The Ontario Government has spoken: 10,000+ Wind Turbines by 2025.

2014 Mandate Letter: Energy – Ontario Government

  • Continuing to lead our government’s commitment to renewable energy, with the aim of having 20,000 megawatts of renewable energy online by 2025. You will continue to monitor progress toward targets for wind, solar, bioenergy and hydroelectricity as part of Ontario energy reporting.
  • CHATHAM-KENT, ONTARIO, INTERNAIONAL POWER GDF SUEZ from Erieau RoadContinuing to work with the ministry’s agencies to implement a new competitive procurement process for renewable energy projects larger than 500 kilowatts that will take into account local needs and considerations.
  • Continuing to respect the contracts that have been signed with energy producers, while always ensuring that these contracts enable the delivery of sustainable, affordable energy to Ontario’s ratepayers.
  • Working with the ministry’s agencies and with municipal partners to ensure that municipalities participate meaningfully and effectively in the decision-making process for the placement of renewable energy projects, including wind and natural gas.
  • Ensuring that timelines for meeting the LTEP’s energy storage procurement targets are met and that they address the regulatory barriers that limit the ability of energy storage technologies to compete in Ontario’s electricity market. As well, you will explore opportunities to build on the pilot projects through additional procurement.

44 thoughts on “The Ontario Government has spoken: 10,000+ Wind Turbines by 2025.

  1. Having the capability to store energy available at off-peak times, although very expensive, has some technical and environmental merit. However, it could just as well be used to store off-peak output of nuclear and hydro. There is no need for the wind turbines.

  2. Storage DOES NOT have merit. Noone has a credible storage technoloogy. There is a lot of talk (pumped water, compressed air, flywheels, batteries, etc), but none of this is relevant until Engineers can show a working prototype (at MW scale) and a cost-benefit analysis……All talk of storage is either wishful thinking, an attempt to get funding, or an attempt to distract us from the reality that turbines do not work….

    • My main point of course was that even with storage the Wind Turbines still make no sense.
      On the subject of drumming up funding, Californians seem prepared to pay through the nose to feel better.

      • And Heaps proposed raising Lake Ontario by 29 cm so pumped storage could be used to store energy for Ontario and New York use.

      • Yes, anyone interested in the technical aspects should take a look at the link Will R provides here. Pumped storage is a gravity-based system. No gravity-based system has a hope of providing anything worthwhile.

      • Here’s an article that explains how energy storage for wind is an impossibility because it reduces wind’s EROEI (Energy Returned On Energy Invested) below the breakeven point.
        This is important because it means we will never be able to use energy storage to overcome the extreme unreliability of solar and wind power.

  3. They are talking storage to keep investors interested.
    They have no problem lying to them as they do the rest of the population as the bottom is about to fall out. It’s not the shiny,happy industry it once was

  4. A revealing document. Wynne is committed to 10,000 turbines. or whatever it takes to each some magic number like 20,000 MW. though she pays lip service re
    “municipalities participate meaningfully and effectively in the decision-making process”.
    there is absolutely no mention of “willing host” resolutions. All that talk was for the election campaign. She won the election, and intends to carry out her policies. All these wind plants will be in rural Ont, mostly SW Ont.
    Since there cannot be a municipality left where a majority welcome industrial wind plants, what does she mean by participating in decision making? The MOE continues to approve projects at a 95% rate, the whole idea is to complete the makeover of Ont electrical system in the next 4 years.

      • I was being overly cautious without researching all the appeals; I know of but one the PEC project turned down for fear of harm to Banding turtle. That one may have been overturned and back on track again.
        Lets say 95%+, or 99%. There are probably some that were turned down but my point is with even a 95% rate the MOE approval process is a sick joke, rubber stamp call it whatever you want.

    • Martin – The MOE itself has, to my knowledge, never turned down an application. The tribunal turned down Ostrander Point, which was overturned on appeal (with the MOE’s support) and is now being appealed again. I suspect there is no area of Ontario where they wouldn’t approve a project, with the exception of Liberal ridings.

      • Thanks. I was considering MOE and the tribunal part of the same process, Ostrander would technically qualify,
        I try very hard to make any arguments using valid facts as that is far more effective, As soon as you state MOE has a 100% approval rate, someone is bound to write in with the one application they turned down; better to say they have a +98% rating. That gets the same point across.
        The MOE is a rubber stamp.

      • I see your point about the MOE and the Tribunal being one and the same. Totally agree with the rubber stamp.

  5. The decision from the federal government on changing the Canadian radar system to accommodate IWTs sent a clear message to the Ontario government that there will be little or no opposition to IWTs being installed in Canada.

    Look what happened a few days later!

  6. The power surplus in Ontario continues and rate payers will be paying even more through the nose to dispose of all this energy, one way or another. In the absence of any clear need or even sensible economic benefit to the Province as a whole — one can only ask ‘who benefits from this blind obsession, really…’?

    • Developers, investors and a whole bunch of people who make money off of installing IWTs including the USW.

