Pictures: Nexterror invades Middlesex County

Bornish and Adelaide Wind Projects

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20 thoughts on “Pictures: Nexterror invades Middlesex County

  1. Urban Ontarians have been so well indoctrinated about IWTs that it’s likely not possible to reach them on this subject matter.
    When they can no longer afford electricity then maybe they will listen.

    • > When they can no longer afford electricity then maybe they will listen.

      Can you explain this further? The prevailing rate for electricity in Ontario is now on-par with the wind contracts that have been made available under the Green Energy Act. Those in favour of wind energy are going to ask me why the prices will continue to rise well above what the producers are being paid, and I’m not going to have a good answer to respond with.

      • FIT contracted wind energy is 135/MWh, Bruce A is $68/MWh and Bruce B $52/MWh.

      • @Dan as I mentioned, the prevailing (on-peak) rate for consumers is $135/MWh (, which matches exactly the contract price you quoted.

        The fact that nuclear contracts are for less will do little to convince urban wind advocates that wind will push prices to unaffordable rates in the future.

        Clearly nuclear is the option Ontario needs to be exploring, but to make that appeal to the urban residences who favour wind energy, we need to give them something more substantial.

  2. Here we go! Kathleen Wynn, the goddess of wind, will push every and all the wind projects through that she can. And I predict that the moratorium on off shore wind will be lifted in her next four year reign of power. Of course there will not be any ugly wind turbines visible from the shores of Toronto/GTA.
    “God help us all”, is right!

  3. Oh, and what the hell, why not cover a few thousands of acres of prime agricultural land with solar panels. Awesomely attractive subsidies there too.

  4. some day I like to tie Kathleen Wynne and Dalton to the end of one of those blades, wouldn’t that be fun to see those two go around in circles at 200km/h.
    We can never stop these developments because we are too nice, nice never wins. Force would have to be used to prevent something that has been forced onto us.

  5. More prime agricultural land destined to become a pile of toxic crap that will pollute our soil and water aquifers. So much for drinking clean water and growing real food. Concrete is not concrete is not concrete. We borrowed a piece of this concrete and had it tested. Dozens of toxins and heavy metals in it. And to think NextEra can leave this in the ground FOREVER! Shameful. Shame on Kathleen Wynn and her slimy cronies.

  6. Impressive photos!!!

    One can hope that Pickens wins his case as this could have enormus implications. Foreign company comes to Canada and corrupts government.

  7. When I was out on campaigning for Monte I was coming down 81 from Parkhill and I noticed a number of turbines with a light flashing on top. What is this all about? Is it to let planes know they’re in the vicinity of Strathroy International,where ever that is?

  8. Fact:
    In the 2011 Federal Election, Stephen Harper wins a majority government with 39.6% of the popular vote.

    Liberals denounce the first past the post voting system and proclaim that 60.4% of the electorate DID NOT vote for Harper.

    In the 2014 Provincial Election, Kathleen Wynne wins a majority government with 38.6% of the popular vote.

    Liberals proclaim that the result is stunning victory for democracy and “progressive” values.

  9. Enough already! Stop these GD things! Get our groups out in front of the trucks! Pull a king pin! Slice an airline! Chain saw the tip off the blades! Put corn syrup in gas tanks! Spit in their faces…DO SOMETHING. There is no peaceful way to end this torture and rape of our land. We must make a strong stand and say loud and clear ” NO MEANS NO” Or like the Elmer Fud cartoon ” When I says NO…I means NO! ”

    I would be proud to tell my newborn granddaughter that Granny had to make a stand to save rural Ontario from a takeover. I would be ashamed to tell her that I stood by and let it happen. Did any of you ever see a teamster wildcat strike? Trucks got blown up! That was the only way to get good wages as a transport driver. Unions perhaps have gone too far these days but way back when , Truckers were exploited for minimum wages. There has to be a balance. Being raped by wind developers is NOT BALANCE. We are being plundered and run out of rural Ontario! Its a good thing we were ready as a country to fight Hitler or life as we know it today would not be.

    Fight hard then fight harder. We ARE CANADIAN ..Damn it!

  10. Peoples’ attention is being diverted to the price of the electricity and off from the other charges on their bills.
    It’s something like a water bill where the price of the water is cheap but the sewage charges are 3 times what the water price is.
    Wonder if some urban areas are getting lower hydro bills than Hydro One customers are paying?

  11. Can people get hydro bill data from individual homes in GTA, Hamilton, London, Ottawa and etc? No names needed just the data. No condos. No farm bills just residential bills.

    Government owned entities can be used for political purposes

    Like everything else this has to be done by the people for the people.

  12. Maybe a big political mistake was made by not having comparable hydro bills data.
    If hydro is being supplied to urban voters at cheaper prices this needs to be known by just using individual residences data.

  13. If you are supplied by Hydro One and live in a high density area – you will be paying about $16.50 per month less than low density areas (me), Cottage owners also pay different rates

  14. But the issue is how much less are urban people paying for their electricity?

    Dosen’t appear that high hydro bills were a big concern for city people in this just past election. So there must have ben a reason for this lack of concern.

    Already lower hydro bills in cities can buy votes.

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