Huron Bruce Candidates Debate Wind Turbines

Blackburn News, Jordan MacKinnon

  • All-Candidates-Tiverton-HuronBruceProgressive Conservative incumbent Lisa Thompson repeated her party’s pledge to end further renewable energy projects, condemning the Liberal government for stripping away democracy at the municipal level with the Green Energy Act.
  • Liberal candidate Colleen Schenk says the government listened to rural concerns and revamped the public consultation process for wind farms. “Well, I think, we have put into place now an excellent consultation with the municipalities, and that’s what I’ve talked to as I say a lot of wind groups and that is what they asked for and that is what we have now in place,” says Schenk.
  • Family Coalition Party candidate Andrew Zettel says he doesn’t blame voters for feeling discouraged by the “big-three” parties. “I had one woman come to me and say she will just have to plug her nose and check a name off on the ballot,” says Zettel.  “That kind of cynicism is because we find candidates kind of skirting around the questions, refusing to answer people’s questions, and then just kind of following up with the rhetoric of their party leader”.  Zettel says his party would cut the prices being paid through the Feed-In Tariff program, while restoring planning authority to municipal governments.
  • NDP candidate Jan Johnstone went a step further, pledging the NDP would respect “unwilling host” municipalities and only seek renewable projects in areas that want them.  She says we need to let the approvals process determine if the Deep Goelogical Repository for nuclear waste is safe. Read article

1 thought on “Huron Bruce Candidates Debate Wind Turbines

  1. The Deep Geological Repository will never become reality. Unfortunately a lot of time and money will be spent on committee meetings deciding how to set up the committee to mislead the public. And then over paid/ under worked OPG/ Hydro One will hold public meetings and the latest Wynne minority government will put it on hold after the State of Michigan and the Obama Administration say no. Another OPG/ Hydro One boondoggle.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,OPG/Hydro One is a cancer in our economy.

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