Green energy sector breathes easier (greedier) after Ontario Liberal win

greedRichard Blackwell, The Globe and Mail
Ontario’s renewable energy sector has breathed a sigh of relief that a Liberal majority government has been elected in the province. The positive outlook is less a reflection of enthusiasm for Liberal policies, than satisfaction that the Progressive Conservatives did not win. The Tories had promised to dismantle many of the green energy policies that had supported the renewable industry.

“We are very happy with the outcome,” said Kent Brown, chief executive officer of BluEarth Renewables Inc., a Calgary-based company that has solar and wind projects in Ontario. “A majority government creates stability. We now have four years where the projects that the industry is still building can move ahead with certainty and get done.”

If there had been a PC government, Mr. Brown said, “there would be a huge amount of uncertainty and a question as to whether those [projects] under construction would get done. The Conservatives were unbelievably unclear. In all my years I have never met a Conservative Party that was so anti-business.” Read article

22 thoughts on “Green energy sector breathes easier (greedier) after Ontario Liberal win

  1. Only 51% of the electorate voted and only 38% of the people that voted endorsed the Liberals. So you actually have 81% of the electorate silent or supporting another political party.
    If the Liberal budget is implemented with the 10 cents per litre gasoline tax to pay for Toronto infrastructure, the introduction of the Ontario Pension costing employee and employer each an additional $800.00 ( so $1600.00 per job), a projected $12 BILLION defecit, and a 45% increase in electrical charges how long before Ontario is bankrupt?
    The provincial debt is $288 BILLION and interst payments to service this debt is the third highest budgetary expense after Health and Education. We are on credit watch by Standard and Poor and will have our credit rating down graded when we reach $300 Billion so that interest payment will be going up.
    With this level of financial mismanagement Ontario is a poor place to live, work and play.

    • Our expected revenue for the province is about $112 Billion and our expenditures should be about $124 billion — in other words a deficit (shortfall) of $12 billion — for which the Ontario Finance corp will sell more bonds — bringing the debt $12 Billion higher.

      Interest rates are expected to rise. We live in interesting times.

      The Wynne budget (the one the election was called over) projects that programs will be cancelled, people laid off and fired and that taxes will be increased. Sound familiar?

    • “Cluster Of Central Banks” Have Secretly Invested $29 Trillion In The Market
      When this gamble fails, who will bail them out? That’s a nice sum of money. $29 Trillion is enough money to life humanity out of poverty for generations if not forever.

      Note: When you loan someone unlimited funds at a set interest rate, they can buy up the entire world and then charge others exhorbanit prices to use that which they buy. Now take this one step further. They then sell the things they bought at highly inflated prices to people to make them work years to pay off stuff and then crash the economy now and then by restricted the money supply so people can’t pay the inflated prices and the close on all the properties. They make money out of thin air and charge interest on it. Is this fair trade and fair commerce? Commerce is an illusion and must be stopped.

  2. Yes, firms connected with David Peterson and Mike Crawley would feel better wouldn’t they.
    Ont will no doubt get a new Energy minister so Chiarelli can return to being Mr Nice Guy; he never looked really comfortable spouting the wind energy line.
    The only thing that will slow down the turbine juggernaut is severe funding issues, Wynne and friends are too obtuse to recognize that, but the NY bond rating firms are not.

  3. Funding for more IWTs supplied by the new pension plan?

    Take a look at the list of former political leaders and see how many are involved in renewable energy schemes in one way or another or sustainability. Party dosen’t matter but the money does.

  4. Well lets face it we can all be certain of the out come with a Liberal government – that the corruption never stops!! – and Mr. Brown as I mentioned before if you are NOT part of the solution you are part problem!! and you and all of the Liberals are what IS wrong with this province!! Ms. Wynne and her party do not care about any of us!! the only thing for sure is that as along as she and her cronies are lining their pockets we our hard earned money – everything is AOK in the world of Liberal Land!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • {the corruption never stops!! }
      Yes but you have the chance to stop both IWT and the fraud that the government got you into without full disclosure
      Now you have stated the government is corrupted now why don’t you do something about as this one as it is the start of the change and the chain reaction to get us back to the way we are to have it.
      Debt free and live in peace.
      Naa a pipe dream,lets just go back to the dam this and dam that and get no where by blaming party members and non voters
      Or Buy all these fancy lawyers and fancy talk with bags of money we don’t have and beg a plea with our servants that just cater to the golden horse shoe and the pocket fillers of the party members.
      Nothing happening people.

