Mother of All Yard Sales

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Mother Against Wind Turbines Inc.
Summer is yard sale season in Canada.  This past Saturday was no different and a large and well attended yard sale was held.  Many groups will spend countless volunteer hours working hard as a collective in a variety of fundraising activities to support their interests and communities.  The recent sale in West Lincoln,  Ontario was put on by a determined and dedicated group and was a resounding success by any measure.  Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.  is a group of mothers, fathers, grandparents  who have come together to face off against the imposition of power generation plants powered by the wind in their communities against their consent.    Wind power has branded itself as green energy and anyone who points out it failings, is called out as selfish and  uninformed to its touted higher purposes of saving the world.   The wind industry tries hard to uphold the facade of being superior to other forms of electrical power generation.  It  has no faults or failings  because its fuel is harvested from the wind that blows across the land. The wind industry in Ontario still drives the political favour of the current elected government.   In communities who haven’t actually had to live with the wind projects, it is a wonderful feel- good thing to impose on someone else.

We really are mothers.  The members of this group are the very individuals found in any community and our family compositions on close inspection are just as diverse as any other population group.   Many of our membership and an overwhelming number have children or close family members with Developmental Delays, Autism and other congenital or acquired challenges no one would wish for, or choose for any child.   Indeed if such a choice was to be had.    The testimony of the “first generation of wind impacted” residents is of an urgent concern for parents of children who face daily challenges beyond the ordinary.   The stories of Ontario residents who have been harmed by wind turbine emissions are emotional, heart wrenching and speak of abuse of power and neglect from the various bodies that should be acting in precaution and protection of health.    Governmental entities play political rugby with these lives by means of deflection and finger pointing that is currently at a fevered pitch as even more turbine towers are being raised.

Reported impacts from wind turbines reported  range from minor nuisances to severe health effects.   When someone is forced from their home and the only condition in their living environment that has changed is the operations of wind turbines, something is wrong,  very very wrong.   When you are a mother of a child who is special needs, these reported experiences make your blood run cold and raise the protective mother bear alarms and compels you to protect your child.   Advocating for your child’s  needs that are a necessity for life and  are required for them to grow , be healthy and happy has become a hard learned lesson and an acquired skill.  This  drives many of us on a day to day basis.  Simple things like a good night’s sleep are never taken for granted.  Its absence will impact behaviors and health.  Sleep disturbances, headaches, ear pain and pressure, heighten anxiety to the point of intolerance  are among the universally reported adverse health effects from living in proximity to wind power plants.    Mothers,  parents will fight for what is right and what is protective and in the best interests for their child.

Wind projects  have so many issues that are swept aside by those who never have to gaze upon them from every window of their home.  It is clear if you are living near wind turbines or are suffering  with health effects from the operation or emissions of these machines your voice is to be muted and disregarded. You are a necessary sacrifice that must be paid for Renewable “Clean” Energy.    Industrial Wind Turbines  are also exempt from many other  reasonable or common sense engineering, land use and planning considerations.  Legislations and regulations revoked under the Green Energy Act that puts creating a green energy economy ahead of all other concerns.   Money costs trumps health and safety.   Cancelling granted contracts or paying to evacuate families seeking remedies are too costly for Ontario,  as demonstrated in the replies given in response to recent questions raised in Queens Park.   Creating a failing of valid authority of consent  that has been taken and crafted by the very same hands of Government  who should be protective of the most vulnerable members of our society.  The real danger of these projects lies in the insidious erosions of rights that are to be held for all us, as equals in the Canadian Charter of Rights and in the United Nations Declaration of Rights of the Child.   Who has decided my child does not deserve the same protections?

A yard sale held by smart, strong, capable mothers.  We are a force to be reckoned with.


2 thoughts on “Mother of All Yard Sales

  1. Everyone who came by was more than willing to help contribute to the legal costs to help fight the NRWC wind project in West Lincoln. It was great to see so many come out.

    We heard stories about being approached by Wind Developers. The woman was praised and thanked for not falling for their “sales pitch”. Her neighbour however did. We heard a story of how a family went to their favourite camp ground, with their child, which is now surrounded by Turbines. She described it as standing under a plane engine, they didn’t sleep well at all. She said their once relaxing view was ruined by turbines lining the lake. Being a Photographer, she said she was quite disappointed. Needless to say they won’t be going back to that camp ground.

    Information pamphlets were eagerly accepted and I think we gained quite a few new wind warriors. I’m not a member of the “Mothers Against Wind Turbines Inc.” but as a mother I fully support them and was at the yard sale.. MAWT Inc. are no where done fighting for our community and by the show of people who came to the yard sale…knowing full well that the funds were going to the legal fund….neither is West Lincoln!!

    A Pissed off Momma Bear!!

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