Bornish turbines have to be removed and rebuilt

It appears it’s not just a rumour, this turbine is coming down in NextEra’s Bornish wind project – blades were removed on July 7th, 2014.North Middlesex-20140705-00227 (2)

What we are hearing is at least 6 possibly as many as 9 turbine bases were not excavated deep enough, approx 3 feet too shallow, and they are leaning/unstable enough that they have to be dismantled, cement broken out, dug deeper, repoured and reconstructed.

They cannot just move them over and pour another pad.

Remember everyone— these people are EXPERTS!!!

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  1. Interesting. The OBC covers the base only. Municipal inspectors and approval cover the base. Might be time to dig up ALL municipal approvals and have a look.

  2. This gives pause for concern. When is the last time any apartment or office building was constructed incorrectly in Ont? these towers should be much less complicated. Is any authority in the province giving strict, careful attention to safe building and fire codes in the erection of these things, or is it like the road agreements the wind outfits have with some councils. Are the wind companies given the OK to do their own engineering/safety assessments? Recall that a turbine near Goderich caught fire and was simply allowed to burn out with very little concern by the Ont Fire Marshal office. Who in Ont is minding the store?

    • 1. Is there public record for this kind of thing? Algo Centre/Eastwood Mall comes to mind, but it wasn’t disclosed to the public until some 30 years later.

      2. Isn’t allowing unsalvageable property to burn out standard fire fighting procedure, at least in Ontario? Protecting adjacent property becomes their only concern at that point, which was handled fine by all accounts.

      • Of passing interest to adjacent residents would be what caused the fire in such a new turbine, and were the others inspected to assure that they were safe from the same defects.

    • No one is minding the store. The wind weasel’s words are taken at face value, and we all know what horrific liars they are. The wind fiasco goes on, and there is NO ONE overseeing the mass destruction going on in our communities.

      • That is right 1957chev the fox is watching the hen house!! – now remember that the province took away the rights of every city/town and village in Ontario to include the Conservation Authorities and the Niagara Escarpment Comm. – so the Turbine companies can put the cancer in the sky (turbines) up pretty much where they want !!!! in the meantime peoples health is being affected – farms are being ruined!! I urge everyone to email Ms. Wynne of the No Moral Compass Party (formerly the Liberals) !!!! STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!

    • As I stated 2 years ago….the building permit IS controlled by the fire official of the community. a building permit may not be issued until it meets the required ability under the fire code. A turbine CAN NOT be currently controlled during a fire event or high rescue by the municipal fire services, therefore a permit can be denied. The OFC takes precedent over a municipally issued building permit, and a permit is not allowed to be issued unless it meets the Ontario Fire Code and it’s requirements. The issue is that the building permit covers the bas of a turbine, not the structure. If you want changes….lobby for OBC changes that include the STRUCTURE….and stop yapping about irrelevant issues that keep turbine construction in progress.
      I told all of you this 2 years ago…but you continue down a road that you will never prove for 30 years.

    • Developers hire contractors and sub-contractors to do the various project parts.

      If a contractor does shoddy work then that contractor or sub-contractor is responsible for any damages. And the local government would be the party that approved the work done by the contractor and thus becomes a party to the damages.

      There are many issues involved in installing IWT pads. Complex situation and takes experts to know if the pads are done right. This is not just cement and rebar in the ground.

  3. For a quick calculation of the massive wastage of materials etc. etc. to remove the bases of 6 to 9 turbines, here’s the figures from “Nextera Makes Dump of Adelaide Township”, July 9, 2014:

    “how many trucks of cement was needed to pour the 800 metric tons of concrete for each turbine? Forty. Then also 40 tons of rebar loaded on 4-6 flatbed trucks, then it needs to be busted out by what and how many diesel machines? Then the used cement is loaded by more diesel machines, into more diesel machines and dumped in a big pile.”

  4. Greg,

    What you have suggested was was brought up at least a couple of years ago but not much was done about getting these inspection records.
    Along with the base goes the grounding system.

    There are no other IWT inspections except for the bases/pads and the reason given for this was that developers would not risk shoddy work on something that cost so much money. Ha!

    • Give these turbine companies a inch and they will run with it!! – I call one of them
      Nex Terror!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Someone who comments here has clearly stated (in past posts) that the turbines are not under any building code. And this same person has encouraged all of us to try and get such building code requirements enacted. Has there been any movement on this?

    • The building code seems to exempt wind turbines with an output under 3kW, but those are the ones you typically see on flag poles, not what usually are considered IWTs.

      • Yeah you got that right regarding the wind turbines are exempt form allot of things!! – including the taking down of active eagles’ nest in Selkirk Ontario! – they were told to stay away from it 800 meters!! – did they NO!!!!!! and then to have the MNR state it was AOK to take it down!! – I told Joe Halloran at the MNR that I knew he was only doing what he was told – but sometimes people have to take the moral highroad!! STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Someone also posted that it was at the county level where the pad permits were issued but maybe all counties don’t do this?

