Airports and wind turbines a Liberal hot potato

7 thoughts on “Airports and wind turbines a Liberal hot potato

  1. Passing the football! Will they also blame Harper when a fatality occurs…. not not Ontario’s fault!!

  2. Ive come to the conclusion that the liberals are nothing more than climate fear mongering pimps! Hence the name change of the ministries to help along that fear so they can feel extra special for doing such atrocious things.

    The pimp part comes as to them screwing the hell out of this province and putting all that live here dead last for concern.

    they dont care where they put them as long as they just put them is the deal the’ve made with the devils that are exempt from all rules.

    Airports, radar stations are merely in the greed energy giants way and to hell with the safety of residents of Ontario.

    making it such a wonderful place to live here in the province of havenot.

  3. Daily Caller, July 23, 2014

    “According to a report by researchers at the Sandia National Laboratory, the Ivanpah solar thermal is ‘sufficient to cause significant ocular impact (potential for after-image) up to a distance of ~6 miles,’ adding the glare was not enough to cause permanent eye damage.”

    Many pilots have complained about this solar plant problem.

    So why build plants like this to begin with? Just to create more problems to be solved?

  4. “Nobody thought a government would be so stupid”

    Chiarelli: “there’s a process for that”

    Glenn Murray: (on his hind legs)
    “a little less confrontational”
    “this is not an Ontario issue, it is a national issue”
    “the federal guidelines are a little soft, problematic”

  5. France should buy the C-K airport and make it an embassy?
    Probably would be more convenient for them?

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