What happens to a “Willing Host” of wind turbines

DSC_0681Three weeks ago OWR blew the whistle on how wind giant NextEra Energy was trying to weasel out of paying for the damage it had caused to roads in Adelaide-Metcalfe township (pop. 3000). On the Sept 15th Agenda  there was an item in the Clerk/Administrator’s report detailing how NextEra was stonewalling and not answering calls for compensation for damages on Adelaide-Metcalfe roads caused by the NextEra construction traffic for 38 wind turbines this past year.

This is a council that refused to pass the “unwilling host” resolution, twice. That should win them points with the windies, right? – uh, uh – NextEra is more like an abusive partner; and, the Township, acting like the abused partner, decided to “out” NextEra’s callous behaviour resulting in the OWR post. Purely by coincidence (?), NextEra just happened to send an urgent letter to the Township the very same day (Sept. 15) as the OWR article was posted. In the letter, NextEra offers to pay $895,000 for for the damage to the roads.

Two days later on Sept. 17, the council met in a closed session to discuss the matter with its solicitor. Faced with repairs that probably well exceed NextEra’s guesstimate, and with municipal elections in the offing, the council made 2 resolutions:

Resolved that Council rejects the letter from NextEra Energy Canada dated September 15, 2014 and request that NextEra Energy Canada sign the Road Use Agreement, previously submitted for their approval and execution. CARRIED.

Resolved that, should NextEra Energy Canada not agree to the signing of the Road Use Agreement, a special meeting be set with Council and NextEra Energy Canada to discuss this matter. CARRIED.”

Oh oh, more complications – apparently there was NO road user agreement with NextEra – (there is one with Suncor) – and now the township is telling NextEra to sign something they really don’t need. Maybe they want a “Used-Road Agreement”.. kinda like a “Used-Car-With-Serious-Damages-Agreement”?

If there was ever going to be a fight, would it not have been better to deny the overload and entrance permits and halt construction? Now with the project built, NextEra simply dictates what it will pay – take it or leave it.

This is what happens to a “willing host” as once more NextEra affirms its status as – NEXTERROR.

8 thoughts on “What happens to a “Willing Host” of wind turbines

  1. All for what? Promised money return? When will people learn you cannot deal with these people unless you stand to gain with all their corruption. Was it worth it? No one will help you out , you wanted it so bend over! Thank you GTA/Liberals for ruining this once great province of Ontario. Change the name to Lostario, We will soon be doomed and become the laughing stock of North America!

  2. Just another example of municipal councils dealing with the developers from a position of weakness.True they are neutered by the GEA, still there is no reason to capitulate completely to Big Wind. Councils do have control over the roads that their residents pay for. What is needed is for them to abandon any foolish road agreements and apply the normal road restrictions and rules to the wind construction companies, same as for any other users. If they are in violation, sue them to the extent of the law. Why is that so difficult to understand?
    What is needed in many municipalities is a new council not beholden to wind companies or Liberal manipulators in Queens Park. Some councils have opposed the excesses of wind developers, but too many have chosen to accept “agreements” and side payments. These payments never work in the long run.

  3. Our Councillors have betrayed the public trust with this whole mess. They’ve demonstrated incompetence.They should have gone collectively to Queen’s Park and pushed back as soon as they realized our democratic rights had been violated.
    History is in the making here. The eyes of the world are watching this scenario in Ontario.

    Its time for ‘push back’ at Queen’s Park to the ‘green’ energy agenda and Agenda 21 as it pertains to violating our human rights.
    We have a right to live in rural Ontario and be protected by our elected leaders.

    We need to employ a wide variety of strategies to get this point across to Wynne and Chiarelli and to the investors in industrial wind.
    We’ve had more than enough grief.

    • For a start any councilors signing leases with wind developers should be unceremoniously dumped. One can either enjoy a lucrative longterm contract, or serve residents who are paying for it, not both. While not illegal, such obvious conflicts should be.

    • “Push back” is right. Unfortunately Ontario residents are a bunch of complacent pussy cats that will take bend over for the government.
      Quite frankly, I’m preparing to get the hell out of Ontario.

  4. This photo clearly shows the size and weight of the vehicles on a road that was never designed to accommodate vehicles like this. You might get over these kinds of roads once with these kinds of rigs without doing damage but never over the length of time it takes to complete these projects.

    By the way is that an Ontario plate on the front of that gray rig on the right of this photo?

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