        A major issue here is that these developers could stick local governments with huge liabilities because permits were issued that should not have been issued because local inspectors didn’t have the expertise to ok them. These are NOT house & barn foundations.

        If something is done out of compliance along rights-of-ways and local governments fail to correct the issues then they will be liable if anything goes wrong.

        These local governments should stay away from developers unless court ordered to deal with them. Rural people could be stuck with big amounts of money to pay for damages.

  6. Maybe it’s good that local governments didn’t inspect these because if the foundations were not right then the local governments could be sued?

    Local inspectors might not have the expertise to correctly inspect IWTs? This was discussed as well.

  7. Googling in Bornish brings up no news accounts of this fiasco; leaning tower brings up Pisa.
    All i get is company information crowing about how difficult is was to build over the winter, and how electricity will flow Jul (now).
    Where is the news media on this, seems a stark story of some gross incompetence in building, designing the towers. The newsletter does mention the 800 tonnes of concrete and 40 tonnes rebar, maybe that wasn’t quite enough. CBC, CTV, Anyone?

    • It was a very bad winter for pouring concrete but ~ 3 ft left off the bottom of the base?

      The issue here was any local government involved in any pad/permits/ inspections?
      Otherwise the public is off the hook in this one. The contractors and sub-contractors will have to eat the losses and not the developer.

      The issue of sub-standard materials came up in the construction of the Herb Grey Parkway. Lawyers warned the province about future liabilities connected with this situation.

      Local governments need to insulate themselves against any present or future lawsuits connected to or related to IWT developments in their towns and counties.

      At least it’s good that this situation has surfaced now.

      The MSM doesn’t want to offend any developers. So just leave most of the real story out.

  8. On a slightly unrelated topic! In today’s UK Daily Telegraph there is a story regarding catastrophic wind turbine fires. They are accepted as catastrophic because even the wind industry can’t pretend that once ignited, they can’t be controlled by existing fire fighting equipment and personnel, however well trained and prepared they may be.
    The wind energy industry worldwide admits to around a dozen a year worldwide!
    The independent group conducting the enquiry point out there is no legal requirement for wind energy companies to actually report such incidents. Their research indicates that catastrophic turbine fires possibly occur at least ten times more than those reported. They go on to suggest this is an unintended consequence of green energy and that the potential impact of such fires could negatively affect a large area due to fire debris fallout and harmful emissions created by the burning turbine components. Their most recent incident was a turbine in Scotland ignited by a lightning strike during a storm with hurricane force winds………………. What other industry on earth can casually brush this off as just a minor incident and nothing to worry about?
    On the permit front I’m not sure that all municipalities have actually worked out what is happening to them! It’s sad for us taxpayers because if a really bad liability situation does arise it is the elected council who, under the Municipal Act, are still the sole planning authority for a municipality. The Green Energy Act has stripped them of that authority with regard to wind and solar projects, but ultimately they may legally be ruled liable for approving permits even though they have no choice under the GEA! And if you believe the province’s lawyers backing the wind/solar industry lawyers won’t pursue this if and when any turbines have to be taken down then you have not been taking notice!
    Don’t know about other municipalities but we have a ‘Chief Building Manager’ as well as a Township Planner. I thought it was the planner who signed off on building permits for the longest time! Apparently not! The other guy can sign off on permits without necessarily having to seek council’s approval beforehand………….
    The system is broken and with this ‘new’ government, already claiming they have a mandate to destroy Ontario, at least on their past record, we are screwed! Time for pitchforks or to just lie down and accept the inevitable!
    Sorry to be so long and so pessimistic! Ontario has spoken and shown they don’t care!
    Andrew Watts

    • People are right to be concerned about catastrophic turbine fires. The one near Goderich occurred in Apr 3013. No problem on a windless night in the spring. Listen to the Wind spokesman:

      “”Dan Hayden with Capitol Power says “There was a very low risk of the fire spreading on the ground and at that point we realized there was not much they could do expect let it burn itself out.””

      Suppose the next fire is in Aug in the middle of wheat stubble with 30 km winds, Do Lucknow or Goderich volunteer fire departments have the personnel or equipment to deal with that? Where is the water source to deal with such a fire?

      Like so much of the wind development file this question has never been thoroughly addressed. Ont is simply hoping for the best on the safety front, sometimes hope is not enough. Obviously the wind industry is simply relying on local volunteer fire brigades.

