Galerie Q Art Contest: How wind turbines affect our Health, Environment and Communities

Gallerie Q (details here)


2 thoughts on “Galerie Q Art Contest: How wind turbines affect our Health, Environment and Communities

  1. Really now, give me a break. What is this? The promo this a perception of an airy fairy wonderful world?
    An artistic critique:
    Color: appropriate use of the color red representing anger, blood, harm, death. Also representational of ignorant Liberal culture of Toronto as depicted in the city scape.
    The green silhouette of the young girl, hands folded in prayer: green – good choice of color, works visually, complimentary to red. Also green as in rotten, slime; silhouette symbolic of our children-mindless brainwashed. I hope she is praying for mercy, forgiveness.
    Geese flying overhead lol, oh how wonderfully serene is that?! I have seen flocks change course as they approach the vicinity of industrial wind turbines. A large bird of prey such as the Bald Eagle being struck down by a blade would be more accurate.
    Appropriate title: La La Land
    How would an artistic submission depicting the actual horrible truths about green energy be perceived/received by Gallery Q?
    If a teacher allowed anything but a positive perspective of renewable energy, as is taught in our schools; how would this be received by his/her administrator? Based on my personal experience, what is being taught from our text books is false. Is our public education system being used to brainwash the minds of our children?

  2. Suppose
    any of the servants
    at the Office of the Ontario Ombudsman
    understand– and can explain how–
    sleep interference/disturbance/deprivation/torture,
    caused by industrial wind energy facilities,
    are NOT
    “direct health effects”?

    Doubt it.


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