAcre rep phoned to indicate he would deliver our requested lease at 10 am. May 23rd and would be accompanied by an “expert in leases”…. !! On May 23rd he did not have the lease. The ‘lease expert’ turned out to be a CanAcre manager who had his own agenda, that being to spend another two hours reviewing our concerns indicating cooperation and the best possible outcomes before stating flat out that unless we allowed the survey to proceed, the proper care and attention to our concerns could not necessarily be given! This argument was lobbed strongly and repeatedly at us and capped off with his assurance that he would continue to harass us until verbal permission for the survey is given.

Since June 2011, we have been swindled, deprived of documents and information we should have been given, lied to, told one thing and then the opposite by CanAcre reps, and wasted endless hours. Of greater significance is the Horrendous Deception throughout…. that there are no health effects attributable to these Turbine farms, that they are Green, that they do not affect property values, that they will not interfere with farm operations……

And we know all that to be UNTRUE. The Ontario Government and REA need to close this system down!


Bev Teeter


25 thoughts on “Leaseholder speaks out against NextEra

  1. Thank you for your clear account of the swindling tactics of this industrial wind turbine company Next Era. Particulars, although they your take time, energy, and effort to provide, will convince people of the great fraud that the Liberal government “green” wind propaganda and the corporations that rushed to the trough have perpetrated in the last few years upon initially unsuspecting folk. It takes experiencing such sheer greed, lies, distortions, denials and utter coldness to believe such evil exists.

    But it does. You have experienced it first hand. By speaking of it so straightforwardly you have said no to it. Many other people will take heart from your courage.

    Annie Walsh

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  4. There are so many similar stories from all
    wind companies. The bully tactics are crazy! No transparency ever.

    It’s a crime that our gov forced upon us. All others need to speak out about thier situations as well and blow their ways out of the water for all to see.

    Good job sharing, it creates conversation that leads to more talk that spreads!

  5. now let’s all forward this on to every council in Ontario. They do not believe this is truly happening because the proponents appease them by claiming it is all outside anti-wind groups stirring the pot and then wave another couple of dollar bills in their face.

  6. CanACRE (operating in land acquisition, leases, etc.) is a stand up company who’s staff is trained in ethics, acting in a responsible, respectful manner, striving to support the landowner in making informed decisions that are best for their families. Just a wonderful bunch of people helping the little guy. (sarcasm intended)

    • IWT Are NOT Welcome…..

      CanACRE….. Must have done their training with reps from Elexco. Paul O’Toole (Elexco) came, with a pocketful of money, to sign us up on a lease with Samsung/Pattern here in Haldimand saying things like “Why are YOU hesitating? Your neighbours are all signing up!” We weren’t “hesitating”! We read the lease agreement between visit #1 and visit #2. Mostly “legaleze” but enough plain english in there to tell us there was NO WAY we could sign such a document! We’re “country folk” but being both FROM as well as IN the country doesn’t make us “bumpkins”!!

  7. There are a number of leaseholders who have lawyers and are trying to bring action to stop the companies. They have reams of evidence of the bully tactics and outright trespassing, yet they are being told by their lawyers not to speak out. Ask yourself why, in an issue of such widespread abuse of our property and human rights would they not allow their clients to scream at the top of their lungs? The silence only costs people more time and more money and what are the results?

    Keeping silent is not going to educate people but it will protect a lot of high profile liberals and others from jeopardizing their precious investment in wind.
    Media, law firms and our health protection, mpac and all government agencies have been led to suppress what is happening. Well orchestrated criminal activity by all.

    Why are municipal lawyers telling councils to accept bribe money, scrwing any further ability to protest? You have to ask who they are taking their advice from. I doubt they have high end corporate law experience but are being advised by others on these agreements.
    Follow the money….

  8. You know something, I have no doubt the author knows to the penny how much money the Nextera will pay them. Sometimes it’s best to not let the stars/dollar signs get in your eyes.

  9. Standard legal advice given to clients. Don’t talk. What you say can be used against you.
    And very hard advice to take in most cases when you would like to talk about your situation.

    • Surely they can be given a public “statement” to use or their lawyer can issue a statement on their behalf. Exposure of the truth is critical to protecting others in a widespread scam and harm situation like this.

  10. What I wonder is why no legal firm has stepped in to initiate a class action against each of these firms inviting all individuals dealing with each firm to participate. United we stand, divided we fall.

    On the other hand, there are a host of people who when approached didn’t have the good sense to consult a lawyer so that they would have a feel for what they were getting themselves and their neighbours into.

    I attended a local council meeting a year ago where a woman in the delegation was complaining about her lack of control over the location on her property where a turbine and its lines were going and the close proximity to her farm house. But, she had signed a contract, without taking any legal consultation, and admitted she had already used the money paid to her to buy two cars. Go figure!

  11. ‘[excerpt] Leaseholder speaks out against NextEra’

    But it was – an extraordinary private deal!

  12. A lawyer can’t jeopardize a client’s case by speaking out. Otherwise the lawyer is in trouble.
    Becomes a Catch 22 situation.

  13. There are certain Ontario legal requirements that have to be met before a class action suit can be brought in Ontario.
    A lawyer trained in the area of class action law can explain these critera to people.

  14. The Law Foundation website lays out the information needed to launch a class action and this is a reliable website for information.
    There could be several different reasons to base a class action on.

    Rural Ontarians have had plenty of experience dealing with reading government documents, participating & attending ERTs and this experience can be applied to learing about class actions too.

  15. I find it pretty hard to have any sympathy for these people. The problems with turbines are evident after spending 5 minutes online as is the financial impact on electricity users. So from my perspective, they got greedy and didn’t give a sh*t about their neighbors or fellow Ontarians. Now they’re being screwed by the company and expect our sympathy and assistance when they should be really shunned and spat upon.

    • Not a very useful comment. There are a lot of people who live in the country who are very trusting because their experience in dealing with their neighbours has generally been positive.

      Individuals who live in large towns and city don’t see what these turbines are doing to our province and our country neighbourhoods.

      What is important to understand that none of the three major parties have committed to do anything positive to deal with any turbines where the contracts have been let, work is underway, or they are already up and operating. The costs settling claims to reverse things at this time are far beyond what any future Ontario Government can do. What we should be demanding is that the new Government follow the approach being used in Europe at this time and increase the taxation on the companies; recognizing that many will go under, and we will be left with these monstrosities sitting and gradually rotting away in our countryside.

      • Of course they will go under and leave us stuck with the bill. That’s what they are designed to do. I’m sure every one has been spun off into a shell subsidiary with no assets so that the developers can walk away when the subsidies stop. I only hope the landowners are held to account and the province contributes only after they have been driven into bankruptcy.

        I’m from a rural area and still maintain a second home there. I’ve seen first hand the effects of IWTs and fought them since they were first introduced. The decimation of their neighbors property values would have been evident to anyone that wasn’t blinded by pure greed.

  16. Looking back it’s easy to forget how little people knew about IWTs and the harm they would cause. And then you had a farm organization and a government who said this was a good thing to do.

  17. Barbara is right these people were lied to and told they were doing a good thing. We should not dismiss or shun people who are now speaking out about how they were swindled by these carpetbaggers. The more that speak out the better it is and they deserve encouragement. Let’s not forget that the government/wind lobby have claimed that “non hosting receptors” would not be complaining if they were receiving financial benefit like the host landowners who they claim are completely happy with IWTs. There has even been suggestion that those within a certain distance of the turbines should get some small financial compensation which will make us all okay with what they are doing. Clearly this is not the case and the more people that speak out so much the better.

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