      • Thanks for your response Martin!
        With the best will in the world there isn’t a full time or volunteer fire force in Ontario trained or equipped to fight a fire on a wind turbine several hundred feet in the air. Their own mandate allows them to merely monitor catastrophic fires and contain them as best they can. That’s no negative reflection on any firefighter, they do a tremendous job. But that mandate, under the GEA, allows the province and the wind energy industry to ignore safety issues because they know local fire departments are legally, and quite rightly, not required to kill their firefighters unnecessarily.
        It’s not that the provincial government and the wind energy companies aren’t aware of the potential catastrophic consequences of such incidents. In their own ‘scheme of things’ they just don’t care.
        Andrew Watts

      • Sorry Guys, I couldn’t ignore this! A quote from Martin’s comment:
        “”Dan Hayden with Capitol Power says “There was a very low risk of the fire spreading on the ground and at that point we realized there was not much they could do expect let it burn itself out.””
        Apart from his inability to write ‘except’ not ‘expect’.
        Don’t forget these are ‘the cream of the cream’ of the highly educated green energy industry……………::-)
        Don’t know about you guys but in my municipality if I want to light a fire in my backyard I have to first obtain a permit from the fire chief!
        Yet a wind energy company can ‘…realize(d)there was not much they could do expect(except)let it burn itself out…’?
        Move over lunatics, the wind energy industry with the total support of a new Wynne majority government have truly and completely taken over the asylum that was once a province named Ontario!
        I feel a ‘Nero’ coming on! Guess I should call Wynne and offer my services to play a violin as Ontario burns! Hmmm! Maybe not! She’ll do a far better job than I could ever imagine.
        Andrew Watts

      • And if another turbine fire were to again start after midnight (as the Apr./13 turbine fire did) when most folk are asleep in their beds, but this time on a very dry windy August night, who would know for quite some time, til it’s totally out of control in the surrounding fields? Closest big water souce is Lake Huron, about 1 mile west.

    • Yes. It’s time for action! But ideas are needed?

      Try to shop smart or as much as possible and this will cut down on the GST that is collected.

  9. Great News!

    The Liberal mantra:
    Why let a – ‘good crisis’ – go to waste.

    Premier Social Justice – can now say –
    ‘climate change’ – caused the wind turbines to lean over.
    The possibilities – are endless.

    Whereas – for the gagged farmer;
    he can just – ‘shut his mouth’.

    Good point!
    ‘[excerpt] They cannot just move them over and pour another pad.

    Remember everyone— these people are EXPERTS!!!’

    Memo from NextEra:
    We’ll work you through – the entire procedure.

    Okay – we’re watching!

  10. If they moved the IWTs in this project then they would be out of compliance not that this makes any difference now in Ontario?

    How did they get away with burning all those logs from trees cut along the road in another project?
    No open burning allowed except for IWT developers?

    Burn up the evidence!

  11. Can anyone out there document the process to extract the existing turbine?
    Photos, activity log, whatever.
    This could come in useful when discussing the costs of removal, and the need for a bond/deposit of some sort at time of construction.

  12. Be sure to have this documented in newspapers. That would be most helpful. Ask the reporters to find out how much it will cost per turbine to move them. And it would be nice if someone could get a lot closer and take some pictures. Thank you.

    • Newspapers have shown remarkably little interest in this story; at least I have been unable to find any so far.
      This sort of story could have been of interest before Jun 12, along with the story of the C-K airport towers. Not that it would have mattered, IWTs were not addressed as an election issue, except in the ridings fortunate enough to be host to them….

      Maybe the London Free Press will eventually report on this, perhaps someone will bring it to their attention.

      • I don’t think the media really care. Most publish in areas where support for ‘saving the planet’ still sells far more ‘news’ than than supporting their own local customers suffering the negative impacts of wind and solar projects.
        As for the recent election, regardless of whose ‘fault’ it may have been, it was always and only about the 100,000 public sector jobs and nothing more.
        You are correct except that IWTs, the GEA and anything to do with the Ontario green energy scam never made it into any local campaign!
        The GTA won this election for Wynne and rural Ontario was always going to be left out in the cold……………..
        I would love to persuade my local township to consider seceding from Niagara Region.
        How much better if we could persuade agricultural and rural Ontario to secede from the GTA…………..?
        Andrew Watts

  13. Is it lack of interest on the part of the MSM or they don’t want to step on certain people’s toes?

    Have company with foreign government with part ownership in IWTs. Said company has been asked to remove said offending IWTs but so far won’t do so.

    Those involved knew that the offending IWTs should not have been placed where they are to begin with.

    So who runs things? Canada or the French government? No wonder those involved don’t want the public to know the circumstances involved in this situation!

    • I suspect were the involved companies oil exploration or pipeline entities located near native communities, MSM would provide plenty of coverage.

      • Exactly! Someone wiser than myself compared the current situation to a “war time mentality”.

        During wartime it is OK to suspend civil liberties, expropriate land, etc. It is all for the “greater good”. Collateral damage is acceptable. In fact, casualties are expected.

        Further, the press will “self censor” since we don’t want to report that our only “weapons” (wind turbines) are not working.

        I have been called a traitor as I’m sure many other have.

      • Yes when it comes to the Liberals and their Wind Turbine Scam – the taxpayers, farms and the wildlife are the collateral damage!!!!!!!!!!!!! along with their wallets!!!! – still awaiting for Wynne to answer my question regarding the wind turbines!!! – as they are not working to help bring the hydro rates down!! – but only to line the Liberals wallets!!! – the energy minster still has not answered my question regarding as to when we will see a reduction in our hydro rates!!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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