Perth Wellington MP Speaks Out On Wind Turbine Impacts

SchellenbergerBy Janice MacKay, Blackburn News
Retiring Perth Wellington MP Gary Schellenberger says he will continue to fight for what is right when it comes to the way wind turbines are approved. Schellenberger spoke in the House of Commons Tuesday about the lack of consideration given to wind mill construction and the lack of proper consultation for rural Ontarians.

Health Canada began a study in 2012 to research the impact of wind turbines on health, but Schellenberger says when the results are released later this year, it will be too late for some. He says the turbines are going up in many rural areas despite countless objections and when the windmills go up, so does the price of electricity. At the same time, he says neighbouring residents are seeing their quality of life and property values decline. Read article

9 thoughts on “Perth Wellington MP Speaks Out On Wind Turbine Impacts

  1. This is what is needed but does he carry any clout! Way to late for many for sure. Shame on the MOE for not accepting or even listening to our pleas not to mention all them lengthy and expensive appeals that have been plowed over. Some day I believe that this scam will be exposed and then maybe the liberal supporters will give their heads a shake. Health Canada also needs to get a move on NOW! If nothing happens soon, we are done! Ontario will be the laughing stock province in North America! Way to go Wynn for destroying our Lives, our Heritage and the landscape that will changed FOREVER!!

    • Yes, some day the wind turbine scam will be exposed for one and all to see.

      However, don’t expect the current Liberal government or its supporters to be still worried about it:

      Gas plant scandal? What scandal? Oh, that $1.1 billion scandal, the one that cost 3666.66 times as much as the Harper Conservative government’s $300,000 Airbus / EU Delegate “scandal”.

      Enablers of the Wynne / McGuinty government are extremely picky about what scandals and scams they choose to remember and who they blame for them.

      In the case of the IWT boondoggle, they will all claim to have run with the “best” information available at the time and they will deny having heard any contradictory opinion from the likes of “fringe” groups like WCO or OWR, among many others.

      jman, don’t hold your breath waiting for Ontario Liberal supporters to give their heads a shake. Conveniently, they have very short memories when it suits their misguided agenda.

  2. I have posted before why I don’t consider the federal Health study to really impact on wind energy development in Ont. Energy, natural resources are a jealously guarded provincial responsibility under the constitution. The federal government is as unlikely to dictate to Ont what to do with wind development, as they are to interfere in Quebec hydro policies and the Que-NFD longterm Churchill deal. A duly elected government got Ont into this mess, the same government which was granted a majority 3 months ago. Energy policy should have been a central issue of that election. The plan for 10,000 turbines, or 20,000 whatever the current figure is, the policy was implicitly mentioned by Chiarelli enough times for voters to be forewarned.

    If the Health study is inconclusive. or wishy-washy, wind enthusiasts will jump on it to claim no direct health risks. If it is damning, most of the wind plants will already be in place and Ont will simply claim jurisdiction and the legality of their policy.

    I have seen here several links to federal departments encouraging wind development and other bodies supporting development. Fine, federal policy may be supportive from the sidelines, and even some money involved, but that support applies to all provinces. We don’t see NFD, or Manitoba or even Quebec budgeting billions to develop a wind energy plan; only Ont is so misguided.

    In the present political climate it is unrealistic to expect the federal authorities to come to the aid of rural Ontarians.Even where they have jurisdiction, as in airspace, they seem very slow to act on it. As far as I know the C-K towers remain standing. Likewise the passive reaction to the radar hazards mentioned here.

    The wind energy fiasco is a made in Ont problem, which requires solution in the same place.

    • Would say, “International Wind Energy Rackets”
      are ‘federal government issues’…

      For example, Canada defended
      against T. Boone Pickens’ allegations of
      “maladministration, scandal, political interference,
      manipulation and contempt for the rule of law
      that dominated Ontario until the resignation
      of Premier McGuinty early in 2013”

      seeking nearly ‘a billion dollars’ in damages….

  3. Elected Municipal Councillors need to network, organize themselves and collectively ‘push back’ at Queen’s Park on behalf of all rural landowner/residents who are being surrounded by industrial wind turbines. Make this an election issue. Get rid of all Councillors who let this happen because they were too afraid to address the injustices of the Liberal’s Green Energy Act.

    Victims need/deserve a multitude of strategies employed simultaneously on their behalf.

  4. In case you missed it:

    (Simcoe Reformer)
    Wednesday, October 1, 2014
    page A3, advertisement

    “Erie Shores Wind Farm
    Open House & BBQ
    Saturday, October 4
    Rain or Shine
    55094 Glen Erie Line, Vienna, Ontario
    Open House 10am-12pm
    BBQ 12pm-1pm
    Safety Demonstration 1pm-3pm
    Capstone Infrastructure
    Erie Shores Wind Farm”
    [colour photo of IWT in advertisement out of scale]

    • Notice that the wind companies use wheat or corn crops in their photos and not crops that require a lot of workers to be in fields near the IWTs.

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