Ontario government running two analyses despite vow not to put more turbines in lakes

offshore_windLondon Free Press, John Miner
The Ontario government is launching two studies into putting wind farms in waterways, but maintains there are no plans to drop its moratorium on offshore wind-energy development. “Ontario will not proceed with offshore wind projects until enough scientific evidence exists to demonstrate that any future proposals can be developed in a way that is protective of both human health and the environment,” a spokesperson for the Ontario Environment Ministry said Monday.

Friday, the province invited bids on a study of the noise impact of offshore wind farms. It’s also seeking experts to study the requirements for decommissioning offshore wind farms. “These studies will help inform any future decisions on offshore wind development in Ontario,” Kate Jordan of the Ontario Environment Ministry wrote in an e-mail.

In the run-up to the 2011 Ontario election, the McGuinty government placed a moratorium on offshore wind farms, mostly planned for Lakes Huron and Ontario. Critics claimed it was a crass political move to save Liberal ridings in the face of a public backlash against unsightly wind farms in view of waterfront properties. The government maintained it made the move because there wasn’t enough scientific evidence on wind farms in fresh-water lakes. The moratorium triggered a $2.25-billion lawsuit against the government by Trillium Power Wind Corp., which had plans to build an offshore wind farm near Kingston. A lower court threw the lawsuit out, but it was reinstated in November 2013 by the Ontario Court of Appeal. Read article

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    ‘[excerpt] Recent Lobbyist Registrations

    Client — Desire2Learn
    Incorporated Consultant — Dalton McGuinty
    Firm — 8572127 Canada Inc.

    Name or Description of Policy, Program or Decision:
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  2. Wind Boss ‘blows his brains out’

    National Wind Watch
    filed: September 13, 2014 • Scotland

    Credit: Written by Val Sweeney | The Inverness Courier | 12/09/2014 | http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk

    ‘[excerpt] The under-fire boss of a renewable energy company has resigned following a backlash against homophobic remarks he posted on social media.

    Matt Braund, the Inverness-based project development manager of ABO Wind UK, quit yesterday but accused anti-wind farm campaigners of “despicable” behaviour.

    They had called for him to step down after it emerged he had posted the remarks on Facebook.

    “It gives me great sadness to be leaving a company that I have worked so hard with for the past number of years,” said Mr Braund in a statement.

    “My resignation is in part due to the adverse effect my private comments have had on one of our projects within the Highlands.”

    ABO Wind UK — a subsidiary of a German offshore wind company — is investing £390 million in the Highlands, including controversial plans for the 25-turbine Allt Carach development in Strathglass.

    “I find it quite despicable that any group would sink to such low tactics to try and stop a project from going ahead,” said Mr Braund.

    “This form of action will have no effect whatsoever on the desire of the company to submit a planning application for the development and to hopefully see it succeed to full operation.

    “Given that I live in the area, I can no longer subject my family to any further intrusions on their right to carry on with their everyday lives free from any adverse reactions by a small minority towards them.”

    Mr Braund insisted the postings did not reflect his true feelings.

    “I have always prided myself on being a person who accepts anyone, no matter what creed, background, lifestyle, gender or ability,” he said. “I have been proud to support and encourage people to grow as professionals within ABO and our industry and I wish every success to ABO in the future.

    “I would very much like to thank all of my friends, family and wider community for their support over the past week. Their kind comments have made this process much easier.”

    ABO said it respected his decision and believed it was in the best interests of all parties.

    “ABO Wind was very surprised and disappointed to learn that one of our employees had made such unacceptable comments on Facebook,” it said in a statement.

    “We expect our employees to treat all members of the community with respect and tolerance. We cannot condone the comments made by Matt Braund. We believe that members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community deserve the same respect as the rest of the community. The same also applies to members of the disabled community.”

    Source: Written by Val Sweeney | The Inverness Courier | 12/09/2014 | http://www.inverness-courier.co.uk

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