Dr. Arline Bronzaft: wind turbine noise

Arline Bronzaft, PhD, speaking to Vermont Public Service Board’s third sound standard investigation workshop, Montpelier, Vermont, July 29, 2014.

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  1. “I think my comments will be a little different, since I actually do the research and not just review it.
    Employing my experience as a professor of nearly forty years for the City University of New York, and a researcher conducting research on noise impacts for the same period of time, I’m going to address whether the knowledge so far attained about the potential impact of wind turbine noise and health is grounded in the kind of research that will allow definitive answers
    fifty years ago, when people complained that second-hand smoke was harmful to their health, they were largely dismissed. As a person suffering from allergies and asmtha, I know what it’s like to feel, to be ridiculed, and I know how I felt all those years about my telling people that I was being sickened…”

  2. Insults:


    French Greens Senator questions French government over wind turbine adverse health effects
    Senator Helene Lipietz (French Green Party — EELV) – May 1, 2014

    Senator Helene Lipietz calls for increasing the distance between the location of a wind energy facility to over 500 metres from future homes, whilst maintaining a distance of about 400 metres between each turbine.

    Written Question No. 11440 Hélène Lipietz ( Seine –et-Marne — Ecolo ) published in the OJ Senate May 1, 2014 — page 1005

    “Senator Helene Lipietz draws the attention of the Ministere de L’Ecologie Du Developpement Durable et de L’Energie and Energy about increasing the distance between the location of a facility for large wind turbines over 500 metres from future homes, whilst maintaining a distance of about 400 metres between each turbine, and the encouragement of individual equipment with micro — wind installations.

    The reasons are varied. She evokes the lack of serious and independent studies on the impact of large wind turbines on the health of residents, such as noise pollution, sleep disorders, the potential stroboscopic effect trigger of epileptic crisis. She asks the Government to study the expansion of the circle of exclusion these “skyscrapers of wind” around dwelling places until studies are conducted, and the strengthening of citizen consultations and the opportunity to help develop micro-wind.”

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