Ontario, yours to dismantle

WYNNE NEGLECTToronto Sun, Ezra Levant
Put aside the scandals and corruption and police investigations into the Ontario Liberal Party. That’s just morality and ethics stuff, and Ontarians are apparently fine with that. But what about the economy created by the Liberals, happily accepted by voters last Thursday?

For seven years running, Ontario has had a higher unemployment rate than the national average. Ontario is a have-not province, now subsidized by others, including Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, two new have provinces. Stop and let that sink in.

Ontario’s taxes are high, and about to grow higher: Premier Kathleen Wynne’s campaign centrepiece was a new payroll tax for a provincial pension plan, deducted from every employee’s paycheque. In other words, a job tax. There will be other taxes too, including on Pearson Airport, the airport already saddled with the highest user fees in the world.

And Ontario’s disastrous experiment with wind turbines and solar panels will continue for decades — that’s the length of time Ontario will force residents and companies to buy power at inflated rates to subsidize their green schemes. Read article

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  1. If you take a look at the map of Ontario in the Sun News – look at the map it shows mostly blue (PC) – but the red (Liberal) a small area is highly populated!! and that is what gets the Liberals in!! and I am not saying anything out of term ( new homes ) to allot of immigrants! frankly I don’t have a problem with anyone coming to this province and or country if they are going to pull their own weight!! but some/allot of them don’t!!! – they know how to work the system – so why wouldn’t they vote for who gives them free cash!! yours and mine (tax $$$$) of the hard working people of Ontario!! – so you say you voted Liberal!! THEY ARE THE MOST CORRUPT PARTY THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN !!! – THEY HIDE BEHIND ALL OF the NICE WORDS !! and pass the buck – lie to your face and DON’T CARE!!! and have run Ontario into the ground!! – if you voted Liberal in this last provincial election you are part of the problem !! – what is the old saying – if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem!! – so DON’T you Liberals complain when Wynne puts the gas up 4 cents a litre to pay fro the TO transit (which is wrong!!) ! – or pay your next hydro bill – highest rates in North America! or the home oil tank scam!! this province makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – if I could get out without loosing money I would!!


  2. Haven’t seen Down Wind yet, but questioned two people who did. Neither of them understood, after having watched the episode, that Sandy’s family had been ‘bought-out’. Both appreciated, however, that Mr. Mike Crawley was being fingered.

    But not in this article:

    ‘[excerpt] It’s surely a coincidence that the former president of the Liberal Party is a wind turbine executive.

    That’s what’s so dispiriting.’

    Suncor: Dirty Deeds

    More to come.

    • I AM with you all the way!! and what really shocked me with the Downwind – documentary!! is that the Liberal government took away the rights of every city/ town/ village in Ontario and including the Conservation Authority and the Niagara Escarpment in regards to the Wind Turbines!! we have a farm in Niagara West siding with the Niagara Escarpment!! – and when we bought this property we had to jump threw hoops to please the Niagara Escarpment Comm. – they are like dealing with GOD!! – do yourself a favour and watch the documentary!! – I have watched it a couple of times!! – it is truly hard to believe this is happening in Ontario Canada!!!!!!!!!!
      STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Christie Blatchford: Caledonia company’s court victory a rare bit of justice in native occupation
    June 16, 2014 | National Post

    ‘[excerpts] …an obscure Tax Court of Canada decision released on June 10…the 66-page decision…The case involved Don and John Henning, the terrific brothers from the small town south of Hamilton [Caledonia] who owned and were in the early days of developing what they called Douglas Creek Estates, or DCE, as a residential subdivision when in February of 2006, it was occupied by natives from the nearby Six Nations reserve…

    The Henning’s company, Henco Industries Limited, essentially was paid $15,800,000 to go away, shut the hell up, and let the matter be between Ontario and the natives…the money was paid by Ontario’s craven Dalton McGuinty government, but a year later, the feds made an ex gratia payment to Ontario of $26.4-million, of which $10.6-million was to reimburse Ontario for costs of policing the occupation and $15.8-million for its purchase of DCE…

    It was the Henning’s appeal of that reassessment — and three other less significant tax matters, including a so-called windfall payment of $650,000 Ontario threw unbidden at the developers in the early days when it was trying to buy everyone’s silence–which was the issue before Judge Campbell Miller….