      • You better believe that I am going to blame party members and the bloody idiots that did NOT VOTE!!!! 52% of the idiots in this province didn’t vote!! and it you didn’t vote!! them don’t complain!!! and if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem!!

        STOP THE WUND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s not just the stinken liberals it is just about every one of them they gets to take your power away. Look at the history of most of them and you do not have to go far. Loads of them and they took YOUR money away from you and your children.
      How much you want to be a dirty hall matt for them? Cause that is truth!!!!

      • Dear non-voter!! give your head a shake!!! – every party in this province and country to a certain extent is corrupt!!!! that is a fact!! – BUT the Liberals hands down are the worst!!!

      • dearest Lyn, If you would understand that I do not carry a corporate BC and have given notice to the corporation of Canada that I do not claim joiner to that name,means I will not and cannot vote, as I now claimed to be living and not dead.
        So I do not need them or IWT or any more of there lies as they do not know how to properly keep us happy but are thieves and crime ridden with agendas
        So who needs a little gentle head shake? Stand back and look at all the crime scenes It’s all there in front of you,just lift the veils.
        Seek and you will fine. Have a nice day Lyn.

      • Hey novoter!! – no government is here or anywhere to keep the people happy! they are there to govern – that is why they are called the government!! – I know all about crime I see it all the time where I live in the country believe it or not! – people try steeling from me all of the time!! they think because the cherries are beside the road – that they can take them!! we work darn hard for a living!! – and yes there is crime every where ! – but what I will say!! – I have what I call an attention getter!! if anyone is in our orchards stealing!! they run for their lives!! putting all of that aside!! it is the turbines I am against! and what they are doing to the /people/their businesses and wildlife etc.!!!! it is sickening! again I will repeat myself !!! a good portion of the population did not vote in Ontario! and that is morally corrupt !!!!!!!! – who knows what the outcome may have been if that portion of the population got off their asses and voted!!! maybe if could have saved another farm from being taken over , or help the wildlife!!! – so if you didn’t vote don’t complain!!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Globe And Mail, Nov.24, 2010
    Kent Brown, BluEarth CEO

    Has tie to Wolfe Island wind project thru Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.
    There is more on BluEarth in the OWR archives.

    Mr. Brown said conseratives are anti-business in the June 2014 article. Just about anyone can run a company that feeds off from the ratepayers/taxpayers.

  6. In 4 years KW will be appologizing for astronomical hydro increases. She will still be passing the blame on McGuilty for this. Probably even blame the Ontario Pension Plan on him. She will have to reign in on public service sector and blame the bloat on McG. GTA transit will not have even broke dirt but they will have collected billions (read up on Amherstburg sewage infrastructure savings) with not a penny to be found. A few more apologies for almost everything she dabbles in will make everything all right. Next heat wave maybe they will hand out free AC units to all who don’t have one (but only if u live in GTA or are a pro liberal). 4 more years and I hope this is the time to a far to late change. Hundreds more sick from IWTs. More vacant properties and more money lost to sell expensive power for next to nothing (if not less than nothing). Feel like I’m living a true nightmare. 4 more years will be a big deal for KW to have any hope of Libs getting any votes. All she can do is the right things or they will be bust. (Unless PCs bring in a total twit ). Just saying

    • I really don’t think Wynne has a honest bones in her body! she can hide behind a smile/ a wave and she really is good at passing the buck! – I emailed her office no less than 150 times regarding the taking down of a active eagles’ nest in Selkirk Ontario! – ! she sent me a formal letter passing the buck to the MNR – who yes big surprise gave the AOK to take the nest down!! – I in turn emailed the MNR stating that I understand that they are only doing what they are told!!!!!! – but sometimes people have to take a moral stand for what is right!!!!

  7. Maybe anyone connected to any NextEra project had better look out? Guys like Pickens don’t like to be taken for a ride by anyone. There is more than one way to skin this cat.

    • Isn’t the Pickens lawsuit against Canada?

      And, NextEra – must be salivating – now that the Liberals have a majority;
      and, the ‘green mayors’ –
      are studying up on – ‘economic strategies for municipalities’;
      [never mind]

      Welcome to the United Nations!

  8. Yes, it is against Canada but the allegations are against the Ontario government which they claim, as I understand this,changed the law to benefit NextEra and knocked Pickens out of line which in turn cost him $650 million.

    So case will by out of Ontario’s control? And who knows what else Pickens knows?

  9. If this case was under Ontario’s control, then they could just make a settlement and no one could find out what went on?

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