Fall Winds Wreaking Havoc in Turbine Infested Chatham-Kent

CHATHAM-KENT, ONTARIO, INTERNAIONAL POWER GDF SUEZ from Erieau Road 13The last couple of days have been very windy in Chatham-Kent. Here is a sample of what people are reporting from four different wind projects in Chatham-Kent:

  • Havent slept for three nights….people are telling me “you look exhausted”
  • Wind is bad today ! Been sick all night and today.Vertigo is hovering over my body with vibrations…It totally sucks !
  • I have been suffering from Tinnitus since our turbines were activated in January. I saw a specialist this week who found that I also had ocular flutter. She then had me do some balance test that I failed miserably and I was quite embarrassed.
  • very windy from the South southeast for a couple of days/nights now. My dog has been agitated. I have had a sharp pain in my right ear. Had to close all the windows to try to shut out the “pulsing jet engine” turbine roar. Called the MOE last night (for the 206th time).

    Sadly, this is just the beginning of the fall/winter turbine hell!

8 thoughts on “Fall Winds Wreaking Havoc in Turbine Infested Chatham-Kent

  1. Maybe it’s time that Wynne, Chiarelli, and friends receive an invitation to a sleepover at some of these homes!

  2. There is an up-coming C-K election but maybe the people of Chatham out-number the rural electorate.

    Perhaps one issue that should have been court tested is whether or not the ERT issues can be limited by the province to just health and environmental issues with all other issues off the table?

    • C-K amalgamated, so the situation there is exactly like the provincial situation… people in the city, outnumber the rural residents.

  3. unfortunately for these poor people, Wynne and her government knew darn well that there would be opposition to these turbines and changed the laws so that no one can oppose them, nor do they have to follow any environmental laws, but no one knew that or cared when they voted them back in! I feel for these people and hope they can find a way to fight them!

  4. With information like this, exposing the potential for adverse health effects, no wonder people surrounded by turbines in municipalities where the projects were approved and recently constructed are absolutely at their wits end with anxiety for what it might mean for their family, their extended family members and friends who visit. Even their animals lives could be negatively affected.
    Who, in their right mind, would not be concerned about their future once turbines are built close to their homes?

    • Just because a piece of legislation in enacted at QP does not make this legislation legal.

      Any legislation enacted can be court tested or parts of the legislation.

      By leaving out any other issues that could be brought up at ERTs puts the government in the drivers seat.

      What was left out or not allowed were the quickest ways to stop these IWTs and the government knows this.

      And now people in C-K have another season of suffering to go through!

      Try filling up the ERs at local hospitals and clog up the system. If you are sick you have the right to be there.

      • Thing is Barbara, often when you get out of the toxic environment like to a hospital, you start to feel better. The tests they run may or may not show normal all depending on the dose before you leave and time frame that tests are taken. What I do know is that no drug or therapy can make a person well when they are being hit with audible and low frequency noise (and dirty electricity) They have to leave to recuperate.

      • True, but people should go to the ER or a walk-in-clinic anyway. If you don’t then no records are created.

        People who are sick two or more nights need medical attention.

        How many nights are children sick from this?

        If people don’t seek medical care then they are just letting the people who are causing this situation off the hook.

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