Noise complaints lead to monitoring

wind-farm-noise-mapby Sandy Casselmanhttp, Winchester Press
BRINSTON – It has been more than six months since the blades of the South Branch Wind Farm turbines began to spin, leaving more than one nearby resident with some sleepless nights. “I call when it gets to the point I can’t tolerate it anymore and I go to the basement [to sleep],” Brinston resident Leslie Disheau, former president of the South Branch Wind Opposition Group, said. “It is an issue and
I’m not the only person in town with the issue.”

Disheau, who is running for the Municipality of South Dundas’ deputy-mayor seat in this fall’s municipal election, has been staying close to home since the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) installed noise-monitoring equipment at her Brinston Road property last week. “MOE contacted me and asked if they could put this noise monitoring equipment up,” Disheau said.

The two pieces of equipment measure wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, rainfall, and more, she said. She has submitted three separate noise complaints so far. Every complaint must be filed with EDP Renewables’ project leader Ken Little and local MOE representative Terry Forrester to be officially registered. Read article

4 thoughts on “Noise complaints lead to monitoring

  1. I hope they are taking recording “Inside” her home…under the conditions when she feels it the most ….or it’s all just for show.

  2. Keep emailing the Premier the Energy Minister and your MPP!! – they can only pass the buck off to a few people and believe you me they are running out of people to take the hit for them!!!! – all of this over the god all mighty dollar!!!

    • *As Per Your Fraud by kate uv kaia To whom it may concern;
      A vast fraud upon all of humanity has recently come to my attention and something you may or may not be aware of, depending on your job, role, title as it relates to government, post office, legal/lawful occupations, law enforcement, military etc. There is much confusion with many in that one’s true name given to them is assumed/presumed to ONLY be a LEGAL NAME, which it certainly is not. The fraud is assuming/presuming one is automatically a LEGAL NAME in things like mortgages, loans, tickets, fines, taxes etc. where, in fact, no disclosure of the intent to commit fraud, entice a human into slavery via deception etc. et al from the true owner of all LEGAL NAME(S) COPYRIGHT, namely the owners/oathers of the CROWN CORPORATION has never and was never offered rendering all things legal/lawful null and void since it is based on fraudulent intent ab initio.
      As a case in point, if someone were to know the difference between the LEGAL NAME and their true name (which sounds the same) they would be immediately in contempt of every court on this planet if they set foot in one KNOWING this but would also be deemed crazy for even being there, if even only to explain this mistake of assumption/assumption deception. Every judge/justice/mayor (chief justice) would instantly be guilty of aiding and abetting fraud, which they are anyway based on their own rules, if someone made this known to them in a BAR/CROWN courtroom.

      • Hi Non Voter!! I must really be out of it because I do not get your comments!! – as far as career path my is in Insurance/Government !!! I have a short fuse when it comes to people who say allot and never gets their point across!!!

        STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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