    The windfall, he said, was a non-taxable “freebie” and most important, the $15,800,000 was not to buy the DCE land, as the government claimed, which was now utterly worthless.

    “Ontario had to make Henco go away,” the judge wrote. “Henco could not own the land; it could not carry on business. Ontario needed to ensure Henco could not sue it; Henco could not enforce the injunction” to remove the protesters….

    That, said Judge Miller, “supports the view that Ontario was paying for something other than the land.”

    It was “an extremely dangerous situation evolving in Caledonia,” he said. “Ontario had to do something… Ontario removed Henco as a stumbling block.

    “The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Ontario paid Henco to go away and in doing so enable Ontario to get rid of the injunction, acquire control of the volatile situation and restore peace.

    “The effect was to destroy Henco’s business.”

    As the judge said at another point, “What is going on? I reject outright that the agreement reflects a clear-cut sale of land for $15,800,000: there is clearly somewthing else at play.”

    Judge Miller had ruled early on he would hear some extrinsic evidence… about the factual background that led to the sale agreement.

    As he put it, “There were not market forces at work here, where two arm’s-length parties, driven by a land development market, reached a reasonable commercial decision and put it in writing.

    “Far from it. It would be putting blinders on to ignore the exceptional circumstances,” the judge said, and he didn’t.’

  4. Diane Finley: Member of Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk (includes Caledonia)


    Diane Finley, PC, MP (born October 3, 1957) was first elected as Member of Parliament for Haldimand-Norfolk (Ontario) in the 2004 federal election.

    Long involved in politics of the Conservative Party and its predecessors, Diane is married to her late husband, Senator Doug Finley, a former campaign manager and director of political operations for the Conservative Party of Canada.

    After being re-elected in the 2006 election, she was appointed to the cabinet as Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development…

  5. Businesses and potential businesses will evaluate the Ontario situation and decide if they can be viable here. Suspect that many will decide to go elsewhere.
    Retail businesses will be hard hit as their customers disposable income drops.

    Surprised that retail business owners didn’t strongly object to Wynne’s economic plans and the rising energy costs in Ontario.

    Hudak put his future on the line by being honest with the electorate and was the only one who cared about rural Ontario issues in my opinion.

  6. IMO, when you have the OPPA endorsing a corrupt government in an election this says it all in about one sentence.

  7. “”””the money was paid by Ontario’s craven Dalton McGuinty government, but a year later, the feds made an ex gratia payment to Ontario of $26.4-million, of which $10.6-million was to reimburse Ontario for costs of policing the occupation and $15.8-million for its purchase of DCE

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH …..Fed Cons covered the MCGuilty lieberals pay off (its all taxpayer money…actually money of the few who still produce more than they leach off the system).

    Life will go better for you when you have a true understanding of the world you live in and have realistic expectations based on that reality, e.g. what the benevolent state we are ruled by .
    really amounts to……

    per the Anti-Government “Serenity Creed”:


  8. The purpose here is to lower consumer consumption of goods. So this can be done in different ways. Taxation and high energy costs are a couple of ways. Removal of disposable income is the goal.
    Problem is jobs are also removed.

  9. Food produced in greenhouses are luxury food items. So as energy costs rise and consumer disposable money falls, this will put the greenhouse ag business in quite a squeeze.

    Wynne may think she makes decisions about where businesses locate but this is not the case.

  10. Stock Journal, June 29,2012
    “Rising electricity costs are likely to punch a hole in efficient irrigation practices and become one of the highest input costs for growers.”

    These rising farm costs will have to be passed on to consumers but then there is only so much cost that can be passed on befor Ontario farm products are priced out of the market.

    Wine production costs will also be affected.

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