CCSAGE — Down Wind documentary on Thursday, Turtle Concert on Sunday

DownWind-DVD_largeDown Wind documentary on Thursday, July 10, APPEC
A showing of the new documentary, Down Wind, at the Regent Theatre, 7 pm, $10 admission at the door.  Proceeds to help pay APPEC’s legal bills, past and future.  An excellent overview of the fallout from wind energy development in western Ontario, 100% relevant to the County.  Rebecca Thompson, Sun News Network contributor and host of this documentary, will be on hand to introduce the film.

Gillan Richards of SOAR (Save Ontario’s Algoma Region) describes Down Wind as a film “that exposes how the lights of liberty went out for Ontario citizens deeply opposed to wind turbine projects. It tells the stories of communities torn apart, and the rural warriors now fighting for their rights, health and happiness. . .The film tells the ugly truth about lucrative big wind power contracts, skyrocketing electricity prices, and the political connections behind it all.  It uncovers the skeptical sales pitch that wind turbines are good for the air and won’t impact health. And it provides a glimmer of hope that this nightmare can be overcome with fair-minded solutions.”

blandings_turtleTurtle Concert on Sunday, July 13, PECFN
THE major single event on the County’s summer entertainment calendar.  Picton United Church, 2:30 pm, admission $20 at the door or in advance at  Proceeds to support PECFN’s continuing legal battle to save Ostrander Point and Blanding’s turtle.  An afternoon of County-grown music, featuring a wide variety of local musicians covering blues, Celtic, folk, jazz and rock & roll.

Here’s the all-star line-up confirmed to date (in alphabetical order): Bud Gregory; Jeannette Arsenault; John, Penny, and Roanna Kitchen; Lenni Stewart; Little Bluff; Mark McGreevy; Suzanne Pasternak; The Frere Brothers; The Reasons; The Reasonettes; Tom Leighton.  We expect that hundreds of County folks and visitors will attend.

Gary Mooney
On behalf of CCSAGE Naturally Green: 17203 Loyalist Parkway, Wellington, ON  K0K 3L0

8 thoughts on “CCSAGE — Down Wind documentary on Thursday, Turtle Concert on Sunday

  1. Please help!

    Trying to illustrate “PROBABLE CAUSE” by the end of the week…

  2. Here’s one:

    If you stick your finger into a live electric socket this will probably cause you to get a shock.

    But the actual proof only comes after you get the shock and this is only a very simple example of probable cause.

    When a vehicle accident occurs there can be a single or multiple probable causes that could be involved.

    Probable cause of something can be due to a single event or multiple events.

  3. But the degree of shock you probably will get depends on the factors of 110 V or 220 V socket.

    Should be the actual proof comes when you get the shock.

  4. So, have the police been negligent?
    This racket has been going on for so long!

  5. CCSAGE – Naturally Green – states that
    industrial wind energy facilities will cause ‘property loss’.

    Property value = enjoyment and use of property, IMO

    Our property was stolen long ago!

    ‘[excerpt] A spokesperson for Municipal Affairs says his ministry has no studies or information about the potential impact wind turbines are having on rural property values.
    However, last February [2011], before an environmental review tribunal in Chatham, Environment Ministry lawyer Frederika Rotter said: “We will see in the course of this hearing that lots of people are worried about windmills. They may not like the noise, they may think the noise makes them sick, but really what makes them sick is just the windmills being on the land because it does impact their property values.
    “That’s what makes them sick is that, you know, they’ll get less money for their properties, and that’s what’s causing all this annoyance and frustration and all of that.”
    When Energy Minister Brad Duguid declined comment, his staff referred CBC News to the Ministry of Finance, which oversees MPAC (the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation), which sets values on land for taxation purposes. They indicated that MPAC has no evidence wind turbines are driving down assessed values.’

  6. ‘A situation can be advanced by not doing something.’
    Laundering, defined: …

  7. What’s the PROBABILITY of anyone sticking their finger in a live socket? The insurance industry may have figured this out.

    Probable causes are looked at in fatal accidents but not in fender-benders.

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