  7. 20,000 MW of renewable power represents what percentage of electricity supply for Ontario?

    The Ontario government is trying to make Ontario an electricity powerhouse like Alberta is an oil powerhouse with the intentions of selling this power to the U.S.

    However, the transmission lines to do this have not yet been built. When the lines are available then they expect to run this system flat-out to sell the electricity.

    Of course paid for by Ontarians!

    The part of Ontario in which they propose to do this is one of the few places in Canada where tender food crops can be grown outside due to the climate.

    • Right, but every kwh exported since the McGuinty wind buildup began has generated net loss to Ont. Estimates vary of course, but excess of 1 $B is generally accepted as a figure; even the AG has reported on these losses. Not many businesses selling goods at less than production costs remain in operation long, yet this is what the Liberal government seems to be planning. Someone at Queens Park can do the math, its hard to understand where the Liberals are going with this idea.

      • And the present government is willing to accept these losses to accomplish their long term plans.

        Losses paid for by Ontarians!

  8. At noon today – Sept 28, 2014 the output of all the industrial wind turbines in Ontario was 27 MW !!
    This is out of 2463 MW available capacity, so the wind turbines are operating at 1.1% efficiency. To spend taxpayers money on this scheme is madness. Turning wind energy into electricity will be the alchemy of the 21st century.

    • In business terms this is accepting short term loses in hopes of obtaining gains/profits sometime in the long term/future.

      • Still I cannot see the upside for any Ont company here. Surely Americans are not dumb enough to sign import electricity deals based on wind generated power, today they wouldn’t receive any. If they get the conventional generated power, than wouldn’t Ont customers be short? I know this makes no sense as a business plan, but what are Liberals real intentions?
        Wynne’s attached document pays lip service to provincial exports, but is silent on exports to American customers.

      • They won’t sign for wind and solar alone. Any contracts will include the needed backup power guarantee from hydro, nuclear, gas.

        This is what they are not telling the public.

    • Actually the available wind capacity in Ontario now is 2678MW which means at 27MW wind energy was running at less than 1% capacity.

      • True, but has anyone ever seen this information like this published by the MSM?

  9. wind turbines run at less then 30% efficiency, does that mean we need more the 33000 turbines to get the 20000 MW?

    • No these calculations are not linear. Just checking I see Ont’s fleet of approx 1500 turbines are generating 42 MW, or rounded 0% of supply. 3000, or 6000, or 20,000, what would make any difference. There is no wind today, so no noticeable generation from any installations.
      Paving over all of Huron county with wind plants would not generate any power today.
      This is a point generally lost on wind enthusiasts,

      • The public is told that the wind is always blowing somewhere in the province.

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  11. The public is being told a lot of things, but the IESO data is readily available at several sites, one might expect the media to be aware of this, The public is being told very little by Wynne on any export strategy, little wonder if this is the Plan.

  12. The real issues is that 20,000 MW by 2015 and perhaps 10,000 turbines. Doesn’t matter if the power is to be exported or not.

    The facts are that rural Ontarians are going to bear the brunt of this.

    Do rural Ontarians want to live under these circumstances or try to prevent this from happening?

  13. Hey my name is Tye and I am doing a school project on renewable energy. I am trying to get both sides of the story so I got the good side of renewable energy so I came on here to find the bad side of renewable energy, so if you have an comments please feel free to email me at

    • Tye, keep up with OWR, WCO and Tom Adams and their links.

      To begin with IWTs are not turbines. They are modern versions of wind mills.

      It’s not true that these wind mills can produce the amount of electricity that proponents claim they can.

      Next look into energy density and you will find that wind is a poor source of energy and this is why it takes so many IWTs to produce only a small amount of electricity.

      They do not cut down on CO2 for several reasons.

      They cause a lot of environmental damage for many reasons and have safety and health issues for people living near them.

      This should get you started and if you have questions post them at OWR.

  14. It’s not just about electricity costs. it’s about what’s going in with the whole financial system…and yes wind is part of the ponzi racket.

    A crash will put those government 2025 plans on hold.

    two stories on alternate business sites this morning. google:

    Elephant in the Room Minsky Moment

    New Global Crisis Imminent Due To “Poisonous Combination Of Record Debt And Slowing Growth”, CEPR Report Warns

    the government just keeps spending and pretending so the plantation workers keep believing and toiling and consuming. after the next crash of the financial system, they will be dumping bales of $s from cargo planes. that should lead to hyperinflation and completely destroy savings.

    meanwhile starve the cancer. don’t work/ don’t consume.

  15. Tye, remember that when you start with a falsehood you end up with a falsehood.

    There are many things that can be done on paper but don’t work in real life for a variety of reasons. Einstein explained these kinds of situations and you can look up his quotation on this.

  16. What a crock of nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!! – yeah they all are patting themselves all the way to the bank!! – while the rest of us keep paying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here in have NOT Ontario !!!!!

    STOP THE WIND TURBINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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