South Huron opts not to support turbine appeals

2014_06010033By Scott Nixon, Times-Advocate
SOUTH HURON — Citing a desire not to waste taxpayers’ money, South Huron council has decided not to support the Municipality of Bluewater’s appeal of Northland Power’s Grand Bend Wind Farm project. South Huron held a committee of the whole meeting in the afternoon of Aug. 11 to deal with six requests it had recently received from James Corcoran of the local Trees Not Turbines group.

As previously reported, Bluewater has decided to appeal both the Northland Grand Bend turbine project and the NextEra Goshen project. Corcoran’s first request to South Huron was that it support the appeal of the Grand Bend project.

Coun. Dennis Hockey said after South Huron has consulted with its lawyer, it has determined such appeals “are not winnable” because the province has taken away municipalities’ power. Read article

11 thoughts on “South Huron opts not to support turbine appeals

  1. Defeatist attitudes such as this will ensure proponents can and will run over municipalities with steam rollers. Road permits ? Don’t need one. Entrance permits ? Don’t need one. They will just go ahead and do as they please because they now know you are just going to hide in the corner sitting on your hands.

  2. Elected leaders in all municipalities in Ontario ought to have collectively gone to Queens Park to address the loss of democracy and their ability to honour the Precautionary Principle on behalf of their residents/landowners. The citizens in Ashfield Colborne Wawanosh were not informed prior to the last election. An informed citizenry would have prevented this mess. A referendum on this issue would have given the Councillors direction.
    Going forward, we need to demand collective courage from our Councillors.

    • Painful to think – keeping the game on track;
      and, collecting a pay cheque!

      It must be calm – behind closed doors.

    • Sommer, what would you do
      if one of your council members or county employees
      accused you of being frivolous, vexatious, and harassing in nature?

      • I have a deep sense of justice. I would/will proceed as politely/peacefully as possible using every possible proper protocol ,with
        zero tolerance for people being made victims in any way of this ‘green’ agenda. I include leaseholders who were desperate for the financial security and are now going to be held liable for negative effects to their neighbours.

  3. Jim Murphy , who now works for Invenergy, and Paul Gipe authored an article/phamplet ,endorsed by the OFA that supported the installation of IWTs in rural Ontario as I recall.

    As I also recall Jim Murphy was with OSEA at that time.

    Paul Gipe was involved in supporting the passage of the Green energy Act.

    Now turns out that Paul Gipe is an associate of Lois Barber of EarthAction which began at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio which was directed by Maurice Strong.

    Both the OFA and the provincial government encouraged landowners to sign up for IWTs.

    There were other financial options that people could have used to secure their financial futures if they had consulted a lawyer or chartered accountant. Like a reverse mortgage. Instead they chose to encumber their property for 20 years or more by first signing an option and then a lease.

  4. wind sales people who promote this to potential lease holders are willing to work on these people for years. For the older people they promote security and the “you’re doing it for your kids”. One family I know of here in the states. Older Husband & wife (weren’t sure whether to sign) – daughter who owned land nearby didn’t care. However she visited friends in an area that had a wind project and saw how huge and problems there were – But, Her mother had already signed an lease by that time. The Older couple (the parents). H& W not sure about signing. Sales guy visited and stopped by, became friends. Two weeks after the husband died he got the wife to sign the lease. I’m sure she was probably worried about the future of the farm…

    • These are “commercial” options and leases. No one should sign without first consulting a lawyer. And these are real estate law issues and commercial building issues to be taken into account. Way beyond what the average landowner knows.

  5. I believe that although they sales people will mention that — that they (sales guys) spend a lot of time “working” the persons they want to get sign the lease… becoming friends.. gaining trust.

  6. Thank goodness for the strong municipal officials in Lambton County who continue to oppose wind turbines and fight for our democracy!

  7. Morningstar

    Northland Power
    Institutional Ownership:
    RBC Life Insurance, 3,013,923 shares
    BMO Asset management, 2,831,072 shares
    CIBC Asset management Inc., 2,287,485 shares
    RBC Global Asset Management Inc., 2,140,894 shares

    Funds Ownership:
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    Investment Talk, Nov.15, 2013

    Management ownership is at 39%

    The CEO has shares worth $29.4 million and an officer has shares worth $23.5 million

    A lot of big banks ownership among the IWT companies.

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